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Introduce some of the new trends in Korean pop art! Exhibition “the Narrative in their Eyes” held at Yokohama Koganecho

Yokohama City Introduce some of the new trends in Korean pop art! Exhibition “the Narrative in their Eyes” held at Yokohama Koganecho ………………………………………………………………………………………… An exhibition by 7 artists based in Korea will be held in Koganecho, Yokohama. We will introduce mainly on the new Korean pop art that was hardly spoken in Japan. The exhibition will be held as part of the “Golden Mind 55,” an international exchange project in which the Koganemachi area management center, the Korean culture and arts investment company “Clear Mind” and the gallery “Space 55” in Seoul work together.

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It will be held about one month from May 17 (Fri) to June 16 (Sun). Space 55, which is based on the participating artists, is an art space converted from an old sewing factory located in the downtown area of ​​Seoul, and the sewing machine used at that time in the building still stands as a symbol of its history. I am Space 55, like Koganemachi, is a base where young artists work using a wide variety of media. Find out how artists working in Korea’s most lively spaces interweave with their images and stories from their perspectives. In July and August, an exhibition by artists from Koganecho will be held at Space 55.

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The work of the participating artist Ban Eun Kyung “The eye of an apple” “The Narrative in their Eyes” Period: May 17th (Fri)-16th June (Sun) 11: 00-18: 30 ※ Closed on Monday ※ Admission free Place | Under-Elevated Studio Site-A Gallery (1-6, Koganemachi, Naka Ward, Yokohama), 8th Hall (Hatsunemachi 2-42-31) Hosted | Specification-for-profit corporation Kanamachi Area Management Center, Clear Mind Studios, Space 55 Joint event | Kanagawa Prefecture Support | Clear Mind Investment Participating artists | Yoo Sung Jun Yo An Sung Jung, An Jong Hyun Ahn Jong Hyun, Hong Hak Soon Hong Hak Soon, Lee In Kyun Lee In Kyun, Bang Eun Kyum Ban Eun Kyung, Park Hyo Bin Park Hyo Bin, Yoo Jae Yu Jae Yun
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State of Yo Seung Jun’s work display at the Koganemachi Bazar 2016 We will also have an opening reception and an artist talk. We look forward to welcome you!
■ Event information ・ Opening reception Date and time | Friday, May 17, 2019 18: 30-20: 30 Hall | Under-Elevated Studio Site-A Gallery ※ Participation free ・ Artist ・ Talk + Guide ・ Tour Date and time | Sunday, May 19, 2019 14: 00-16: 00 Hall | Under-Elevated Studio Site-A Gallery ※ Participation free
■ Other details www.koganecho.net/contents/event-exhibition/event-exhibition-2646.html
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