Alcoholic beverage maker Perno Ricard implemented “Responsib ‘ALL Day” on June 6th, with 18,900 employees of all group companies in the world participating as part of corporate social responsibility activities.

Perno Ricard Japan Ltd. Alcoholic beverage maker Perno Ricard implemented “Responsib ‘ALL Day” on June 6th, with 18,900 employees of all group companies in the world participating as part of corporate social responsibility activities. The theme for 2019 is “Good Times From A Good PLACE”. In Japan, we hold lectures on beach clean and plastic waste problems in Shonan. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Liquor manufacturer Perno Ricard Group established “Responsib’ALL Day”, which was established in 2011 as a day on which all employees think about and act on corporate social responsibility. Active activities. In 2019, we will conduct beach clean and workshops on the theme of “Good Times from Good Design from the scene of relief”.

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Responsive ball day logo Liquor manufacturer Perno Ricard Group has established “Responsib ‘ALL Day (Responsibility Ball Day)” as a day on which all employees of Perno Ricard Group in 86 countries think about corporate social responsibility and act since 2011 And, we carry out various activities along the theme every year. The theme of the group in 2019 is “Good Times From A Good PLACE. Perno Ricard Japan Co., Ltd. (Head office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo President and CEO: Nogem Huad) is aiming for the response of the group and the theme of this year toward 2030 on June 6 (Thursday). We will conduct activities focusing on “resource circulation” which is one of the items defined in the roadmap. On Thursday, May 23, at the Kakinuma coast, with the cooperation of the Japan Nature Conservation Association and the general incorporated association JEAN, the president’s Faad will also be involved and employees will carry out beach clean. Garbage is collected at the beach all at once, and separated into natural products (seaweed, driftwood, etc.) and artifacts (plastic bottles, styrofoam, etc.). Analyze the number of garbage and where it came from, and present the results. On June 6 (Thursday), on the day of the Responsible Ball Day, Mr. Tatsuo Harada, Associate Professor of Osaka Commercial University and representative of the NPO corporation Hozugawa, will be invited to give a lecture on plastic waste problems. We will also carry out cocktail making kings and workshops using the tequila “Ormeca Altos” to practice sustainable efforts developed at Perno Ricard Japan. The activities of Responsive Ball Day and Perno Ricard Group, and the company profile are as follows.
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2019 Response Ball Day Group Theme << Activities for "Responsib 'ALL Day 2019"
■ Beach clean on May 23 (Thu) Picking up waste, separating waste, analyzing waste and presenting results Location: Suganuma Beach (Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture) "Schedule" Opening ceremony / greeting
・ Representative director and president: Nogem ・ Huad ・ Japan Nature Conservation Association representative ・ JEAN representative
● Divide into teams and pick up trash
● The announcement of what you picked up
● Separated into natural and artificial things, presented and discussed and analyzed the reason and process of the situation
● Closing ceremony, commemorative photo
■ June 6 (Thursday) Response Ball Day "Schedule"
● Lecture and activity report Place: Belsalle Jimbocho Annex (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) ・ Osaka Commercial University associate professor and representative of NPO corporation project Hozugawa: Mr. Sadao Harada's lecture on plastic waste problem ・ Perno Ricard Japan Marketing Manager Cristian Ernst, Assistant Brand Nurser Suzu Kato, to introduce future activities regarding marketing resource circulation ・ The company's assistant brand manager Reina Arai announces S & R activity of "Ormeca Artos" brand
● Sustainable cocktail making Place: Hotel Metropolitan Edmond Iidabashi (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) ・ Tokyo, Nishi Azabu member bar “Cocktailante OBORO” owner bartender Mr. Shunta Yamakawa demonstrates sustainable cocktail making using Tequila “Ormeca Altos” (TRASH TIKI)
● Tequila Infusion Workshop Place: Perno Ricard Japan Co., Ltd. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) ・ We welcome Mr. Nagashiro Yamaguchi of the construction house Kuriha (Sumika) from the Akatani Project Area Council, which is practicing activities to protect the nature of the forest of Akatani in Gunma Prefecture and Minakami-cho, and welcome to "Olmeca Artos" in Akatani Conduct a workshop to soak and flavor various wood pieces in the forest
[About Perno Ricard Group S & R (Corporate Social Responsibility) Initiatives]
The Perno Ricard Group is active in various countries around the world to fulfill its social responsibility as a company handling liquor. In April 2019, we formulated the ambitious and concrete measures up to 2030 and eight items to be achieved in line with the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) advocated by the United Nations as a roadmap up to 2030. did.
