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  • [Women’s fashion magazine ranking announcement in Japan] first place “otona MUSE (Otonamuse)” second place “sweet (sweet)” Takarajima company top fashion magazine top share for nine consecutive years!

[Women’s fashion magazine ranking announcement in Japan] first place “otona MUSE (Otonamuse)” second place “sweet (sweet)” Takarajima company top fashion magazine top share for nine consecutive years!

Takarajima Corporation [Women’s fashion magazine ranking announcement in Japan] first place “otona MUSE (Otonamuse)” second place “sweet (sweet)” Takarajima company top fashion magazine top share for nine consecutive years! First ever! Top 2 fashion magazines produced by the same editor ………………………………………………………………………………………… The magazine sales division of the second half of 2018 (July-December) was announced on May 16, 2019 (Thursday) by the ABC Association of Japan. In terms of the number of sales divisions of monthly women’s fashion magazines participating in the association, Takanoshima Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: President and CEO: Seiichi Hasumi) issues “otona MUSE (Otonamuse)” (179, 732 copies) The quarter-on-quarter (July-December 2017) increased the number of copies with an increase rate of 127%, and the first place in retail sales at a bookstore and convenience store, “sweet (sweet)” (178, 073 copies) became second. In addition, Takarajima has a 28% market share of fashion magazines, and has won the top market share for nine consecutive years. (※) This time, the first place, “otona MUSE”, was launched in March 2014. The editors, stylist, press and other staff members are in their 40s, including models that have been active in “sweet”, and the editor-in-chief of “sweet” is thinking that “we want to make a magazine that adults who really like fashionable want to read” Launched. It is the first time in history that the two editors’ editorials rank first and second. In beauty magazines, “& ROSY (And Rosy)” increased by 112% year on year (July-December 2017). In mono magazines, “MonoMax (Monomax)” has been selling well with the top spot for eight consecutive years. Takarajima has launched six magazines since 2010: Linnel, GLOW, Adult Fashionable Notebook, otona MUSE, & ROSY, MonoMaster (MonoMaster). By launching new magazines, we have always proposed new values ​​and lifestyles, and created and pioneered new markets. As a leading company in magazine publishing, we will continue to work to boost the industry. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/5069/863/resize/d5069-863-202479-0.jpg]
Women’s fashion magazine 2 top History of “otona MUSE” and “sweet” [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/5069/863/resize/d5069-863-858766-1.jpg] I asked the editor in chief! We are working on two magazines “otona MUSE” and “sweet”! Changes brought about by “sweet” in the last 20 years [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/5069/863/resize/d5069-863-986680-2.jpg] Commuting for working women around 2000, when “sweet” was launched, is quite different from the present, and shirts, tight skirts, and center press pants It seems like a fairly formal dress was required. The style that many fashion magazines targeting OLs in their twenties have suggested in the magazine aspect, but looking back now, it was quite “definitely”. The second issue of “sweet”, which was launched in 1999, had to put out some personalities in order to compete with the major magazines in common, and one such twist was to push the item “One Piece” on a large scale (In this magazine, one piece is called “dress”). At that time, even at a brand exhibition, there were few customs for dresses to be worn on a daily basis, depending on whether there were one rack for the ceremonial occasion or one rack towards the corner of the venue. However, the dress is really versatile, commuting, of course, going out on holidays, eating and dating with the superiors, and being able to wear it in any situation, it’s easy because there is no need for coordination, and , The girl’s co It is an item that is packed with “Raku and Toku” that show us pretty cutely. So, this is something that readers should eat, and put it on the “sweet” signature item. The market has also changed dramatically now, and the number of models and variations of dresses are also diverse. As “sweet” has grown into a large number of magazines, it has been an impressive event during the past 20 years that it has also been able to influence fashion brands and women’s clothes. To the first issue of “otona MUSE” After 10 years of involvement in “sweet”, I noticed that women who are powerful, greed, beautiful, and willing to make an effort to live overflows, saying “I will never give up on work, home or fashion!” It was If you’re old and there are people who are so attractive and attractive, you think that you have to make a magazine that uses them as a role model, and the magazine you have launched is “otona MUSE”. Luckily, I am relieved to feel relieved that there are many who agree with the image of the woman and the world view proposed in the magazine. I think it would be nice if women could grow older and enjoy more and more adults, including those who were “sweet” readers. Editor-in-chief Yuko Watanabe (Watanabe / Kayoko) Profile Born in 1971. After graduating from Meiji University, he joined Kadokawa Shoten and joined Takarajima in 1997. After being appointed as the chief editor of “sweet (sweet)” in his 20’s in 1999 after passing through the “CUTiE” editorial department, We will grow the magazine into a fashion magazine with over 1 million copies. Also known as a pioneer in adopting brand items in the appendix of fashion magazines. He is currently the editor in chief of “otona MUSE”, which was first published in 2014.

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