Hawaii Tourism Office ‘Discover Hawaii’ Hunter 2nd Campaign Launch The 2nd is the whole of the Hawaii travel tour!

Hawaii Tourism Board Hawaii Tourism Office ‘Discover Hawaii’ Hunter 2nd Campaign Launch The 2nd is the whole of the Hawaii travel tour! As a “Discovering Hawaii” Museum, Jack the Toei Oedo Line 1 formation 8 vehicles from 5/7 ………………………………………………………………………………………… The Hawaii Tourism Board (located: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan branch director: Mitsue Varei) is the “Discovering Hawaii” hunter second campaign from May 1 (Wed) to July 31 (Wed), 2019. We announced to start. In addition, according to the same campaign, to display the creatives in the Hawaii Encyclopedia found as the Discover Hawaii Museum issue, which is one of the eight formations of the Toei Subway Oedo Line for seven days from May 7, 2019 (Tuesday). For the 7 days starting from May 27 (Mon.), we also announced that creatives will be posted at Tokyo Metro Omotesando Station.
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“Discovering Hawaii” Hunter 2nd presents a tour of your choice from the brochure of a travel company with a logo of Discovering Hawaii to a pair of two. Winners will be able to discover Hawaii Travel Tours (upper limit of ¥ 1 million). How to apply: 1. Share the results of the Discover Hawaii test via SNS 2. Follow the Discover Hawaii Official Instagram 3. Apply in three steps from the entry site. (For details, refer to the campaign summary) In the first campaign, we received attention from many people applying as a campaign to win a roundtrip ticket for Hawaii. Soon, we will select 3 winners of the first campaign and explore Hawaii as a discovery hunter from June 2019. Discovering Hawaii In order to discover the new charm of Hawaii, each spot, gourmet, history, nature, etc. in Hawaii is represented numerically and introduced as a Discovering Hawaii Encyclopedia on the Discovering Hawaii official site. On Toei Subway Oedo Line, up to 47 locations from this pictorial book will be shown in one vehicle, and as the “Discovering Hawaii” Museum, we will decorate 1 formation 8 vehicles of this line from May 7 (Tuesday) for 7 days . In addition, from May 27 (Mon), the stairs next to Tokyo Metro Omotesando Station will be regarded as museums, and the station will also be decorated with creatives found in the Discover Hawaii Encyclopedia.
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The image to discover the car jacking in Hawaii creative The Hawaii Tourism Board hopes that through these traffic advertisements, it will serve as an opportunity for many of the people who use the Toei Subway Oedo Line and Tokyo Metro Omotesando Station to discover the new charm of Hawaii. Founded in January 2019, “Discover Hawaii” will continue various developments through campaigns, advertisements, corporate collaborations, media collaborations, and more. Discover Hawaii Hunter Second Campaign Overview Application period: May 1-2019 July 31 2019 Application Guidelines: Under the Discover Hawaii test, share the test result with any of SNS (Facebook, twitter, Instagram), or add the # Discover Hawaii test and post the test result image on the SNS Follow Discover Hawaii Official Instagram (@hakken_hawaii) Apply from the campaign entry site (hawaii-campaign.jp/hakkenhunter2) Entry prize: Hawaii travel tour 1 pair 2 people Qualification requirements: Limited to 21 years old or older living in Japan. People who can post with # Discovery Hawaii Hunter on SNS when traveling to Hawaii as Discovery Hawaii Hunter Those who can accept the notes stated on the application site Application place: hawaii-campaign.jp/hakkenhunter2 * Refer to the application site for application details and notes. Winners announced (second round): late August 2019

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