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Performer second: Cast appearance of the address · dream to see! Charity live “Remember Girl’s Power !! 2019 @ Shibuya stream hall in cancer enlightenment month September of children, AYA generation”

3H Group (old Chloe) Performer second installment: The appearance of Pile ・ dreamy addressing is decided! Charity live “Remember Girl’s Power !! 2019 @ Shibuya stream hall in cancer enlightenment month September of children, AYA generation” ………………………………………………………………………………………… Cancer information site “Oncolo (oncolo.jp)” managed by 3H Clinical Trials Co., Ltd. supports cancer patients and people with experience of childhood and AYA generation (15 to 39 years old), disease enlightenment, research Oncorro Presents “Remember Girl’s Power !! 2019” 2nd installment to be held at “Shibuya Stream Hall (stream-hall.jp/)” on September 1st, 2019 for the purpose of support As, Pile, the dreaming address has been decided. It will be appearance for 4 consecutive years (4 times) since holding in 2016. Performers are Yumi Asami / Elfriede / SUPER ☆ GiRLS / Yumi Matsuzawa / W Star (in the order of the beginning of the Japanese syllabary), and the moderator will be a breast cancer experienced person Miki Yagata (former SKE 48), Special guest Yusuke Kiyama, who has experienced thyroid cancer, will also be on stage. September is the global awareness of childhood cancer (young people cancer) enlightenment month. Currently, in Japan, as many as 2,500 children (0-15 years old) are diagnosed with cancer every year, and AYA generation ( More than 20,000 young people, who are said to be 15 to 39 years old, have been diagnosed with cancer. Children and young people who have been diagnosed as “cancer” as they are young, face their destiny, and while receiving severe treatment, they are waiting for the birth of a treatment that can be hopefully with the strong desire to “live”! is. In addition, after completing treatment and returning to society, I am trying to live my life after becoming cancer desperately, despite having sequelae and anxiety about recurrence, but the prejudice of “cancer experienced person” There are also many experienced people who are hurt by misunderstandings and feel awkward. This charity live aims to help as many people as possible to understand childhood cancer and cancer of the AYA generation through music, and help to advance understanding of society, and children and young people who face cancer The aim is to support research, disease enlightenment, and research support for treatments and drugs that are delayed compared to other cancer types. This 4th live, also known as “Onkoro Live”, received support from core fans, and on SNS, “I was able to learn about the diseases of children and young people.” With the voices of “God Live” and “Onkoro Live was the best,” a long line was formed in the donation after the final performance. All donations at this charity live venue will be used to support cancer patients with children and AYA generation, clinical trials (clinical trials), disease awareness and research support. Remember Girl ’s Power !! 2019 HP / SNS Information Website: oncolo.jp/rgp2019 Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ONCOLO.LIVE/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ONCOLO_LIVE Instagram: www.instagram.com/oncolo_live/
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■ Official Web page URL: oncolo.jp/rgp2019
■ Date and time: Sunday, September 1, 2019 opening 15:00 Opening 16:00 Location: Shibuya Stream Hall (stream-hall.jp/)
■ Ticket fee: With standing limited goods ¥ 5,500 yen (tax included). All participants need 1Drink (500 yen) separately ※ Required 3 years old or older.
■ Cancer Experiencer Free Invitation Pre-registration is required from the dedicated reception desk. It is also necessary for the invitee to be 1 Drink (age 500 yen) separately. ※ Requires 3 years old or older. ※ Depending on the application situation, guidance for all persons may be difficult. Pre-application URL: (scheduled to be accepted from oncolo.jp/rgp2019 from 12:00 on June 22, 2019 (Sat))
■ Ticket information ・ Official preceding (first-come-first-served basis): 15:00 on May 18, 2019-23:59 on Monday, May 27 2019 (planned) ・ Official second-order (first-come-first-served basis): 1st June 20th (Sat) 12:00-10th June (Mon) 23:59 (scheduled) ・ General ticket release date: Saturday, July 27, 2019 10:00 e +: eplus.jp, Lawson Tickets, Ticket Pia Various Play Guides
■ Organizer: Cancer information site “Onkoro”
■ Academia co-sponsored by: Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine Graduate School of Medicine Department of Medical Statistics, accredited non-profit organization West Japan Cancer Research Organization
■ Support: Silver Supporter: Global Health Consulting Japan Ltd. Bronze supporter: Aviv joint company, Varian Medical Systems, Inc. Supporters: Nippon Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd., Kinbara Publishing Co., Ltd., StoCretec Japan Ltd. Juntendo University School of Medicine Juntendo Clinic Urology department, Japan Men’s Health Medical Society, STeam Co., Ltd. Welcia Pharmacy Co., Ltd., ZEALOT Co., Ltd., SRL Inc., Medisearch, EPS International Co., Ltd.
