The first place announces Mukai Osamu
[an actor who wants to have a homemade dish]
ranking announced (totaling answers of 1,448 women in 10-30’s)

CM site The first place announces Mukai Osamu
[an actor who wants to have a homemade dish]
ranking announced (totaling answers of 1,448 women in 10-30’s) -Hayami also investigated as a hall of fame. Entering the TOP10 for two people from the “Tokyo Single Boys” starring on air this season ………………………………………………………………………………………… CM site (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Seiji Kuwahara) plans and edits, Ranking site “Ranking-who checked out” it is slightly anxious “! ( ”is We published the result of “the actor ranking that I want to feast on home cooking” as an article to introduce with comment of the voter.
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◆ Actor ranking summary to want to cook homemade food (URL: Ranking! Then, we surveyed 1,448 women in their 30s and 30s, “What actors would you like to cook?” Mr. Mukai was chosen as the first place. The voters said, “I have experience working at a bartender or a restaurant, so it’s fun to cook and drink together.” “Because I have clean hands, I make them with my hands. We received comments such as “I want to Issei Takahashi, who showed the cooking scene in the drama “Tokyo Single Boys” on the air, came in 5th. “I have seen the appearance of cooking on TV, but the skill is impressive” “It is famous that you love cooking, and it looks like you are amazed because it looks strong.” There are many voices that I expect from my skill. Attention is Mr. Yasushi Seto who ranked in the seventh place. “I watch NHK’s sweets making program every week, I also cook in the drama” Bushimeshi! “And I want to eat” “I want to make sweets for” Gratel’s stove “preparation” It seems that not only good impression of cooking but also the image as “sweets boy” has taken root as it is likely to be waiting for that.
◆ Actor ranking which wants to have a homemade dish Article text URL (Introduced to the 10th place)
◆ Actor ranking video URL you want to feast on homemade food You can also check the ranking in the video ↓
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◆ Actor ranking TOP 5 excerpt to want to cook homemade food 1st place Misaki Mukai (155 votes) Rank 2 Tomoya Nakamura (140 votes) 3rd place Jun Matsumoto (118 votes) 4th place Saito (104 votes) 5th place Issei Takahashi (96 votes) ————————–
◆ Outline of the questionnaire ・ Investigation method: We gather up Internet research result that CM site performed for women of 10-30s. ・ Number of valid respondents: 1,448 Survey date: March 20, 2019 “Ranking! ]
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