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  • 【JUSTDAN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.】 “Dusk Diver Minamachi-Dusk Diver Yusencho”-Decided worldwide release at PlayStation (R) 4 · Nintendo Switch (TM) in the fall of 2019

“Dusk Diver Minamachi-Dusk Diver Yusencho”-Decided worldwide release at PlayStation (R) 4 · Nintendo Switch (TM) in the fall of 2019

JUSTDAN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. “Dusk Diver Zenshincho-Dusk Diver Yusencho”-Worldwide release decided in the fall of 2019 with PlayStation (R) 4 · Nintendo Switch (TM) Announced the creation of an image song by the voice actor, Kei Mizuna, who will appear as a part of “Nemea” ………………………………………………………………………………………… A full-scale 3D action game from Taiwan “Dusk Diver-Zancho Town-Dusk Diver: Yusencho-” Voice actor to appear as a role of “Nemea” released worldwide in the fall of 2019 in PlayStation (R) 4. Nintendo Switch (TM) Announced production of an image song with Kei Kei
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JUSTDAN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Wins worldwide publishing rights for home game console software for the new title ‘Dusk Diver’ Shinkencho-Yusuka Yusencho ‘, produced by a game development company in Taiwan, JFI Games Inc. We will officially announce that it will be released simultaneously in the fall of 2019 as software for the PlayStation (R) 4 / Nintendo Switch (TM) worldwide including Japan.
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titleLOGO This work has already been released for Nintendo Switch (TM) software, but in response to the voice of the expectation from the game fan, it is decided to release the PlayStation (R) 4 software at the same time. In addition, we will announce the production of the image song “Blanze Girl”, a song by the voice actor Keiji Minamata who plays the character “Nemea” appearing in this work. What is the anime style fantastic action “Dusk Diver town-Dusk Diver Yusencho-” “Dusk Diver Minakamicho-Dusk Diver Yusencho-” is a 3D animation and a beautiful 3D graphic world and characters, as well as a character voice created by popular Japanese voice actors that enjoys refreshing action. It is an action game. An ordinary high school girl, Yan Yumo, is set on the stage of “The Harujuku in Taiwan” and the most popular tourist spot “Xiamen Town” in Taipei, and the town of “Axuan Town” in a different world where the two sides are one and one. Develop a storyline full of mystery and a flashy battle action. The main feature of this film is the various combo actions that can be played by combining strength and weakness attacks, and the various attacks and powerful special moves that are used by summoning and collaborating with the “guard god” of the partner, and the enemy “trouble” It is a refreshing and stylish action battle to destroy As the guardian deity has different performances, the strategic nature of advancing the battle by changing the guardian deity according to the war situation is one of the attraction of this work. This work is a completely original title planned and developed by the development team “JERA” of the game development company JFI Games Inc. in Taiwan. We have added original elements to the PC (Steam) version that has already been released for home video game consoles, and are planning to release a limited edition around the world including Japan. Details will be delivered as a follow-up report, so please expect. Announced the image song “Enshinjo” sung by Nemea and Kei Mizuna
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As a special image song of this work, with the cooperation of Kotori Voice Co., Ltd., we will produce and release a “flash girl” sung by Kei Mizushima playing the voice of the mysterious girl “Nemea” appearing in Nishimoncho. “Blanze Girl” is a work depicting the world view of this work from the viewpoint of the character, created by Shade, who provides music for popular games such as “Sengoku Lance” and “Azur Lane”. Please enjoy the special image song that you can enjoy the world of “Dusk Diver 酉-町 ス ク ダ イ バ ー ユ セ ン チ ョ ウ-深 く” in combination with the game. “Dusk Diver-Minusku town-Dusk Diver Yusencho-” Introduction of the main appearance character · appearance voice actor
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Dusk Diver Fushincho-Dusk Diver Yusencho Screenshots
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SS04 We will make full use of the sales network and marketing channels covering the entire world we have cultivated so far, and will continue to actively work on the original works from Taiwan to be widely accepted in Japan and around the world. I will. Product information
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