■ Planning and production: 3H Group Remember Girl ’s Power !! 2019 Executive Committee
■ Production Cooperation: Medical Mobile Communications LLC
■ Profit Donation: The entire amount of revenue minus the necessary expenses will be used to support childhood cancer patients, AYA generation cancer patients / experiencers, clinical trials (clinical trials), disease awareness and research support. We are planning to present donations at the live venue on the day.
■ Contact: HANDS ON ENTERTAINMENT TEL: 03-6812-9539 (weekdays 11:00 to 18:00)
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(The second appearance artist in the order of the Japanese syllabary)
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Formed a group in 2012 focusing on popular models of teen fashion magazines. A group of six idol groups by Kasumi Hino, Yumi Shida, Rei Kobayashi, Yuki Minasese, Hanon Yamaguchi and Ayaka Yamashita. It has attracted the attention of the industry and has received music offerings by various luxury creators. The 2nd ALBUM “SEVEN STAR” will be released in March this year, and it will be the 7th year of its formation this year. Along with Pile, Remember Girl ’s Power !! has been appearing for four consecutive years. (First installment artist in the order of the Japanese syllabary)
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Guest Hirose Kiyama Born in 1968 and from Osaka Prefecture. At the age of 35, a malignant tumor was found in the thyroid gland on the left side and surgery was performed. It is told that there may be a loss of voice as it may damage the nerves connected to the vocal cords (anti nerves) during surgery, but if it recovers before the voice comes out, it will challenge the dream of being a singer Decide to do. After that, he appeared in Nippon TV series "Eta Sta !!" and his debut was decided by the second presentation. Debuted on February 6, 2008 with single "home". He will first participate in the "59th NHK Kodokai Kasen" on December 31 of the same year. Currently, while continuing to work as a company employee, he has appeared on numerous television programs and has been flying around the country to deliver songs on weekends. In February 2019, the next ribbon official theme song "Happy is Here" has been released as a limited delivery.
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Chairperson, progress oncolo.jp/rgp2019. “Music is an important battle disease companion for me” I was announced in stage 3b of the germ cell tumor and the fall of 2012, and then I experienced anticancer drug treatment, surgery, and recurrence. It is recommended CD whenever the person who comes to visit is asked “What should I bring?” It was answered. Then I downloaded the music and listened to it in bed. That’s why we have overcome the disease with a lot of music. As I participated in this charity live in the past and met new music, I was able to get a lot of energy and take the next step. Many people do not know the cancer of the AYA generation, and there is still a need for further assistance. It would be nice if those people could learn about the AYA generation in the wake of this music and live, and I hope that it will be a wonderful time for the patients as well. About childhood cancer / AYA generation cancer / Necessity of cancer treatment research and development “Children’s cancer” refers to “cancer” that occurs in children (less than 15 years of age), including “leukemia”, “malignant lymphoma”, “neuroblastoma”, “brain tumor”, “osteosarcoma” And many other “cancers” are included. In Japan, one in every 10,000 people is diagnosed with “child cancer” and is said to be a rare disease. Among the causes of childhood death, “cancer” is an accident other than an accidental accident. It is the first place. In addition, more than 20,000 young people who are said to be AYA generation * (15 to 39 years old) are diagnosed with “cancer” every year. AYA stands for Adolescent and Young Adult (adolescent and young adults), and this generation of cancer patients is considered to have specific problems such as schooling, employment, employment, love, marriage and childbirth. . ※ The definition of the AYA generation has various ideas, but in this charity event, it is “from 15 to 39 years old”. About “cancer of child, young people”, it is said that there is not effective examination method or prevention method. From such a thing, research and development of prevention, a checkup method for reducing the children and young people who suffer from “cancer of children and young people” in the future are desired, but “cancer of children and young people” already The hopes of children and young people who are suffering and fighting are considered to be research and development of effective “cancer treatment”.
URL: oncolo.jp
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“Oncolo” is a portal website that provides information on clinical trials and clinical research in the oncology field to patients, families and their related people, with the concept of “connecting” cancer and people. is. Focusing on clinical trials and clinical researches related to cancer, we summarize the specialized contents in an easy-to-understand manner and publish information so that even non-technical knowledge can be understood. In addition to the Internet, we also hold seminars specific to cancer information.
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Company name: 3H Clinical Trials Ltd. Location: 1-13-23 Minami-Ikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0022 Tokyo Ikebukuro YS Building 2F Company URL: 3h-ct.co.jp Established: February 17, 2005 Capital: 15,000,000 yen Business contents: Platform, media, IT business related to life sciences, medical equipment manufacturing and sales business Representative: Representative director Hirotaka Takizawa Group companies: 3H Holdings Co., 3H Medi Solution, 3H CTS Co., Ltd.

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