Kofu Toastmasters Club will hold a workshop on speech with global leaders as a project proposal project for the Kofu 500-year anniversary project.

Toastmasters Kofu Toastmasters Club holds a workshop with global leaders as a project proposal project for the Kofu 500-year anniversary project. ………………………………………………………………………………………… How to talk, learn about Leadership An international non-profit organization, Toastmasters International, which is an established club, and the first Toastmasters club in Yamanashi Prefecture, Kofu Toastmasters Club (hereinafter Kofu TMC) is June 29 (Saturday) We will hold a speech workshop with global leaders as an event for Kofu citizens in the large conference room of Kofu City General Citizens Center.
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This event is to be held as “Koufu Global Human Resources Development Forum” Let’s become a global human resource while enjoying it! ” . This event is an event to celebrate Kofu 500 years and to consider the development of the next generation global leader in Kofu City. In this event, through workshops and speech sessions, we will learn the essential points required of global human resources while having fun. You can learn practical communication skills by participating in this event and listening to Japanese and English speeches. You will also understand that these skills can be used to develop global talent. This event will be conducted mainly in Japanese, but English will be used in part. Kofu TMC founder Yoshihiro Kono commented that the event was booked, as follows. One of the most active people in Kofu City, Mr. William Reid, a professor at Yamanashi Gakuin University, who has published “The World’s Best Presentation Skills” as a special guest, and the future human resources needed in Kofu City I will talk about the image. We will also invite the Toastmasters Speech Contest World Conference Semifinalist, the winners of the Japan Championships Naoki Tamura, and the English Rakugo Hika. In addition, we will hold a speech making experience workshop with the participation of all participants. The event will be organized by volunteer members, with the cooperation of the Tofumasters International Japan Chapter, centered on members of Kofu Toastmasters. The cost is free (100 people for the first arrival).
[Kowofu 500-year anniversary project]
Kofu celebrated 500 years from 1519 (Yongsho 16), when Takeda Nobutora set up an azalea on Tsutsujizaki in 2019. In addition, in 2021, we reach the historic milestone of 500 years from the birth of Takeda Shingen. At Kofu Open Government 500th Anniversary Project Executive Committee, based on the philosophy of “Learning in the past and looking at the present and connecting to the future,” celebrate Kofu Opened 500 years, fostering attachment to Kofu and “Kofu” and local love, We are developing a business that will lead to the development of a town for the future. Kofu 500 years anniversary project executive committee website: www.kofu500.com/
[Kofu Toastmasters Club]
I am studying English leadership and communication in Kofu city. If you are interested in the details of the activity, please contact us from the following “Inquiry for general customers”. (The location and date may change, so please check on the website each time.) Regular meeting day: Every month on the second Saturday 14:00-16:30 (However, it will be held at Kofu City General Citizens Center on May 25 (Saturday)) Venue: Yamanashi Prefectural Library (near JR Kofu Station North Exit), Yamanashi Prefectural International Exchange Hall, Kofu City General Public Hall, etc. Homepage: inspireyoshi.wixsite.com/kofu-toastmasters Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ToastmastersKofu Language: English ※ All meetings will be in English. It is assumed that you have business level English ability.
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[About Toastmasters]
Toastmasters is an international non-profit organization that teaches speaking, public speaking and leadership, and anyone over the age of 18 can join. There are 20-30 members in the world, and there are about 365,000 clubs and about 357,000 members in 143 countries. In Japan, there are approximately 200 clubs and over 4,000 members, including Japanese, English and other foreign language clubs. With Toastmasters’ global motto “Toastmasters: Where Leaders Are Made”, each club will continue to contribute to the improvement of communication and leadership skills of all over the country. Japan Branch website: district76.org/en/ Kofu Toastmasters Club kofu-tmc-guest@googlegroups.com English version press release is here district76.org/en/2020/05/17/pr-kofu 500-workshop0629 /

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