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2018 (first year) tabulation / A total of 89 people including JFA certified leaders are registered as JIFF leaders

Japan Football Federation for the Disabled A total of 89 people including JFA certified leaders are registered as JIFF leaders in 2018 (first year) From healthy people football to guidance of person with a disability football ………………………………………………………………………………………… The Japan Football Federation for the Disabled (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo / President: Go Go Kitazawa / JIFF) cooperates with the Japan Football Association (Japan Bunko-ku, Tokyo-President, Kozo Tajima / JFA) We have introduced a curriculum for people with disabilities in training for qualified leaders organized by the Prefectural Football Association. Also, from the following year, we have established the “JIFF Leaders Registration System” for those who completed the course. And as we have finished the count for 2018 (system development first year) so far, a total of 89 people in 6 regions nationwide have registered as JIFF leaders and will report. The JIFF Leaders Registration System was launched in July 2018 with the aim of creating an environment in which children and persons with disabilities can play soccer coaching throughout the country. Registered as “Inclusive Football Coach” for those who have completed “Football Soccer Course for JFA Qualified Leaders”, and “JIFF Promotion Leader” for those who have completed “Football Soccer Short Course” that can be taken by unqualified people. Went. In fiscal 2018, the “Society’s Football Coaching Course” workshop was held six times in five regions in Iwate, Ishikawa, Tokyo (twice), Osaka, and Nagasaki, and 62 people registered. The “Society for Soccer Short Course for the Disabled” workshop was held in Hyogo Prefecture, and 27 people registered, and a total of 89 people registered as JIFF leaders. In addition to practicing at their teaching sites, registrants will distribute information on football for the disabled from JIFF, and provide a place for teaching practice in JIFF sponsored projects. JIFF will continue to work with JFA to disseminate it to the leaders and work towards realizing an environment where everyone can enjoy soccer anytime, anywhere with or without disabilities.
■ Implementation area and number of registered people Inclusive football coach Location Venue Registration number The first Tokyo 16 people The second Osaka 7 people 3rd Ishikawa 3 people The 4th Iwate 20 people The 5th Nagasaki 0 ​​people The 6th Tokyo 16 people 62 people in total JIFF diffusion leader Location Venue Registration number The first Hyogo 27 people 27 people in total
■ Voice of registrant Kei Kimura (Hino City Football Federation
/ Registered Inclusive Football Coach) As I was usually involved in coaching youth football, I had the opportunity to practice with the CP football team. At that time, the smiles of the players were really wonderful, and I thought that I could not see more smiles and how I could be involved. There was also knowledge to learn for the first time, and I also realized that there are many things that can be dealt with in the previous teaching experience by changing points to be conscious by differences in disability. From now on, I would like to carry out activities full of understanding and smile of society as a whole, with the introduction of disabled people football experience meetings and walking football that can be performed along with regular boy football instruction regardless of the presence or absence of disability . I am looking forward to it. Asuka Fujii (Tsukuba FC
/ Inclusive Football Coach Registration) I learned and attended a football coaching course for disabled people at the time of qualification renewal of a JFA football class C coach. Being able to re-acknowledge that “soccer can be enjoyed with people of all characteristics” and sharing the pleasure of soccer with various people on all occasions, without being bound by the fixed concept of “we have to do it.” I would like to go on. In order to perform as a “competition”, I think that rules and player criteria that match the characteristics of each are necessary, but when you enjoy it, “soccer” and “healthy person’s soccer” are not linked, but “soccer” itself I want you to know that it is a familiar and enjoyable play.
■ About Japan Football Federation for the Disabled (JIFF) www.jiff.football/
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Under the philosophy of “promoting the creation of a vibrant, symbiotic society in which everyone enjoys the value of sports through football, regardless of the presence or absence of a disability, and the individuality of each individual is respected” It is an intermediate support organization that supports organizations *. It was established in April 2016 as a related organization of the Japan Football Association, and is engaged in activities such as strengthening organizational base, promoting communication, and football cooperation. * Seven disabled people football groups = Japan Ampty Football Association, Japan CP Football Association, Japan Social Football Association, Japan Intellectual Disabled Football Federation, Japan Electric Wheelchair Football Association, Japan Blind Football Association, Japan Deaf Football Association

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