A book on kidney disease read when it is said, “This is artificial dialysis.”

Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co., Ltd. A book on kidney disease read when it is said, “This is artificial dialysis.” List of 505 hospitals that are good for hemodialysis ………………………………………………………………………………………… Asahi Shimbun Publications will publish a weekly book on kidney disease, which will be read if it is said that “It is artificial dialysis if it is this condition”, on April 23 (Tuesday). This is a book totally supervised by the doctor of the Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy and Dr. Nakamoto Hidetomo (Professor, Saitama Medical University Hospital). Specialists are commenting on treatments that do not progress kidney disease and treatments that have progressed.
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The number of people suffering from kidney disease (the number of chronic kidney disease patients) is said to be about 13.3 million. Most kidney diseases do not have a subjective condition, and some people are advised to take treatment even if they are advised by a doctor. After having progressed, it is said to the doctor “It is artificial dialysis if it is as it is”, and it seems that there is a case where it suddenly becomes anxious and faces treatment. In this Mook, specialists are explaining about treatment that does not progress kidney disease and treatment (renal replacement therapy) if it progresses. Especially for renal replacement therapy, there are two types of hemodialysis (hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis) and kidney transplantation, but in Japan, most of the dialysis being performed is hemodialysis and there is a current situation where peritoneal dialysis is less . Of the 33,405 patients undergoing dialysis (as of the end of 2017), 9090 were on peritoneal dialysis, only 2.7%. The country also supports the promotion of appropriate treatment choices, as there have been no adequate explanations from the hospital and many patients have chosen hemodialysis. In the medical service fee revision in fiscal 2018, the item “Renal replacement therapy induction period 1, 2” was newly established. This includes facilities related to renal replacement therapy such as artificial dialysis and kidney transplantation (addition 1), appropriate introduction and instruction management of peritoneal dialysis, and initiatives related to the promotion of kidney transplantation. It is to add medical treatment fee to facilities (addition 2) that we carry out. This is likely to help promote patients to choose better renal replacement therapy instead of hemodialysis = hemodialysis. Given this trend, the aim of this mook is to deliver the right knowledge to patients and their families so that they can make appropriate treatment choices. Interview with Dr. Nakamoto Hidetomo Maintain renal function and prevent progression Good diet for kidney disease I can do my work and my hobbies! Live a fulfilling life while doing artificial dialysis Possibility of spreading to home dialysis New! Telemedicine Why is Japan’s dialysis medical record the best in the world?
■ I want to keep only this! Basic knowledge of kidney disease 1. Function of kidney 2. Inspection and numerical value 3. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) 4. How to proceed with chronic kidney disease ・ How to protect the kidneys? Life Q & A of kidney disease patients
■ Treatment of chronic kidney disease (CKD) General remarks 1. Diet 2. Drug treatment 3. Exercise therapy
■ Let’s understand three treatment methods correctly Renal replacement therapy Treatment of end-stage renal failure Hemodialysis 1 mechanism and introduction Hemodialysis 2 life and complications Hemodialysis 3 Cautions of life Peritoneal dialysis 1 mechanism and introduction Peritoneal dialysis 2. Life and complications Transition to peritoneal dialysis 3 hemodialysis Other dialysis methods Mechanism of kidney transplantation 1 and introduction Kidney transplantation 2 transplantation surgery and life ・ The thinking of the therapy choice from the standpoint of the nurse ・ Overseas too! Domestic too! A travel guide for dialysis patients ・ Original survey 505 lists of good hospitals in hemodialysis A book on kidney disease read (Weekly Asahi Mook) if it is said that “if it is, artificial dialysis is said.” Release date: April 23, 2019 Price: 980 yen (tax included) A4 size variations 128 pages https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4022775564/

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