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Ultraman series latest work “Ultraman Taiga” becoming the beginning of a new era, announces the main cast, voice actor, narrator of attention!

Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. Ultraman series latest work “Ultraman Taiga” which becomes the beginning of a new era “Main man of attention, voice actor, announce the narrator! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Produced by Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Masayuki Nagatake, hereinafter referred to as “Tsuruya Pro”) and produced six TV Tokyo-based stations from Saturday, July 6, 2019 on Saturday, July 6, 2019. We announce the main cast of the Ultraman series latest work “Ultraman Taiga” to broadcast, voice actors.
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Along with the protagonist Hiroyuki Kudo (played by Inoki Inoue), the main cast plays an active part as a member of a private security organization “EGIS (Aegis)” that also handles incidents involving aliens who are hidden on the earth, and the mysterious ultraman “Ultra Mantre Gear For the cast that plays the human form of “I appointed a fresh and talented actors suitable for creating together a new era Ultraman work. In addition, in this work, the main character challenges the series’ first attempt to transform into multiple heroes of “Ultraman Taiga”, “Ultraman Titus” and “Ultraman Huma”. Character voices that are essential to bring out the appeal of ultraheroes with different personalities are handled by a group of lavish voice actors who attract attention both in popularity and ability. And, the character voice of “Ultraman Tre Gear” is “Theatrical Edition Ultraman R / B Select” now on the public! Yuma Uchida, who plays that voice, is also in charge of Crystal of Roses. Furthermore, in the Ultraman series, one of the very important things in shaping the world view is the opening narration. Narration by Koji Ishizaka at the origin of the series, “Ultra Q” (1966), “From the next 30 minutes, your eyes leave your body and enter into this mysterious time.” The well-known opening has long been told as a name scene that invites viewers into the work world. In “Ultraman Taiga”, which marks the beginning of a new era and regal, the voice actor Daisuke Ono who is active in various works takes charge of the narration, and a new Ultraman series story starts. Please look forward to the story of “Ultraman Taiga”, the son of “Ultraman Taro”, which will begin in the future.
【Main cast】
Enterprise of Guard and Investigation Service (company specialized in security and research) A private protection organization to which the protagonist Hiroyuki Kudo (play: Inoue Yuki) belongs. President, Kana Sasaki was established. Various requests come in every day, and there are also many incidents of aliens among them. The working force carries various gadgets such as an electromagnetic stick, and Hiroyuki and senior Soya Homare are in charge. Items related to cyber security are also included in the content of the business, and Asahikawa Pirka is in charge of dealing with hackers and developing vaccine software as an operator. Depending on the content of the case, the operator may be assisted remotely and cooperated, and a scene where teamwork of the organization is required.
● Kana Sasaki (Actor: Chiharu Niiyama / Horipro affiliation)
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A woman who has set up a private security organization E.G.I.S. 38 years old. While there are many things that I don’t care about, I have a serious side when it comes to E.G.I.S.’s accounting. In the past, he had been in the “foreign affairs section D”, a police organization that had a case of aliens facing him, but in the wake of an incident he left the organization and launched E.G.I.S. It is a reliable president who watches over young members while pretending to be vague.
[Chiharu Niiyama’s Profile]
Born on January 14, 1981. I am from Aomori Prefecture. Debuted in 1995 with the Jury’s Special Award at the Horipro Talent Scout Caravan. Many appeared in TV dramas, variety shows, movies, commercials, etc. Actively acquire a number of qualifications that are useful for parenting.
[Major appearance work]
2018 Drama “Detective is too early” Tokawa Junka Role 2018 Drama “Iron Grandma 2” played by Natsu Suganuma During TV Asahi “thing Concierge” regular appearance We are honored to be featured in the Ultraman series, which has been loved for over 50 years since we started in 1966. Kana Sasaki, who I play, is a representative of the private security organization E.G.I.S. who strongly wants to change the world so that even aliens can live freely. The members of E.G.I.S. have strong bonds as friends, and I think that the atmosphere with a lot of laughter in the field is surely transmitted from the screen, so I would be glad if you could look forward to that area as well. I think that “Ultraman Taiga” in the new era issue is further powered up. I would like to see “Ultraman Taiga” with a gentle, strong sense of justice by all means.
● Soya Homare (Actor: Ryotaro / From ・ First Production)
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Hiroyuki’s senior in E.G.I.S. 25 years old. Faithful to the mission, even with a strong sense of justice, Hiroyuki who is prone to runaway is sometimes referred to as a “bloody idiot,” but Homare himself also has a hot heart inside. He is a working member of E.G.I.S. and often takes on a dangerous task, but he follows Hiroyuki with an activity that makes use of his high physical ability.
[Ryotaro Profile]
Born May 28, 1991 (27 years old). From Fukuoka Prefecture Actor activities started in 2013.
[Major appearance work]
2015 movie “Coops party” Ryotaro Mori Shigeru role 2015 Musical “The Prince of Tennis 3rd season” Fudomonaka Masaya Sakurai Role 2017 Hakushinkan theater Honan Gumi planning performance “Ataku No. 1” 2018 Tokyo Globe Seat, etc. “MOTHER Mother-Special Attack Mother Torisu Tome Monogatari” I am Taro Taro who will play the role of Soya Homare. As I was not dreaming that the day when I would be able to appear in the Ultraman series, I was excited at the moment when I received a call for the decision. Homare is a hard-working person who excels in martial arts and always keeps calm and has a hot conviction inside. In contrast to Hiroyuki, who is passionate and full of sense of justice, I would like you to pay attention to the sense of buddies (friends) that are gradually emerging while being involved in various incidents. Ultraman who received many dreams and hopes in his childhood. We will do our best so that we can tell important things to children of the whole country this time with our intention to give back it’s our turn this time! ! Thank you for your support.
● Arikawa Pirika (Actor: Affiliation)
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An E.G.I.S. operator who is a smiling girl who looks great. 23 years old. Have a dedicated desk in the office and use several computers Support Hiroyuki and Homare who are working members. While exhibiting the genius such as taking over E.G.I.S.’s cyber security in one hand, it also has a girlish side that cares about fashion and diet.
[Momoka (Momoka) Profile]
Born on August 25, 2000 (18 years old). I am from Kanagawa Prefecture. Many appear in movies, TV dramas and advertisements.
[Major appearance work]
2017 TV Tokyo series drama special “the best life doctor 2017” Aoi Ogi role 2018 movie “Love is like after the rain” Ishii role 2018 Movie “The Case Bill of the Vibria Ancient Shodo” Furika Ayukawa Hello! I will play the role of heroine, Asahikawa Pirka. It is peach fruit! It is full of unbelievable feelings and surprises that I can be made to appear on Ultraman who has been loved for many years! Pirika I play is a girl who loves fashion. I also love fashion, and every time I shoot, the hairstyle and costume are different, so I am happy to shoot “What kind of style is it today?” Please pay attention to Pirika’s fashion and hair arrangements! The children, of course, will do their best to be a work loved by all generations and to deliver a lot of smiles! ! Thank you for “Ultraman Taiga”! ! ! ! “Theatrical version Ultraman R / B Select! A new enemy, Ultra Mantre Gear, which appeared in the Crystal of Roses, continues to appear in the new TV series “Ultra Man Taiga” as the enemy. Tregia, who was a close friend of Taiga’s father Ultraman Taro. Toregia, who dyed her heart to the darkness and became an evil Ultraman, also appears as a figure of the earthling, so-called “humanity” in this work.
● Kirisaki (Ultraman Tregia Humane) (Actor: Ko Nanase / Toho Performing Arts Affiliation)
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A man who darkens in the shadow of an incident involving Hiroyuki and others. Its true character is Ultra Mantre Gear, and its cruel eyes are full of madness without knowing what to do. The final goal is engulfed in mystery, and it engulfs various wisdoms and afflicts Ultraman Taiga.
[Danase Shichi (Nanase Ko) profile]
Born on April 23, 1994 (25 years old). From Nara Prefecture Passed an audition held by Toho performing arts in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of its founding. Debuted in the drama “Chia ☆ Dollar” in 2015.
[Major appearance work]
2018 movie “midnight bus”, drama “from today I am !!” ・ AbemaTV “2 love romance drama I want to love” 2019 Drama “The Emperor of New Minami” · Drama “3 years A set-from now on, everyone is a hostage-” etc. I will play Kirisaki, Ultraman Tregia’s human form, I am Nanase. I have memories of watching childhood broadcasts of Ultraman Tiga, Dyna and Gaia while clasping a makeover item. My Valentine chocolate from my mother was a big ultraman chocolate. After this work was decided, I first contacted my mother. My mother was more than happy with me, and I realized that “Ah, I’m going to be an Ultraman.” I feel a lot of pressure about the human form of Tregia that has already appeared in the theater version. And I think I would like to convey the true meaning of Kirisaki and humanity. I will do my best to make Rewa’s first “Ultraman Taiga” beloved of everyone.
[Voice actor]

