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“Old folk house 10 houses whole” “Don’s sake” collaboration event “Otome no Sake trip” is being held at “Ominami Lantern Street” in Tokyo Otsuka Goodwill Street !! May 9-November 2019 30 days

Good market & shops Inc. “Old folk house ten houses whole” 呑 尊 提 lantern

[Tokyo Otsuka goodwill street]
collaboration event “Otome no sake trip” being held at “the honor of の” !! May 9-November 30, 2019 Sake and sake in Tokyo Otsuka Norengai !! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Sake character project “Shin-Sake-no-Ten” is held from May 9 to 20, 2019 at “Old Town House 10 houses whole” eating and drinking lantern Yokocho “Tokyo Otsuka Norencho” (Location: Kita-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo) We will inform you as we are participating in the collaboration event “Otome-no-Sake Travel” with -Miki Nomi Koto-.
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[Sake liquor sake in Tokyo Otsuka Norencho]

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[With respect to the sake of sake]
“Shin-no-Samurai-Miki Nomikoto-” is a sake character project promoted by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., in collaboration with the world of sake and its world-view. In this project, the characters “Seishu Miko” who bear real sake brands are the sake shop “Matsu Yori” in the great downtown area “Yayoi town”. On the stage, we meet various customers visiting stores such as “kami” and “Kakashi”, deepen ties with friends, and develop a story in which we can learn what true “hospitality” is. Projecting the origin of historical sake breweries, information on the land, and even the desires of the creator to characters, the most distinctive feature is the diverse character designs of the imperial character, such as kimono patterns and accessories, etc. . Currently, 27 actual brands have been converted into characters. ※ Reprinted from the Hoshino Resort www.hoshinoresorts.com/information/release/2019/04/62000.html.
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【Lake liquor of “Sake” in Tokyo Otsuka Norencho ” Sake that you can enjoy in “Tokyo Otsuka Norencho” is Echisanokanme, Sawanoi, Dewazakura, Reizan, Reizan, Kokure, Koshitora, Sotenbo, Katsuragawa, Takashimizu, Urashino, Hojo Masamune, All 17 brands: Ichinokura, Peony, Higashi no Toori, Kuzuryu, Myoko and Shimizu. You can enjoy a number of unique sakes along with the recommended food for each store. In addition, by presenting “Otsuka SAKE map” at each store in “Tokyo Otsuka Norencho”, we will distribute the Sake Kyoko character stickers. While enjoying various sake, it is an event where you can feel the attractiveness of the characters based on the real 27 brands as well as collecting stickers. (During November 30, 2019)
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【What is Tokyo Otsuka Norencho?】
Tokyo Otsuka Norengai is a project whose theme is “Regeneration of old houses × revitalization of the restaurant business”. We propose a “new thing” while making full use of the unique taste of old-fashioned houses. Such an array of shops in Tokyo Otsuka Norencho is only a variety of distinctive shops that have all the charm of Japan. A nostalgic location full of sense of Showa, and many of the stores that you want to become a “ladder liquor”. Furthermore, the feast while looking at the
of the new age that shows various performances such as “caricature”, “magic” and “juggling” is just “food entertainment space”. By all means, please experience “Warmy Chishin” in Tokyo Otsuka Norengai.
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Collaboration event with “Shin Sake Noson-Miki Nomikoto-” “Otome no Sake trip” details Period: May 9-2019 November 30, 2019 Place: Tokyo Otsuka Norencho, etc., stores around Otsuka Station Fees: “Otsuka SAKE map” 463 yen (excluding tax) (Included: Otsuka SAKE map, original Ochoko) “Shin-no-Koto-Miki Nomikoto-Ladder Liquor Tour” 1,389 yen (excluding tax) (Included: Shinshu Noson Ladder tour, Otsuka SAKE map, original Ochoko) ※ Hoshino Resort OMO5 will be sold at Tokyo Otsuka Front.
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Instagram: @tokyo_otsuka_norengai Facebook: @otsukanorengai
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GOOD MARKET & SHOPS CORPORATION 〒 150-0022 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Ebisu Minami 1-2-9 Okada Building 5F

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