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Fine Piece is a supporting member of the Japan Automobile Body Maintenance Cooperative Association (JDCA). We aim to contribute to the continuous development of the industry and the members’ businesses.

Fine Piece Fine Piece, to the supporting members of “Japan Auto Body Maintenance Cooperative Association (JRC)”. We aim to contribute to the continuous development of the industry and the members’ businesses. …………………………………………………………………………………………
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Fine Piece Co., Ltd. applies for registration as a supporting member to the Japan Auto Body Maintenance Cooperative Association (hereinafter referred to as “JDCA”) to which 4,509 companies (as of 2020) regular members belong, and has applied for April 1991 It has been officially approved. Based on the spirit of mutual assistance, the Japan-Japan JCIA aims to carry out necessary joint projects for its members, to promote their own economic activities, and to improve their economic status. The following businesses are mainly conducted. 1) Car body maintenance supplies materials handled by staff members, Joint purchase and arrangement of work machine tools and educational materials 2) Survey and research on the business of the staff members 3) Co-advertising on the business of the staff member 4) Conclusion of collective agreement to improve the economic status of the staff members 5) Improvement of management and technology related to the business of the staff member Or offer education and information to plan the spread of knowledge about union business 6) Business about welfare of the belonging staff 7) Business incidental to the business in each of the preceding items In the automotive industry, which is said to be a period of revolution once in a hundred years, there is a need to respond to the advancement and revitalization of vehicle body maintenance, and technologies related to the adoption of new materials and vehicle maintenance equipped with advanced technologies The social significance to the industry group that provides information such as information and newly needed vehicle maintenance products and work machine tools etc. is increasing day by day.
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JCBO Advanced Car Safety Correspondence Excellent Car Body Maintenance Operator
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While momentum in such a new era is increasing, JDCA has adopted materials such as ultra-high tensile steel plates, which are adopted as main frameworks to realize energy saving while securing collision safety performance, as main frameworks. , With the aim of increasing the number of operators capable of responding to electronically controlled advanced safety vehicles (ASVs) and establishing a certification system of “advanced safety vehicles for excellent car body maintenance operators”, with 4,509 regular members (as of 2030 25% of the companies are doing various activities with the goal of acquiring qualifications. Related Links ・ Introduction of advanced car support excellent body maintenance companies www.jabra.or.jp/senshinanzen/ ・ Advanced safe car correspondence excellent vehicle maintenance company application guidebook www.jabra.or.jp/senshinanzen/senshinanzen.pdf
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Japan Automobile Body Maintenance Cooperative Association Youth Committee The Japan-China Kyodoren Youth Division (FY 2017) is engaged in various initiatives focusing on the following three projects with the aim of maintaining and developing the industry that can be inherited with confidence in the next generation. At the “8th Japan-Car Kyodoren Youth Division National Convention Ibaraki” held in November, the “Strategy Building Support Seminar”, which became a new initiative, was also held, and the number of attendees exceeds 400, the highest ever. Recorded.
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“The 8th Youth Club National Convention Ibaraki” strategy construction support seminar 1. Future creation project Just as it is horrible to take a step in the dark, you need courage to continue blindly towards the opaque future of the rapidly changing automotive industry. I think that the “information” that lights the future holds the key to win through the times of the cataclysm in the future. We are convinced that the officers of the youth section take action and share information to be a catalyst for connecting to a future where technology can be used. Therefore, we are trying to obtain information from car manufacturers and companies that support the aftermarket, “How will the car evolve and how will the aftermarket change?” Based on the information, in order to explore the future where our technology can be utilized, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each member company (SWOT analysis) etc. to identify the business and make it possible to launch a strategy that looks ahead to the future. I will go. Specifically, project members will take the lead in disseminating information and sharing information and strategies in the Executive Committee. After that, each secretary will share with the chairperson of a single group at a block conference, and each chairperson will bring it back to a single member and establish a flow where members of the group can launch their strategies. 2. All Japan Project It is said that “life is determined by the encounters and the choice of encounters.” By joining the Japan-China Kyodoren Youth Club, the range of encounters is greatly expanded, and I can change my life and company through the choice of encounters, as I did. In the All Japan Project, in order to convey the attractiveness of the Youth Club, we have promoted four projects: “Block Calendar,” “Instructor Introduction System,” “Various Documents,” and “Facebook Page Creation.” From now on, we will expand the range of encounters further, approach the unjoined single group in order to strengthen the cohesion of the whole country and share technology and information, and the wave of new motorization will be the one that the industry will become one now I will tell you what is necessary. Specifically, the goal is to create an organization that can eventually be sent out as a voice of the industry with the aim of joining 10 singles, but in order to reduce the temperature difference among members, sharing and transmitting information is also necessary. I believe that improving power is a necessary condition. We will keep track of the current situation and transmission status of each single set, and will also consider improvement measures for single sets that are not smoothly transmitted.
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3. Bottom-up project The bottom-up project has been successful in achieving a total of 245 new qualifications in eight classes over the past two years. Furthermore, in order to make the collar as an industry correct and to strengthen the chain of individual efforts, I would like you to carry out the thorough continuation and connect it to the strength of the company to analyze in the future creation project. From there, in order to increase the social status of the industry by connecting to the five-star system and the Meister system, it is necessary not only to penetrate the industry but also to communicate outside the industry. Specifically, in order to make the five-star system and the Meister system not only for the youth club but for the entire industry, we are working with the parent association and obtaining approval and working as a JRC We will grow into a system and eventually evolve into something that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will also recognize. ※ Please refer to the website jabra-yg.jp/display_block.php?id=43 In Fine Piece, the various members of the support committee are aiming to realize the “reciprocal assistance”, “promotion of economic activities independently”, “improvement of social status” etc. Policy to promote activities aimed at contributing to the sustainable development of Japan-Car Cooperative General Assembly Date: June 11, 2019 (Tuesday) Place: Shiba Park Hotel (Minato-ku, Tokyo) Japan-Car Kyodoren Youth Division 18th General Meeting Date: May 18, 2019 (Sat) Place: AP Hamamatsucho (Tokyo: Hamamatsucho) Details: jabra-yg.jp/
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Japan Auto Body Maintenance Cooperative Association Location: 1 101-0027 Kandahirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Prefecture No. 3 East Building Representative: Chairman: Ryuichi Ogura Founded: December 15, 1982 Members: 4,509 regular members, 29 supporting members (as of April 2020)
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Fine Piece Co., Ltd. 〒812-0892 Fukuoka City Hakata-ku Higashina 1-chome 18th No. 27 2F E-mail: contact@finepiece.jp www.finepiece.jp/

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