● Ultraman Taiga (CV: Takutoshi Terashima / Axel One)
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[Terashima Takushima (Terashima Takuma) profile]
Born on December 20, from Ishikawa Prefecture.
[Major appearance work]
Anime “Uta no ☆ Prince Sama ♪ Series” Ittoki Otoya role Anime “SERVAMP-Servanpu-” Shirota Maoru Anime “Idol Master Side M” Amagaze Touma Terashima Takuma, who is now giving me the voice of Taiga. As I had never dreamed that my voice would be the voice of Ultraman, When I got a talk, I was kyoton. Speaking of Ultraman, I loved “Ultraman Super Fighter Gekiden” which was serialized in Comic Bonbon. Taro was in a standing position like a second protagonist, with an immature boy growing steadily, having a sense of familiarity and enthusiasm than Ultraman. I think that it is strange that I decided to play his son, Taiga. With Hiroyuki, with the staff involved in the work, with the cast members, We will do our best to protect peace, so thank you for your support! !
● Ultraman Titus (CV: Hino Satoshi / Axel One)
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[Hino Satoshi (Hishinosa) Profile]
Born on August 4th. I am from San Francisco.
[Major appearance work]
Role of the anime “Overload” Ayns Wool Goun Anime “Haikyu !!” Sawamura Daiji Overseas drama “ARROW” Oliver Queen / Arrow role This time, I am in charge of the voice of
[Ultraman Titus]
in the new TV series “Ultraman Taiga”. Hero
who was very yearning from childhood. At that time, I learned that through the works of each series of Ultraman, I became a kind and strong person who can help those who have dreams, hopes, people in need or sorrows. And now I feel a strong sense of responsibility, joy and joy that I will deliver such a message to a large number of children and supportive adults through Ultraman’s work. Together with the members of the staff, the cast members, we will work with all our souls to make the most wonderful work! Please expect the new TV series “Ultraman Taiga”!
● Ultraman Huma (CV: Shota Hayama / Axel One)
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[Shota Hayama (Hayasan Shota) Profile]
Born on November 15th. I am from Yamaguchi Prefecture.
[Major appearance work]
Anime “Mio High School Earth Defense Department HAPPY KISS!” Anime “Sage’s Grandson” Mark = Bean Role Role of the game “Grand Samanaz” It is Shota Hayama who will play the voice of Ultraman Huma. Ultraman I saw when I was little. No matter how long it takes, there are things that remain in the mind that you feel at that time. I was struck by various feelings toward the screen, such as being scared by the Baltan Alien, sad and crying when a gentle and cute pigmon was attacked, and desperately supporting Ultraman whose color timer started to sound. It was I am truly happy to be able to participate in such works that have such awful memories. As I grow up with Ultraman of the new era, I will do my best as a team member so that I can convey to you the emotions that I had when I was young and the feelings of this work. I am really looking forward to seeing how the hummers appear in you. Please take a look!
● Ultraman Tregia (CV: Uma Uta / Aim Enterprise)
[Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/i/33128/38/resize/d33128-38-164582-7.jpg]

