[SAKE COMPETITION 2019 Executive Committee]
“SAKE COMPETITION 2019” Preliminary Trial Held 413 holdings from Japan, 13 holdings 28 stocks from 6 countries from overseas

SAKE COMPETITION 2019 Executive Committee “SAKE COMPETITION 2019” Preliminary Trial Held 413 holdings from domestic, 13 holdings 28 stocks from six countries from overseas The largest number of exhibited liquors with a total of 1,919 sakes! ………………………………………………………………………………………… “SAKE COMPETITION” The Executive Committee will hold a trial meeting of “SAKE COMPETITION 2019″, which is the most popular exhibition liquor number in the world, and will decide the best marketed sake in the world, on May 14 (Tuesday) with Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Co., Ltd. It was held at Center Taitokan.
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For this year’s SAKE COMPETITION, “Jonmaishu”, “Jonmai Ginjo”, “Jonmai Daiginjo”, “Ginjo”, “Sparkling”, “Super Premium”, “Overseas Liquor” Reviewed in all 7 departments. Not only in Japan but also from other parts of the world such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and New Zealand, it was 1,919 points which greatly exceeded the total number of exhibitions last year. In the screening of the preliminary committee, 48 judges of “Senior of Japanese sake industry” judges, including teachers of technical guidance from around the country, who were made up of sake brewers selected by recommendation, conducted the review. As a judge of SAKE COMPETITION 2019, Niizawa Brewery Co., Ltd. Mr. Hisao Niizawa, asked about his impression about the exhibition liquor of this year, “The quality of exhibition sake has been rising year after year after the examination of all exhibition liquors. There is no doubt that the quality of the sake is improving, and the top sake remaining until the final decision will be quite mixed up, and I am looking forward to where the awards will go. ” Left a comment to evaluate the The judging results of “SAKE COMPETITION 2019” will be announced at the award ceremony held at The Peninsula Tokyo on June 10 (Mon). In addition, we hold an award party after the award ceremony. The party is open to the general public, and the top chefs of The Peninsula Tokyo can enjoy a special dinner with their skills and pairing with the finest sake including award-winning sake. (Ticket purchased at: passmarket.yahoo.co.jp/event/show/detail/01qtx9106wt58.html)

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