From the salon-born cosmetic “Vishua”, skin care for adult skin with dense foam. Make-up and dirt are cleansed by washing once, “Vishua Embrich mousse α” July 11, 2019 power up renewal

Vishua Corporation Skincare for adult skin with dense bubbles from salon-born cosmetic “Vishua”. Make-up and dirt are cleansed by washing once, “Vishua Embrich mousse α” July 11, 2019 power up renewal It is thick foam and gets rid of dullness. Cleansing & face wash type mousse face wash ………………………………………………………………………………………… Remove makeup and dirt well. However, Vishua Embrich mousse released in the fall of 2012 with the concept of breaking texture and reducing friction and reducing over- standing bacteria. This summer, as a luxury face wash “Embrich mousse alpha (alpha)” with 74% of beauty ingredients, we will renew with the addition of new ingredients.
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Vishua Embrich mousse α
■ Vishua Embrich mousse α It is thick foam and gets rid of dullness. Cleansing & face wash type mousse face wash Embrich mousse alpha is an integrated cleansing and cleansing product that removes dirt quickly and in one go while protecting the skin with sticky, dense foam. By pressing it, you can easily create elastic bubbles with a carbonizing effect, quickly turn into creamy on the skin, wrap various dirt tightly, and drop it quickly, minimizing the burden on the skin. You We added plant Japanese-Chinese extract such as wolfberry and touki, and just moistened it by washing, and it was already popular when we had one tone up, but this time we newly received bifidobacteria culture extract, fermented rose honey plus. The mild peeling effect solves the problems unique to adult skin, such as the loss of transparency and gloss.
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Vishua Embrich mousse α
■ Ingredient
[Main ingredient composition]
Wolfberry fruit extract-has high antioxidant power and is familiar as a herbal medicine Touki-root extract-anti-inflammatory, blood circulation promoting, moisturizing action. Expected to prevent rough skin Soymilk fermented liquid-antioxidant action
● Renewal added new ingredient
● Fermented rose bee my 2 moisturizing ingredients derived from damask rose honey from Bulgaria. Bifidobacteria culture extract-moisturizing ingredients. Repair light damage
■ How to use
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Vishua Embrich mousse α
【In the case of morning no makeup cleansing】
Amount used: About 1 ping pong ball 1. Shake the Emblic mousse α body well, and while holding the can, put out a bubble of one ping pong ball on the palm. 2. Put bubbles on your face and massage gently to spread it all over. 3. Add lukewarm water little by little and rinse off as you massage.
[If you have a night makeup]
Amount of use Approximately 1 large egg 1. Shake the Emblic mousse α body well, leave the can standing, and put out a bubble of one large egg on a dry palm. 2. Gently massage to spread the foam and spread it all over without wetting the face. 3. The sign that the makeup fell when the foam became creamy. Add lukewarm water a little at a time, gently wash the whole area gently and gently, as well as the area where dirt and dirt such as small nose and eyebrows are accumulated.
■ Product outline ・ Brand name: Vishua Embrich mousse α ・ Price: ¥ 5,000 (excluding tax) ・ Capacity: 200 g Main ingredients: Mulberry fruit extract, Touki root extract, soy milk fermented liquid, fermented rose honey, bifidobacteria culture extract ・ Release date: July 11, 2019
■ Private salon “La Vige”
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Private salon Lavigue Vishua is a salon cosmetic born from the beauty salon La Vige. La Vigue is a private salon that specializes in aging care for the unskilled talent therapist Takako Tanaka. It opened in Kansai-Bugonoso in the early summer of 2007. Private salon Lavigue 武 661-0033 Hyogo Prefecture Amagasaki City Namburokonosho 1-13-7 TEL 06-6436-8866 lawiege.com/

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