[Uchida Yuma (Uchida Yuma) profile]
Born September 21st. I am from Tokyo. Received the “13th Voice Actor Award” leading actor award. Appeared in many popular works. Debuted in May 2018 as an artist. He is steadily expanding its popularity, with his voice breaking through everywhere and refreshing dance as a weapon.
[Major appearance work]
“Theatrical Edition Ultraman R / B Select! Amber Crystal” Anime “BANANA FISH” Ash Links role Anime “Granburu” Iori Kitahara Role Anime “Fruit Basket” Kusuma Tsuji Anime “MIX” Tachibana Run Ichiro I am very happy to be joining Ultraman Taiga with Ultraman Tregia! What will Tregear do with the new series …! Please look forward to! !
【Program Narration】

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● Daisuke Ono
[Daisuke Ono Profile]
Born May 4, 1978. I am from Kochi Prefecture.
[Major appearance work]
Anime “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” Series Jotaro Kujo The anime “Osomatsu-san” Anime “Attack on Titan” Erwin Smith New Year of Roh. At the beginning of a new era, a new Ultraman is born again. Ultraman who continues longing for children’s yearning. I am proud to be involved as an opening narrator in this story of courage and hope. In order to pass on the passionate thoughts of successive Ultramans and connect them to the future. I will narrate with enthusiasm. Please expect “Ultraman Taiga”!
[“Ultraman Taiga” Work Outline]

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Broadcasting start date: Saturday, July 6, 2019 Airtime: Every Saturday 9:00 to 9:30 AM Broadcasting station: TV Tokyo six stations net others Production: Tsuburaya Production, TV Tokyo, Dentsu Copyright Notation: (C) Tsuburaya Pro (C) Ultraman Taiga Production Committee-TV Tokyo Program official site (TV Tokyo): ani.tv/taiga/ Work official site (Tsuruya pro): m-78.jp/taiga/ Official Twitter: @ultraman_series Cast: Inoue Yuki / Kotaro / Momoka / Koji Nanase / Chiharu Niiyama and others Voice appearance: Takashi Terashima / Hino Satoshi / Hayama Shota / Uchida Yuma others Program narration: Daisuke Ono

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