June 15th World Refugee Day * Week “Michi Nara Talk Event: Experience the Life of Syrian Refugees”

JPF June 15 World Refugee Day * Week “Michi Nara Talk Event: Experience the Life of Syrian Refugees” … “JPF x ART” planning The first appearance of the artist, Michi Nara’s visit to the Jordanian refugee camp! To ………………………………………………………………………………………… Japan Platform (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / JPF) held “Michi Nara Talk Event: Experience the Life of Syrian Refugees” on June 15, 2019 with Artist Yoshihito Nara (hereinafter Mr. Nara) To do.
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In early March, together with Mr. Nara, I visited two refugee camps in Jordan (Zatari and Azrak) and a host community (Capital Amman). Mr. Nara, who received support for the Great East Japan Earthquake victims assistance, experienced the lives of refugees in Jordan, where JPF has been carrying out the Iraqi Syrian refugee humanitarian assistance program since 2011, and with them I had the opportunity to interact.
On the day of the event, the appearance of Mr. Nara on the spot will be unveiled for the first time. In the first part, you will be able to share your encounters and feelings with Syrian refugees while showing photos taken by Mr. Nara himself. Also, you will be able to talk about what Mr. Nara always thinks through the works so far. Speaking to local children “What Japan, Jordan, Syria, there are various places in the same country. Everyone is different people,” etc. What is what Mr. Nara wanted to convey to them? In the second part, JPF affiliated NGO staff who are active in the local area will talk about the current state of support, and will have an interactive time where they can talk with Mr. Nara while asking questions from the venue. We look forward to seeing you on such a theme with Mr. Nara’s stage! (If you are in the media, please contact us. For inquiries about individual coverage, please contact JPF Public Relations. )
● About “JPF x ART” By sending out actual encounters, experiences and sympathy, it is hoped that the diverse people who receive it will have an interest in the refugee issue that they have little chance to feel close to in Japan, and will have a chance to face each other and think deeply. We asked Mr. Nara to continue to affect fans around the world with messages and works that include. At the same time, we aim to be able to contribute as JPF to the creation of works by artists who have an awareness of social issues.
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Mr. Nara’s Twitter * 3 (https://twitter.com/michinara3) and “JPF × ART”, which have been sending information in real time during stay and after returning home, as well as during visits to Jordan Special Web page (www.japanplatform.org/contents/narayoshitomo_syria/), Facebook (www.facebook.com/japanplatform/), Twitter (twitter.com/japanplatform/), etc. But we update from time to time. * 1: Every year on June 20, the “World Refugee Day” was resolved at the UN General Assembly. * 2: In the case of JPF’s support for the Great East Japan Earthquake victims, we received your support and a message and permission to use donations and works. (www.japanplatform.org/contents/narayoshitomo/) * 3: JPF’s safety regulations made it impossible to announce before departure and during stay, but did not send out in real time without specifying the tense or the location.
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June 15 World Refugee Day Week “Michi Nara Talk Event: Experience the Life of Syrian Refugees”
【Overview of held】

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With children from Abdullah’s family who had lunch together at Zaatari refugee camp. (C) JPF
● Date and time: Saturday, June 15, 2019 13: 30-16: 00 (opened at 13:00) Venue: United Nations University Second Floor Reception Hall (5-53-70, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) ※ 10 minutes walk from JR Shibuya Station, 5 minutes walk from Subway Omotesando Station B2
● The number of participants: 90
● How to apply: Please send an application form from the following URL. www.japanplatform.org/event/application/nara/ ※ If you can not apply by the above method, please contact info@japanplatform.org.
● Application Deadline: Monday, June 10
● Language: Japanese, English (simultaneous interpretation available) Organized by: Japan Platform (JPF)
13: 30- ・ Opening “JPF × ART” Noriko Takasugi / Deputy General Manager, Japan Platform Public Relations Department ・ Video “Mr. Nara’s visit to Jordan digest” 13:45-・ Solo Talk “Meeting at Refugee Camp / Things I Always Think” Yoshitomo Nara / Artist 14:45-・ Break 14:55-Open panel talk “Connecting the experience and the venue / Try to replace it with yourself” ※ It will be an interactive time while talking about the current status of support and receiving questions from the venue. Panelist: Michi Nara / Artist Haruko Matsunaga / Children without Borders (KnK) Yamazaki Yayoi / Arabic Interpreter, Archeologist, Ibrawa Haito Founder Moderator: Daisuke Furuta / Buzzfeed Japan First Editor 15: 50-・ Closing
● Nara Yoshitomo (Nara, Yoshitomo) Profile Born in 1959 in Aomori Prefecture. Completed master’s degree at Aichi Prefectural University of Art in 1987. 1988 Transfer to Germany, National Düsseldorf Art Academy end. After living in Cologne, returned home in 2000. Since the half of the 1990’s, he has been exhibiting and presenting in various places in Europe, America, Japan, and Asia, regardless of the scale. In addition to impressive paintings that look back, drawings that keep drawing freely, she creates sculptures that bring life to diverse materials and spaces such as wood, FRP, pottery, bronze, and installations. In addition, he has also published a photo work that includes the days of production and encounters on the road.
■ About Japan Platform Born in 2000 as a new mechanism for Japan’s emergency humanitarian assistance. NGOs, business circles, governments, etc. cooperate in equal partnerships and support Japanese JPF member NGOs in various ways in order to promptly and efficiently carry out domestic and foreign emergency support. Since its establishment, the company has built its credibility with over 1,400 project results in 47 countries and regions, promoting business collaboration between NGOs and companies, and reporting on solid activities. Share information with 43 JPF member NGOs with their respective fields of expertise, and jointly create support projects. In the Great East Japan Earthquake, which received a total of 7 billion yen or more from the private sector, it supports local NGOs along with regional cooperation and intermediate support organizations in affected prefectures and contributes to the development of a reconstruction system.

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