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Exhibited at the 9th Office Service EXPO

Pioneer Corporation Exhibited at the 9th Office Service EXPO Supporting the reduction of accident risk and the “reform of working way” of companies using communication drive recorders- ………………………………………………………………………………………… Pioneer will exhibit at the 9th Office Service EXPO, a specialized service for office services held at Tokyo Big Sight from May 29 (Wed) to 31 (Fri). At the Pioneer booth, we displayed a communication drive recorder that cooperates with our cloud-type operation management service “Vehicle Assist”, and in addition to solving problems such as “accident reduction” and “emergency response” that many companies have, work efficiency We propose this as a solution to support “work style reform” such as improvement of labor productivity and correction of long working hours by Pioneer Commercial Car Solution Website: pioneer-carsolution.jp/
[The 9th Office Service EXPO]
(In the “14th General Affairs, Human Resources, Accounting World”) A business-related exhibition for general affairs and human resources personnel in which office services such as operational efficiency, cost reduction, and welfare services are exhibited in one place. Date and time: May 29th (Wed) to 31st (Fri) from 20 am to 6 pm Location: Tokyo Big Sight (Pioneer Booth: “Office Service EXPO” Aomi Exhibition Hall B24-56) Organized by: Reed Exhibition Japan Ltd. Official website: www.ofs-expo.jp/ja-jp.html
【Exhibition Content】
We will introduce a communication drive recorder that realizes advanced operation management and support in cooperation with the cloud type operation management service “Vehicle Assist” with demonstrations. New products of the 2 camera type, scheduled to be released in August, will also be on display. Communication drive recorder: pioneer-carsolution.jp/recorder/tvrc-dh500-fc_tvrc-dh500-rc_tmx-dm02-va/ Main Features of the Communication Drive Recorder 1) Reduce accident risk with simple operation At the time of an accident or dangerous driving, a video is automatically recorded and uploaded, and at the same time a notification email is sent to the administrator, so it is possible to grasp the situation of the vehicle in real time. In addition, daily safe driving instruction work can be automated with the function that leads to improvement of the driver’s safe driving awareness such as dangerous driving warning and driving evaluation e-mail, so the manager can perform continuous safe driving measures with simple operation with less load. You
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/5670/526/resize/d5670-526-669735-0.jpg]
2) Support “work style reform” of the enterprise by advanced operation management / support In addition to being able to grasp the state of the vehicle in real time based on highly accurate vehicle position information and travel data sent from the communication drive recorder, it can also automate management tasks such as daily report and monthly report creation with accurate position information recorded. We support “work style reform” such as correction of time labor and improvement of labor productivity. 3) Lineup that can be selected according to the application Two camera types that can record the front and the inside of the vehicle or the rear of the vehicle at the same time, and support for safety and security with various functions 1 Lineup of camera types. The 2 camera types newly added to the lineup will be equipped with a “driver’s license link function” that identifies the driver by bringing the driver’s license closer to the main unit, enabling driver management on shared vehicles and license It can also be used to prevent miscarry and manage expiration dates.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/5670/526/resize/d 5670-526-363853-1.jpg]
2 camera type “TVRC-DH500-FC”
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/5670/526/resize/d5670-526-117242-2.jpg]
1 camera type “TMX-DM02-VA”
■ Cloud-type operation management service “Vehicle Assist” An operation management service that can grasp the state of vehicles in real time and can also provide instruction on visiting courses and work content. Easily In addition to the “package service” that can be introduced, it cooperates with cloud services such as business management that customers already own We provide “Web API * service” that can be done. ※ API (Application Programming Interface) is a specification for using functions created by computer programs from external programs.

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