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Surprise announcement on Sescha’s popular regular program “Speech’s Jorge ♪” Ryuta Shibuya (SUPER BEAVER) is decided on new VJ! We enliven program as regular VJ from May!

Space Shower Network Inc. Surprise announcement on Sescha’s popular regular program “Sescha no Yorju ♪”! Ryuta Shibuya (SUPER BEAVER) is decided on new VJ! We enliven program as regular VJ from May! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Space Shower Network Co., Ltd. (President: Shoji Kondo, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo) runs Japan’s largest channel dedicated to music channels. Space Shower TV is new to today’s “Supia no Yoryuju ♪” live broadcasting and live distribution We made a presentation of VJ.
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“Speech Yorju ♪” Space Shower TV’s popular regular program “Speech’s Jorju ♪” (hereinafter Yorju) is a music information program that sends live music and culture live music and culture every Wednesday at 22:00. Program regular VJ, Hama Okamoto (OKAMOTO’S), GEN (04 Limited Sazabys), Yamoto Yuma, Mihara Yuki, R- Designated (Creepy Nuts), appeared in every other week rich in genre and personality. It is one of the attraction that various development occurs by the combination of the VJ team. It was announced on the 15th (Wednesday) program broadcast that such Yorju will welcome Shibuya Ryuta (SUPER BEAVER) as a regular VJ anew from May. Shibuya was originally announced as a program guest and appeared in the studio, but VJ Yuuki Mihara, R-designated (Creepy Nuts) surprises viewers with the new VJ decision of Shibuya. In addition, in the corner “Yorurishimu” which unravels the artist from the resume, sheds deep on the new VJ Shibuya. His unexpected side was revealed through the corner, including the strong feelings episodes of his habits and the reflexes confrontation that was named after the special skill “catching flies”.
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Shibuya Ryuta (SUPER BEAVER) Rock band SUPER BEAVER, whose vocals are played by Shibuya, entered its 15th year this year. The first solo show at Nippon Budokan last April. Spaceshower TV is also deeply connected, serving as the last day’s bird on the extra performance of “LIVEHOLIC” held on April 20, and this summer’s outdoor music festival sponsored by Spaceshower TV “SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2019” The appearance of to is decided. In addition, Shibuya himself is a big reader and likes movies and also has experience of radio personality and is familiar with a wide range of cultures. Such yorjuu who sends out various culture other than music increases expectation of how to show the potential from now on. Today, in addition to simultaneous live delivery with the special app so far, live delivery with LINE LIVE started from the live broadcast times on Wednesday, 15th (Wed). Yorju who has come to be able to enjoy to more audiences, will welcome Shibuya Ryuta (SUPER BEAVER) anew as a VJ to bear the next generation, how do you power up? Please look forward to “Jewels of specials ♪” in the future.
[Regular program summary]

◆ Space shower TV “Speech’s Jorge ♪”
[First broadcast]
every Wednesday 22:00-23:00
[repeat broadcast]
every Sunday 24:00-25:00
[Program VJ]
Hama Okamoto (OKAMOTO’S), GEN (04 Limited Sazabys), Yamoto Yuma, Mihara Yuki, R-designated (Creepy Nuts), Shibuya Ryuta (SUPER BEAVER), Morimoto Ryotaro (Tontsukatan)
【Corner VJ】
Makoto Sakurai (Dragon Ash), Ozaki Worldview (Creep Hipe), Bunta (TOTALFAT), MAH (SiM), Yabai T-shirt Shop There are three ways to view!
Space Shower TV: sstv.jp/howto
Special application: Download from sstv.jp/applive (common for iPhone / Android, free of charge) LINE LIVE: Create a space shower TV official LINE account (@spaceshowertv) as a friend!
◆ We deliver with speciala application limitation every Friday! We will deliver the pattern of “Retrospective Party” after the end of live broadcast by VJs! “” Speech’s Jorju ♪ “” Remorse “! ”
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Speria’s Jorju ♪ (@ yoru10_sstv) # Jorjuu

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