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2020 Riwa University Entrance Examination is “Super Safety-oriented” and ronin evasion is avoided, and personal difficulties continue

Sinbad International Co., Ltd. 2020 Oriwa University Entrance Examination is “Super-safety-oriented” and ronin evasion, private major difficulties continue The examination for 2019 years, the University of the United States is a problem of American football 15% of the number of candidates, minus 800 million yen! Pro for the exam <Sindbad………………………………………………………………………………………… Sindbad International Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroshi Yamada), who operates “University Examination Specialist Tutor Mega Study Online”, reports on 2020 university entrance examinations and 2020 We have released a forecast report for university entrance exams.
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1.2019 University entrance examination reflection-safety oriented examination The education industry is expected to undergo major changes due to the university entrance examination reform expected in 2021. Remarkable changes were seen in the 2019 exams too, and when the university was allowed to enter the program with a significantly over capacity, the country decided not to issue the “recurring expenses subsidy for private universities, etc.” Universities reduced the number of successful applicants, partly due to Candidates who were originally aiming for the University of Tokyo, Waseda and Keio classes also took the main exam of the MARCH level, in which the passing was surely decided in order to avoid the frantic, and the result was that the students on the line received conventionally were completely destroyed. The aftermath of the difficulty in passing clearly appears in universities of any deviation range, and it can be said that it was a safety-oriented exam. On the other hand, universities receiving deviations below the MARCH, so-called “slip”, increased the number of candidates. ・ Decreased year on year except Chuo University ・ Waseda: 111,338 people (95.0% vs. last) ・ Keio: 41,875 people (96.7% compared to last year) ・ Sophia: 27,916 people (against last 89.5%) ・ Meiji: 111,304 people (92.9% against last year) ・ Aoyama Gakuin: 60,404 people (96.0% compared to last year) ・ Central: 91,465 people (104.6% vs. last) Rikkyo: 68,796 people (95.8% last year) ・ Legal and political affairs: 115,447 people (94.2% against last year) ※ The deviation value is under the rank of MARCH, Komazawa, Kokugakuin, etc. has greatly increased the number of candidates. The number of candidates for this year’s Nichidai significantly decreased due to the danger tackle problem by the American football team. Compared with 115,180 in 2018, this year’s figure decreased by 92,211 (85.9%) and 22,969. Above all, the “crisis management department” that was the topic is the department that basically learns about the response to the social crisis, but the false opinion is developed if the “crisis management response” is not made to the American football department, and 74.3% against last year It decreased sharply (1,133 people). If you look at the exam fee of Japan University, it is minus 800 million yen (estimate). There has been no significant change in the entrance exam questions of these universities themselves. Since private universities in the Kanto area change to entrance examination tendencies at each department at the same university (undergraduate autonomy), the whole university tendencies such as “Waseda’s English”, “Keio’s English”, and “Blues English” do not strictly exist. On the other hand, private universities in Kansai tend to have similar tendencies even if the same university has different departments. As a recent trend, there is an increase in topical content in departments such as business administration, commerce, and economics. For example, the theme is “About Bitcoin” “About Basic Income”. If you receive these faculties, you can still keep in mind that it will be quite different depending on whether you have background knowledge or not. 2. 2020 forecast 2020, university entrance exam last year of center exam. The Center exam is a completely one-pattern exam every year, so there is no need to change it in the final year. In terms of entrance examination questions at each university, entrance examination questions are created for each university with the intention of “I want to take this kind of students.” In the case of the Kanto private university, the color of the undergraduate school will be intense, but the contents of the entrance examination will not change extremely unless the student’s policy to be taken in the first place changes. However, trends that will last several years are likely to continue to affect. (Example: English entrance exam, business administration department, economic department, business department, etc. presents current issues) Continuing from this year, each university reduced the number of successful applicants under the influence of “Strict admission capacity control”. In particular, in English 4 skills in university entrance exam reform, “speaking” and “writing” that were not necessary in the center exam are added. Candidates who are profane in 2020 will be required to take measures against the entrance examination reform of 2021. Therefore, there will be an increase in the number of simultaneous application examinations to be reliably received in 2020 as “a late entrance examination”. It is. 3. New movement by university entrance exam reform The university entrance exam reform in 2021 will change from a traditional “knowledge / skill” evaluation in the selection of university admissions to a multifaceted, comprehensive evaluation. For example, even in private university exams, students have come to listen to volunteer experiences, etc., and each university has set up an admission policy and seeks “students that suit them”. The national university is also increasing recommendation entrance exams, and is trying to get more unique students. It will be required to keep an eye on the new movement of university entrance exams and to prepare early. Eliminate the educational gap between the metropolitan area and the region with Edtech! Tutor Mega Study Online “Megastudy Online” allows you to receive individual tutoring instruction from a professional tutor with the largest private university passing results and know-how in the metropolitan area at home and at home. We have adopted a revolutionary system that simultaneously displays the two screens of the student’s “face” and “hand” simultaneously regardless of how geographically the instructor and the student are geographically separated, the top level learning environment in Japan. The professional tutor of the school offers teaching that is comparable to teaching at next door. Many students passed the “Mega Study” with overwhelming ability so that the students who will join as a final request do not reach the deviation value of the desired school. There is no need for time loss and no burden for the tutor to come to the room, so you can make a learning plan tailored to each student’s lifestyle rhythm. (▼ “Teacher Mega Study Online” online.daigaku-goukaku.net/?PR)
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