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Notice of commencement of trial of side effect management system associated with anticancer drug treatment

Arteryex Ltd. Notice of start of trial of side effect management system with anticancer drug treatment ………………………………………………………………………………………… Arteryex Co., Ltd. (Location: 6-5-3, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004, President and Representative Director: Lee Dong-sung) Union Alliance Union Tonan Hospital (location: 3-8 Kita 7-jyo, Chuo-ku, Chuo-ku, Hokkaido, Japan) We aim to improve the quality of life of patients by helping them complete more quickly and accurately in a series of actions from understanding of patients’ hidden adverse events to presentation of treatment options, and treatment decisions. In the future, we plan to collaborate with electronic medical records and introduce a new medical data management system utilizing Arteryex’s proprietary blockchain technology. Tuesday, May 21, 2019 Arteryex Ltd. ——————————— Notice of start of trial of side effect management system with anticancer drug treatment ——————————— Arteryex Co., Ltd. (in charge of the IT Healthcare business, located at 6-5-3 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004, President: Lee Dong-sung) Chuo-ku Kita 4 Article Nishi 7-chome 3-8, research leader: Mr. Tatsumi (Senior Akira) and side effect management system with anticancer drug treatment.
[About the demonstration experiment]
In recent years, with the diversification of anticancer drug treatment options, the importance of adverse event management such as type, degree and onset time of adverse event has been recognized again. In order to improve patient QOL, it is desirable to accurately identify adverse events and accurately and quickly identify adverse events for appropriate response including addition of therapeutic agents. In response to this issue, Arteryex Inc. has developed a system called “Support Note” that realizes two-way communication between medical institutions and patients, and shares the daily health status of patients with medical professionals. By linking the smartphone application for patients and the reading system for medical workers, this system enables medical workers to understand the health status reported by patients in a home environment. In addition, “support notes” enable medical workers to visually grasp the side effects over time in a short time, and from the grasp of the patient’s hidden adverse events to the presentation of treatment options and treatment decisions. More action series We definitely help you complete in less time. Arteryex Co., Ltd. and the National Public Workers Mutual Aid Association Tonan Hospital evaluates the usefulness of “support notes” in the actual clinical field in detail through demonstration experiments, and provides more convenience to both medical institutions and users I will pursue. In addition, by extending the function of “support notes”, linking “support notes” and electronic medical records and using Arteryex’s unique blockchain technology to manage linked medical information in a more secure environment We are planning to develop a new medical data management system.
[About Arteryex Corporation]
Headquarters: 〒 105-0004 Minato-ku, Tokyo 6-5-3 Yamada building 4F Representative: Representative director Li Dongguan Established: February 2018 Capital: 20.85 million yen URL: arteryex.biz/
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