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Kuka works to eradicate job hunting harassment. Please share your troubles.

Cuka Corporation Cuka works to eradicate job hunting harassment. Please share your troubles. Trouble sharing community cuka not being bashed anonymously ………………………………………………………………………………………… Recently, “job hunting harassment” that students working for employment receive from company employees has become a problem. In order to get a job offer from a company, it is thought that there are many cases of crying even if there is damage. In addition, in the process of job hunting, there is also an opportunity to interact with employees on a one-on-one basis, and job hunting sexual harassment that uses it is taken up in the daily news. Since job hunting harassment is likely to occur in places where companies and schools can not see it, it is actually difficult to take measures and improve it. Therefore, at CUKA, we took these situations seriously and launched the “Job Hunting Harassment Feature”. Now that the job hunting season is underway, we will focus on the problem of job hunting harassment to gather your experiences and clarify the actual situation. Move toward the eradication of job hunting harassment. Job hunting sexual harassment is a big problem among them. While reports of the issue of sexual harassment have been reported one after another and voices of damage have begun to rise, there is a reality that 70% of the victims can not consult because of helplessness and fear. I think that it is the first step toward the eradication to clarify where what kind of job hunting harassment happens and what kind of solution is desired through cuka that is easy to say voice to break down such a reality . Job hunting sexual harassment becoming serious. OB visits and overnight stays in the hotbed
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www.businessinsider.jp/post-184754 Reasons that 70% of victims of sexual harassment can not consult, distrust of the university and “impossible to change” helplessness www.businessinsider.jp/post-185457 Job hunting sexual harassment which spreads with OB visit app. Female students who were taken home and raped www.businessinsider.jp/post-185981 Job hunting support company employees sexual harassment to female students. Fear of personal information and home www.businessinsider.jp/post-187935

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At the site of Cuka, “# Job hunting harassment” is one of the required tags and more prominent To make it easy to gather experiences. In addition, to eliminate job hunting harassment In the optional (non-public) items to lead to the recommendations of We have been hearing whether you want improvement. When sharing experience of job hunting harassment A generic term for supporters who can snuggle and support) becomes a snuggler and speaks out As we will support you to raise it, you should be anonymous and identify yourself there is no. Cuc also filters comments and suggestions for concerns There is no chance of secondary damage such as bashing to ring. Because I hope you can share your experience with peace of mind. # Job hunting harassment www.qccca.com/questions/ Job hunting harassment Last but not least, Cuka aims to be a society where everyone can find employment with peace of mind I will work continuously.
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