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Hawaii’s first “First Sunrise Flight” will be implemented

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. Hawaii’s first “First Sunrise Flight” will be implemented ~ Enjoy the first sunrise from the top of Hawaii on the first New Year’s Day of “Rekazu”- ………………………………………………………………………………………… May 14, 2019 JAL will be conducting the first sunrise flight with JALPAK for the first time in Hawaii as the JALPAK 55th Anniversary Special Plan. JAL has been carrying out the “First Sunrise Flight” in Japan since 2009, and has been well received each year. This time, utilizing the know-how accumulated so far, on January 1st, 2020, when the first New Year’s Day of “Reiwa” is reached, we have prepared the “First Sunrise Flight” to be enjoyed from the sky of Hawaii. This chartered flight is enjoyed by Hawaiian Airlines, which started its business alliance in 2018. From Oahu Island, Honolulu Airport to Hawaii Island, you will see the first sunrise climb from around Mauna Kea, the highest peak in Hawaii, at an altitude of approximately 4,200 m. Enjoy the New Year’s holiday in Hawaii on the first New Year’s Day on the first New Year’s Day in the 55th anniversary of the Jalpac brand’s birth. ※ This special program is set as an optional tour, and it is possible to apply only for customers who have booked a tour to stay at JALPAK during the New Year. (Including JMB tour)
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(image) 1. Optional tour outline Name of tour: “Holiday departure and departure first sunrise charter” Release date: May 14 (Tuesday) Aircraft used: Boeing 717 aircraft (operated by Hawaiian Airlines) Application: Lynn Lin Dial (for overseas travel only) TEL: 050-3164-1111 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (except October 7th, December 31st-January 2nd) ※ You can also apply from other travel agencies.
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2. Flight route schedule From Honolulu Airport, head to Hawaii Island and make a swirl around Mauna Kea to watch the first sunrise. Then, it passes near Haleakala Mountain on Maui Island and returns to Honolulu Airport. 3. Seats and fees
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4. With nice bonus 1. “First sunrise flight” boarding commemoration! Original “boarding certificate” 2. “Osechi-style cake” as a souvenir for the New Year celebration 3. 2020 zodiac “child” (mouse), “original washcloth”
Osechi style cake 5. Participant limited lottery We will hold a “Fun lottery” after watching the first sunrise of the day for the optional tour participants. 1st grade: JALPAC travel ticket for 100,000 yen (one person) 2nd grade: $ 50 coupon voucher (for 3 people), which can be used for local optional tours and souvenir purchases ※ In addition, we have a chance to receive Hawaiian aviation goods, a cookie assortment of “Big Island Candies”, etc. that’s all

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