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Ambitious and specific measures and goals to be achieved by 2030 in line with 'Sustainable Development Goals' (SDGs) About "Responsib 'ALL Day" Since its launch in 1971 with the IREB (France's Alcoholic Beverage Research Institute), the Perno Ricard Group has been focusing on preventing the danger caused by excessive alcohol consumption. Then, in 2011, the “Responsib’ ALL Day ”was enacted as a day when all employees in 70 countries think about corporate social responsibility among the Perno Ricard Group.
[Review of recent activities in Japan]
2018: "Protection of the Global Environment" In 2018, we will focus on “15. Protecting the richness of the land” of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Mr. Daigo Iwahashi, special lecturer of the Japan Nature Conservation Association, and Mr. Seiichi Dejima gave a lecture on the United Nations SDGs and the “Akaya Project” on the day of the Responsible Ball Day, as well as building blocks and castanets produced from Akatani Forest. Conducted a workshop to color the 2017, 2016: "Contribution to community development" Participated in the renovation activities of "Kojiji-no-uchi" and "Kompi-no-Ouchi" in the area of ​​Bunkyo Ward. On June 1st, at the Responsible Ball Day, people from the community visited the company and further deepened the “Convivialite”, the corporate culture of the Perno Rikaru Group. In addition, at the local branch office, we held a discussion on contributing to the local community. At the Fukuoka branch office, NPO corporation Hato Space representative director Miyako Yamamoto talked about the dangers of drunk driving. 2015: "Responsible Commercial Communication" The theme was "Responsible Commercial Communication," one of the commitments announced by the world's leading liquor manufacturers in 2012. After confirming the principles and principles of the Perno Ricard Group's commercial communication standards, we conducted an understanding check using participatory quizzes. In Tokyo, the beer brewing association took part and talked about the industry's voluntary standards for commercial communication and the educational activities of the association. About Perno Ricard Group and Perno Ricard Japan Ltd. The Perno-Ricard Group was founded in 1975, with the mothers of the historical French liquor companies Perno (founded in 1805) and Ricard (found in 1932). After that, with the aim of achieving the goal of product diversification and acquisition of new markets, we will strive to maintain a distribution network while expanding the portfolio of internationally renowned brands such as whiskey sea bass legal, champagne perrier jue and mamu. Now, its sales network has reached 86 countries in the world. Perno Ricard Japan Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Perno Ricard Group, has been selling alcoholic beverages mainly in Group products in Japan and in the tax-free market since its establishment in 1990. Twenty-nine years after its founding, Perno Ricard Japan has an outstanding portfolio in the spirits & wine category and has made remarkable progress in alcoholic beverage sales in the domestic market and duty free market. Please refer to the following URL for details. "Perno Ricard" WEB site “Perno Ricard Japan” WEB site Perno Ricard Group’s Approach to Drinking Problems If you enjoy the right amount of alcohol, it will enrich your life as a moment of sharing joy with your close friends, family and loved ones. However, it is also a fact that if you take it wrong, it can harm your health or cause an accident. Perno Ricard thinks that it is a natural responsibility as a liquor manufacturer to provide information and alerts for consumers to deepen their correct knowledge of alcohol and its risks, and it is inappropriate drinking alcohol Efforts to prevent these are being developed worldwide.
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