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“Management support business utilizing outside professional human resources” jointly operated with Sendai City, recruitment of participating companies started

Circulation Corporation “Management support project utilizing outside professional human resources” jointly operated with Sendai City, recruitment of participating companies started Support for small and medium-sized business management by attracting professional human resources in metropolitan area and working from 1 day a week ………………………………………………………………………………………… Circulation Co., Ltd. (Professional location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative director: Masatoshi Kubota, hereinafter referred to as Circulation) and Sendai City are small and medium-sized enterprises that operate professional sharing services that utilize the experience and knowledge of professional personnel among multiple companies. We will carry out “Management support business utilizing external professional human resources” with the aim of improving profitability. This project is to support new business development and management improvement efforts of SMEs by having professional human resources with excellent business skills work with SMEs in Sendai City for a certain period of time, starting from once a week. is. In addition to recruiting participating companies, we will hold a business information meeting and management innovation seminar.
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Sendai City · Circulation-Management support business utilizing outside professional human resources Business summary Work with a professional human resource who has excellent business skills centering on new business development and management improvement, working once a week with SMEs for a fixed period for a fixed period (assuming side work and side work), and transfer the experience and knowledge of the human resource Support the management of SMEs. Circulation will promote this project as the operation secretariat. 1. Recruitment and selection of participating SMEs, planning and operation of explanatory meetings and management innovation seminars 2. Recruitment of professional personnel and matching 3. Selection of professional personnel matching the management issues of the adopted company, composition and follow-up of the project, support for know-how establishment 4. Information, progress, results delivery by company media and SNS 5. Business Results Summary ※ Professional personnel: Those with experience in venture business management with annual income of over 15 million yen, managers of large companies, etc. who have abundant experience in launching new businesses, etc., and also have excellent business skills. Implementation background According to the “SME White Paper” announced by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, among SMEs, the most frequently cited “management issues related to overall business activities in maintaining and expanding business” is “the lack of human resources of the desired quality” It was an issue with 22.1%, followed by 18.6% with “insufficient number of personnel” and securing human resources. However, rural areas have large gaps in salaries compared to the Tokyo metropolitan area, where professional human resources are concentrated, and local small and medium-sized enterprises have experience and knowledge through job change support services based on conventional employment and U, I, and J turn measures for local governments. It is difficult to secure management personnel who have In addition, there is also the problem that early resolution of management issues will be delayed because education and training take time and costs when trying to respond with in-house human resources. Therefore, Sendai City thinks that learning the know-how possessed by superior human resources with less wage burden is an effective means for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises by using it at spot rather than regular employment, and 2018 Following the “Project to promote the creation of new businesses by outside human resources,” we achieved this project. The goal is to increase the total profit of participating companies by ¥ 60 million or more two years after the end of the program, and to increase the use of outside human resources in SMEs in Sendai City. With the establishment of regional bases and regional teams, Circulation has provided professional sharing services to local SMEs suffering from a lack of know-how and human resources, utilizing the experience and knowledge of external professional human resources among multiple companies. By working on this project by leveraging its know-how, we aim to create a model of regional revitalization by local governments and private companies. Recruitment summary of participating companies (1) Public offering period: Monday, April 22-Monday, May 22 (2) Target companies: Companies that meet all of the following 1. A company with a main office in Sendai City 2. A company that can secure a department or department in charge of creating new businesses and improving business management with professional personnel during the project implementation period 3. SMEs in the SME Basic Law (3) Application method 1. Download the application documents from the following website and submit it to the secretariat by post or email within the public offering period. In the case of mail, please submit in a method that can prove that it has been delivered, such as simple registered mail and delivery records. Details / Recruitment page URL: social-development.circu.co.jp/sendai/2019/biz/ 2. Submit to 3-21-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001, Tokyo, Japan ・ Phone 03-6256-0467 ・ E-mail address info.sendai@circu.co.jp ・ Responsible. Management support project secretariat (Circulation Inc.) utilizing outside professional human resources (Inotaro), Yokoya (Yokoya) (4) Business presentation meeting and management innovation seminar 1. Date and time May 14 (Tuesday) 13:30-15:40 (opened at 13:00) 2. Place Sento-kaikan 8th floor conference room (2-2-10 Chuo Aoba-ku, Sendai City) 3. Content ・ Explanation of management support business that utilized outside professional human resources ・ Keynote speech “Innovation from an objective perspective” “Innovation” “Instructor” Former VAIO President and Representative Director Yoshimi Ota ・ Example report using outside human resources Enterprises using new business creation program by external human resources Konno Printing Co., Ltd. Representative Director Ryuichi Hashiura ・ Individual consultation meeting
■ Mr. Yoshimi Ota Profile: He has served as Executive Vice President of Sojitz Corporation, Executive Vice President of Sojitz Logistics Ltd., Representative Director and President of Sun Telephone Co., Ltd., Representative Director and Representative Director of Miyako Chemical, and Representative Director of VAIO Corporation. Whether in the chemical, logistics, or manufacturing industries, we will identify the selection and concentration in a short time, create a reorganization plan in one month, and achieve a V-shaped recovery from a deficit within one year. One year after being split off from SONY at VAIO, the loss of 2 billion yen from the deficit to a surplus in one year, a lossless agile business owner. “company overview” Company Name Circulation Co., Ltd. www.circu.co.jp/ Representative Director Representative Director Masatoshi Kubota Established January 6, 2014 Location 3-21-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Based on the vision of “Creating a society in which experiences and knowledge around the world circulate,” we operate a professional sharing service that utilizes the experience and knowledge of outside professional human resources at multiple companies. By utilizing the experience and knowledge of highly specialized professional personnel on a project basis, we will help companies solve their problems and achieve their mission. From the resources of more than 12,000 professional human resources, we select the most suitable professional human resources for companies in consideration of corporate management issues, industry, growth phase, corporate culture, management philosophy, and ideas, and create a problem solving project team. Face-to-face interviews (and phone calls / skype) are conducted by registered 20 to 70 professional personnel, and their own personnel assessment accumulates appropriate evaluations and knowledge about skills, experience, intentionality and people doing. Since its establishment in 2014, the project results count 1,136 companies / 2,111 projects. (As of April 2019) * Professional sharing (management support utilizing the experience and knowledge of professional personnel) business circu.co.jp/pro-sharing/ * New business for large companies “joint” development office “open idea” open-idea.jp/ * “Outside” research division “Open Research” that provides all kinds of knowledge in an optimal form open-research.jp/ * “Flexy” for engineers / designers flxy.jp/ * “Business Succession Service” focusing on “people and organization” circu-shoukei.jp * A new way of working media “nomad journal” for people who want to choose how to work, such as side work and remote work nomad-journal.jp/ * “Freelance diagnosis” shows the possibility of being active as a freelance in 1 minute freelance.circu.co.jp/
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Circulation Co., Ltd. (PR / Yumi Imamura) TEL: 03-6256-0467 Fax: 03-6256-0476 Email: public_relations@circu.co.jp

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