[Mele May (Hawaii)]
The 7th Honolulu Ekiden & Music 2019: Performed musician decision

Mele Mei
[Mele May (Hawaii)]
The 7th Honolulu Ekiden & Music 2019: Performed musician decision The 7th Honolulu Ekiden & Music 2019 will be held on May 19 (Sun). ………………………………………………………………………………………… In the Kapiolani Park, the goal of the Honolulu Ekiden, open-air concerts will be held by famous musicians from Hawaii and specially participating musicians who will challenge the Ekiden as a guest runner from Japan, in honor of the runners.
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In the Kapiolani Park, the goal of the Honolulu Eiden, which starts at 5:30 am on Sunday, May 19th, by a special participating musician who challenges the Ekiden as a famous Hawaiian musician and a guest runner from Japan, honoring the runners. An outdoor concert will be held. The place is a band stand in the center of Kapiolani Park. Even if you don’t join the Ekiden, you can enjoy the music and it’s a popular event for local Hawaiians and tourists who stay in Waikiki. Admission is free.
8:00 am-8:05am opening 8:05 am-8:30am Brother Norland 8:35 am-9:00am Nayev 9:05 am-9:30am Sean Garnett 9:35 am-9:55am Teagan & Keiren 10:00 am-10:30am Harau Hula Kavailaura Cara 10:30 am-11:30am award ceremony 11: 40 am-12:00pm Osaka ★? Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 12:10 pm-12:25pm Idol College Brother Norland, also known as the father of Jayian music and a master of slack key guitars, opens the concert. And Ukulele duo Naef, who has been familiar with ukulele since he was a child, and Sean Garnett, who also plays an active role in the popular TV drama “Hawaii 5-0” on Hawaii, plays pop island music. Then, the female duo Tegan & Keiren who debuts this summer will hear ukulele and clear singing voice. After that, there will be a solemn hula performance by Harau Hula Kavailaora and will continue to the award ceremony. After the award ceremony, Osaka ★ Spring, Summer, Summer, Fall, Winter and Idol College, who will participate in the Ekiden as a guest runner, will show performances at the venue and the bandstand. Tomohiro Murakami who is the representative of the US NPO corporation Honolulu Ekiden Foundation who sponsors the Honolulu Ekiden & Music Festival is a street of the tag line “Ho? Ohui Pa? Ani (together)” created by Brother Noland. In Honolulu Ekiden, it would be nice if Hawaiians, Japanese, and people from all over the world would run together and enjoy the music. Please come to the park. ” Internet entry of the Honolulu Ekiden will also accept last minute entries at the Kapiolani Park numbering reception venue the day before.
【Honolulu Ekiden Foundation】
The Honolulu Ekiden Foundation is a US NPO established on January 3, 2013. With the aim of promoting peace and social welfare for the Pacific Rim, Hawaii and Japanese people through sports and cultural activities, Honolulu Ekiden & Music is working to bring entertainment, physical fitness and economic benefits to Hawaii. .
【Idol College】
Under the theme of “Let’s bring up future idols together,” a project that involves singing, dancing and acting lessons, performing public events, upgrading skills and supporting the growth process. On December 9, 2018, a tour one man was held at TOKYO DOME CITY.
【Osaka ★? Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter】
The rocky girl of Kataya Buri Nanka !! 6-piece female dance & vocal group! With a vocal song that transcends from the framework of the idol of the main vocal MAINA and the chorus work full of individuality of the 5 second vocals, the soulful ROCK · Funk POPS · A wide range of music from singing to the ballad to the audience Express by dance.
[Melle May 2019]
Mele Mei is a festival that celebrates Hawaiian music and various Hawaiian music and culture. A variety of events take place throughout the state of Hawaii. (URL: www.melemei.com/japanese) Related URLs: Official URL: hnlekiden.jp Official social media: Instagram (@hnlekidenjpn): www.instagram.com/hnlekidenjpn/ Facebook (/HNLEKIDEN.JP/): www.facebook.com/HNLEKIDEN.JP/ Twitter (@hnlekidenjpn): https://twitter.com/hnlekidenjpn Hashtag: # Honolulu Ekiden # Honolulu Ekiden 2019 # hnlekiden # hnlekiden 2019

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