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[2020, a high-profile company that wants to work]
The first place in the first place is the pond owner! The second place is Ajinomoto bakery, the third place is Melkari

[Notable growth companies 2019 want to work]
The first place in the first place is decided Lake! The second place is Ajinomoto bakery, the third place is Melkari Independent research by Randstad Japan that evaluates company HP from the viewpoint of job seekers ………………………………………………………………………………………… General human resources services Ranstad Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Satoshi Sarutani, hereinafter referred to as Lanstad) conducts, for the first time this year, its own survey to evaluate corporate websites from the perspective of job seekers. As a result of the survey, Lake Ponder was selected as the first “notable growth company that wants to work”.
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● Original survey utilizing the knowledge of Employer Brand Research The “Growing companies that want to work” is a unique survey in Japan that makes use of the knowledge of Employer Brand Research conducted by Lanstad globally. The targets of the survey are companies located in the Tokyo metropolitan area, which were extracted under unique conditions based on third-party data. In this survey, approximately 7,000 respondents living in the Tokyo metropolitan area evaluated the websites of surveyed companies from the perspective of job seekers.
● The top ranking lake shop was rated high by respondents on multiple items Koikeya’s website is from the respondents in terms of “high social evaluation” “healthy financial position” “long-term stable employment opportunities” “contributing to the environment and society” “interesting work” It was a highly appreciated result. In addition, the second-largest Ajinomoto bakery ranks highest among the companies surveyed because of its “long-term stable employment opportunities” and “satisfying work environment”, and the third-placed Mercalli has “interesting work” “work-life balance It was the highest rating. In the future, Randstad will continue to contribute to the recruitment activities of companies and organizations and the improvement of the working environment for workers through various surveys. Noted growth companies that want to work 2019 According to “Employer Brand Research”, which researches attractive companies in the same way as global ones, Japanese workers emphasize the company’s recruiting page as one of the tools they can use to select their place of work. Is known to Therefore, in the “interested growth companies that want to work,” the survey will use the surveyed company’s website to make use of their knowledge, and regarding “10 items” that is considered to be important in forming a Employer Brand. I was asked to evaluate how much it applies. In addition, we asked about “do you want to work in the company that you browsed”, and as a result, Lake Pond shop was selected as the first place.
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Survey subject Male and female aged 18 to 65 living in the metropolitan area (Saitama Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture) Number of respondents 7,226 Survey method Online questionnaire Survey period February 21 2019-February 24 2019 Announcement of survey results Wednesday, May 15, 2019 Official site www.randstad.co.jp/ebr/
▼ The official site above has posted interviews with winners. Please take a look. www.randstad.co.jp/ebr/tokyo2019/ranking05.html
▼ Please see below for Employer Brand Research. Suntory HD is determined to be the company that wants to work most in Japan!
[Employer brand research-2019-the company that wants to work most now]
www.randstad.co.jp/about/newsrelease/20190515.html ※ If you would like details of each data and a survey report, please contact a public relations representative. O Lanstad Co., Ltd. Company Profile
[Company Name]
Randstad Co., Ltd.
August 1980
Representative Director Chairman and CEO Kyetan Slonina President & COO Tetsuya Sarutani
4-1 New Otani Garden Court, 21F Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
03-5275-1871 (fee)
100 million yen
[Business description]
Staffing service / Scheduled introduction service / Staffing service / Outsourcing business

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