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Internet Society Announces “A Survey on Connected Device Usage and Concerns”

Internet Society Internet Society Announces “A Survey on Connected Device Usage and Concerns” Distrust factor for connected devices is privacy and security concerns ………………………………………………………………………………………… -Privacy and security are the main concerns of consumers and are also a decision-making factor in purchasing -73% of the respondents in the world say that using connected devices has data leakage concerns -63% of respondents say that they are “unfriendly” about data collection of consumer behavior by connected devices The Internet Society, an international non-profit organization that aims to contribute to the development of the Internet, has published a Survey on Connected Device Usage and Concerns. This survey (www.internetsociety.org/resources/doc/2019/trust-opportunity-exploring-consumer-attitudes-to-iot/) was conducted by the Internet Society and the International Consumer Organization (Consumers International) by IPSOS Mori. In March 2019 targeting more than 6,000 people in the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, France, and the United Kingdom. The survey found that 65% of the respondents in the world are concerned about how data is collected by connected devices (* 1). In addition, more than half (55%) are for privacy protection and 53% are information It also became clear that they felt distrust in the handling of With the advent of the IoT era, the use of connected devices is accelerating around the world. People who said they own connected devices such as smart meters, smart watches, connected toys, home assistants and game consoles accounted for 69% of the world. However, according to tests conducted by multiple consumer groups, security measures and privacy protection (* 2) have not been fully considered, and there are countless products put into the market. In this survey, 77% of the world answered that “privacy protection and security measures are important elements in product purchases.” In addition, approximately one third (28%) of respondents who did not use connected devices found that they were not using it because of privacy and security concerns. These concerns have proved to be a major obstacle for consumers at the same level as prices. Andrew Sullivan, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Internet Society, commented on consumer trends in Japan: “This survey has shown that Japanese consumers are more concerned about connected device’s privacy and security than other surveyed countries. The Japanese government is set for 2020 I think it’s very reliable to focus on strengthening the security of IoT products, and the Internet Society works with manufacturers to create products with security and privacy in mind.Manufacturers and retailers are connected We need to do more to gain consumer confidence in our devices. ” Respondents worldwide believe that regulators, manufacturers and retailers are accountable for connected device concerns. 88% of the respondents who said that “regulators should set standards for privacy and security measures in IoT” answered that “manufacturers should provide products and services based on those standards” Eighty-one percent said, “Retailers should work on privacy and security,” with 81%. Also, 60% say that “consumers are responsible for the security and privacy of the connected devices they own.” As Helena Leurent, director of the International Consumer Organization, says: “We have found that consumers accept some responsibility for the security and privacy of their connected devices, but it is not acceptable to feel relieved. Consumers and the International Consumer Organization , Retailers and governments want to take concrete action, which requires companies and organizations to work together, the International Consumer Organization in consultation with leading manufacturers, safe people-centred In this way, we are looking for opportunities to create new technologies that will eliminate the concerns of those who are not yet using this technology and will make the benefits of IoT products available to everyone. is” Other main results from this survey are as follows. -61% of Japanese respondents say, “Manufacturers should only manufacture connected devices that can ensure privacy and security” -66% of Japanese respondents say, “Retailers should only sell connected devices that comply with privacy and security standards” -53% of respondents in Japan who own connected devices say “It’s creepy” about data collection by connected devices ※ 1 In this survey, we define connected products such as smart meters, fitness monitors, connected toys, home assistants, game consoles and other everyday products that can connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Tablets, mobile phones and laptops are excluded. ※ 2 www.forbrukerradet.no/side/significant-security-flaws-in-smartwatches-for-children/ www.forbrukerradet.no/siste-nytt/connected-toys-violate-consumer-laws/ www.consumerreports.org/televisions/samsung-roku-smart-tvs-vulnerable-to-hacking-consumer-reports-finds/ About this survey 1. This survey targets respondents whose IPSOS Mori is 6 countries in the world (Australia: 1,000, Canada: 1,072 people, France: 1,094 people, Japan: 1,000 people, United Kingdom: 1,130 people, United States: 1,085 people) It took place from March 1 to 20, 2019. 2. “Worldwide” figures are percentages of each country, weighted according to the population of each country. 3. The full text of each question in this release is included at the beginning of the survey report. 4. This survey was conducted by IPSOS, commissioned by the Internet Society and the International Consumer Organization. About the Internet Society The Internet Society is a non-profit organization founded by the pioneers of the Internet that aims to guarantee the open development, progress and use of the Internet. The Internet Society works with various organizations through a global community of branches and members to promote technologies that contribute to the safety and security of the Internet and to recommend policies that allow everyone to use the Internet. You are The Internet Society is also a top organization of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). For more information, visit www.internetsociety.org. About the International Consumer Organization (Consumers International) The International Consumer Organization is an international membership organization for consumer organizations around the world, aiming for a world where everyone can use safe and sustainable products and services. With more than 200 members in 100 countries, member organizations are working to improve and defend the rights of consumers around the world. We represent the voices of consumers in international policy forums and the global market, and strive for a safe, fair and honest market. The International Consumer Organization is an independent non-profit, non-governmental organization. It addresses issues affecting consumers in the digital age, including e-commerce, data privacy, data security, IoT, affordability, and purchasing channels. The International Consumer Organization aims to create a world where consumers can make the most of their digital economy and society without compromising on quality, care and fair treatment.

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