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Kabuku Introduces Overseas Cases of Metal 3D Printers at Human and Car Technology Exhibition

Kabuku Corporation Kabuku Introduces Overseas Cases of Metal 3D Printers at People and Automotive Technology Exhibition ………………………………………………………………………………………… From the 22nd of May 19th (Wed) to the 24th (Fri) of May 2019, at the 392 booth of the “Human and Vehicle Technology Exhibition 2019”, which will be held at Pacifico Yokohama, from design and design to manufacture of autonomous vehicles We will exhibit an example of working on In this booth, we introduce examples of autonomous driving vehicles “Milee”, “Postee”, “Logiee”, etc. for which we have supported design, design and manufacture. Based on our experience in comprehensive support of a wide range of manufacturing processes such as concept level design creation, shortening of delivery time, and reduction of manufacturing cost, we solve various problems that customers have. In addition, we will introduce the latest overseas cases from a well-established metal 3D printer factory in Germany, which is carefully selected from Kabuku’s overseas cooperation factories and also manufactures actual products mainly in Europe. Japan’s First Public Metal 3D Printer Exhibit ・ Motorcycle fuel tank manufactured by metal 3D printer Unlike conventional fuel tanks manufactured by pressing and welding, they are integrated with a 3D printer. Inside, a structure is installed inside the tank to prevent braking of the vehicle body and fuel fluctuation at the time of rotation.

[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/7606/83/resize/d7606-83-680965-1.jpg]
Fuel tank
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/7606/83/resize/d7606-83-23789-2.jpg]
Fuel tank inside ・ Example display from other German partner factories
■ We switch aluminum cutting parts by manufacturing parts 3D print with titanium material. Durability is improved by titanium parts Equipment failure rate reduced
■ Manufacturing mold parts with efficient cooling water pipe with 3D printer
■ We realize lightweighting by making machine parts hollow shape with 3D printer. Contributing to the miniaturization of the drive motor Achieve energy saving ※ All actual metal 3D print sample products can be viewed. We will make proposals based on customer requirements, such as key points in design of 3D printed products, applications, quality, delivery time, and prices, so if you are interested in low price and high quality 3D printing, please visit our booth Please stop by. Exhibit Information Date: May 22nd (Wed)-24th (Fri) 10:00 to 18:00 (24th July 17:00) Place: Pacifico Yokohama Access information: expo.jsae.or.jp/access/ Our booth location: 392 Exhibition contents: ・ Examples of the autonomous vehicles “Milee”, “Postee” and “Logiee” that we worked on from design to production ・ Metal ・ CFRP 3D printed product About Kabuku Co., Ltd. Kabuku develops products and services that combine manufacturing with design and software, with digital manufacturing technology as its core technology. We operate on-demand contract manufacturing services for trial production, custom-made products, mass production, core business cloud services for digital factories, digital manufacturing market places, etc. We are engaged in advanced technology research by collaboration between industry and government. So far, we have collaborated with Toyota, Honda, Olympus, Microsoft, Square Enix, Loft, Fuji TV, TBS, Dentsu, Hakuhodo, Nippon Express and Roland Berger. Company Profile
【Company Name】
: Kabuku Inc.
: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
: www.kabuku.co.jp
【Representative person】
: Adachi Masahiko
【Date of establishment】
: January 2013
[Business description]
: ・ On-demand contract manufacturing service business for trial production, custom-made products and mass production ・ Basic business cloud service business for digital factory ・ Digital Manufacturing Market Place

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