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My Navi co-sponsored the Japan Beach Volleyball Tour 2019

Mynavi Inc. MyNavi co-sponsored Japan Beach Volleyball Tour 2019 ………………………………………………………………………………………… MyNavi Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Nobuyuki Nakagawa, below: MyNavi) is hosted by the Japan Volleyball Association (located: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Kenji Sasaoka, below: JVA) We have decided to become the crown sponsor of Japan volleyball tour 2019, Japan’s top category tour of beach volleyball. Along with that, the tour name will be “My Navi Japan Beach Volleyball Tour 2019”.
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By 2020, we will promote the spread and development of beach volleyball with both MyNavi and JVA. As part of that, the MyNavi World Challenge Project will be implemented. We will also work on the introduction of MyNavi points (*), etc. to further enhance the competition level of Japan’s highest peak Japan tour and aim for a tournament that will lead to a more global connection. From here, we will further produce more players who can play an active part in international competitions, and further aim to create attractive tournaments where the next generation will want to try beach volleyball. ※ My navigation points are introduced to the Japan Tour, and points advanced to the top players of each tournament will be added according to the results, We will support World Tour Expedition to the top two men and two top teams of each point in the first half and the second half of the tour. Tour Official Name: Mynavi Japan Beach Volleyball Tour 2019 Tour Official Abbreviation: Mynavi Japan Tour 2019
▼ Details of “My Navi Japan Beach Volleyball Tour” are here beach.jva.or.jp/domestic_tour/bvt2019/
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