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A picnic event full of attraction “PARK DAY” is held for the first time! “LED Vision” has been active in outdoor cinema screenings.

LM TOKYO Corporation The first picnic event “PARK DAY” full of charm! “LED Vision” has been active in outdoor cinema screenings. Screening short film at urban picnic ………………………………………………………………………………………… LM TOKYO, Inc. (Head office: Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Naoki Suzuki) runs the LED TOKYO, which will be held on May 5, 2019 (Sun, Holiday), 6 (Mon, Thursday)・ LED Vision was installed at the picnic event “PARK DAY” hosted by Prince Park Tower Tokyo and Tokyo Prince Hotel. LED TOKYO is a comprehensive LED brand that sells and rents at the lowest price, centering on the latest LED vision. LED TOKYO is a picnic event “PARK DAY” hosted by The Prince Park Tower Tokyo and Tokyo Prince Hotel for two days, May 5th (Sun, 5th, 2019th) and 6th (Mon, Thursday) The vision was set up for rental.
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・ The details of the news are here: led.led-tokyo.co.jp/news/pd_0515/ ——————————————————– ————————– Picnic event “PARK DAY” ——————————————————– ————————–
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“PARK DAY” is a picnic event sponsored by The Prince Park Tower Tokyo and Tokyo Prince Hotel, and it has been held for the first time with the main site being “Prince Shiba Koen”, an outdoor garden on the hotel grounds. The Prince Hotel in the Shiba Koen area, where Tokyo Tower soars in front of you, has the concept of “TOKYO URBAN RESORT,” and you can enjoy a location like a resort with a lush greenery and wide skies in the center of Tokyo You The new proposal “PARK DAY” offers free screenings of outdoor cinemas at “Prince Shiba Park” with a large lawn, a buffet meal created by a hotel chef on the theme of a picnic, and the usual to see Tokyo Tower We planned yoga on the roof of Tokyo Prince Hotel which can not be done, and many people went up for “Picnic only in Tokyo”. LED TOKYO has set up a beautifully lit “LED Vision” for outdoor cinema screenings at the event. ——————————————————– ————————– OUTDOOR CINEMA ——————————————————– ————————–
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In the “PICNIC PARK” area set up in “Prince Shiba Koen”, outdoor cinemas were screened free of charge under the title “OUTDOOR CINEMA”. A short film with a refreshing early summer feel against the backdrop of Tokyo Tower, five films on the theme of love stories, animations and family episodes were screened, resulting in a luxurious, extraordinary picnic experience. At the end of the golden week lasting 10 consecutive holidays, I was able to enjoy the screenings. ——————————————————– ————————– Beautifully screened short film works outdoors ——————————————————– ————————–
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This time, LED TOKYO has set up an outdoor LED vision with a pitch of 2.6 mm, 4 meters wide and 2 meters high, for cinema screening outdoors. The “LED Vision for Outdoors”, which can be clearly seen even in a dark night without losing the brightness of the sun, cleared the screening from mid-morning to 19:00 without any problems, and delivered short film works with beautiful images. In “PARK DAY”, other contents of “OUTDOOR CINEMA” were enriched, and it became an event that led the “Picnic Experience in the City”, which will be held in various places in the future. ——————————————————– ————————– “Outdoor LED Vision” that is resistant to water and dust is active ——————————————————– ————————–
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“LED Vision” is a technology that is being introduced in every setting, as its size and shape can be changed simply by combining panels. From the feature of LED, because it can project bright and high-definition images regardless of the environment such as indoors and outdoors, it can create rich and realistic experiences, and can take on the role of space presentation. “Outside LED Vision” is more resistant to water and dust than conventional monitors, and it has been recognized for its ability to flexibly respond to outdoor concerts, music festivals, watching sports events, and new events that have been created in recent years It is also used for permanent street vision and large billboards. In order to support a wonderful event that incorporates various ideas such as “PARK DAY”, I would like to look forward to the success of “LED Vision” in the future. ——————————————————– ————————– LED vision up to “LED TOKYO” ——————————————————– ————————– In addition to large LED vision, outdoor, indoor, floor, curved, transparent, and ball types, LED TOKYO has an extensive lineup including liquid crystal displays. By purchasing directly from a major Chinese manufacturer, we have achieved overwhelming cost performance that other companies have, and we offer not only sales but also rental services. Only LED TOKYO can introduce the best and best LED vision and liquid crystal display at the lowest price. ・ LED TOKYO: led.led-tokyo.co.jp

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