Nickname decision of thinning mark! ! The new nickname is “○○○○○”.

National Forest Union Federation Nickname decision of thinning mark! ! The new nickname is “○○○○○”. ………………………………………………………………………………………… A nice nickname for thinning marks! ! Please remember everyone. New nickname is “Kankan”
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As a result of repeating the selection from a lot of applications, The nickname of the thinning mark has been decided as “Kanbanrin”. For details, please see the nickname recruitment page of the thinning material mark office.
▼ National Forest Association Federation Thinning materials mark secretariat HP nickname offer page Explanation of nickname
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Total number of applications

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With thinning material mark … The thinning material mark promotes the importance of thinning and use of the thinning material, etc., and through appropriate use of the thinning material mark displaying a product using the thinning material, spreading enlightenment of the thinning promotion and utilization promotion of the thinning material and consumers Contributing to product selection.
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“Thinning” that cuts trees and protects the forest ○ Japan is a rich country with about 68% of the country covered by forests. To protect it, just plant and increase trees. It is necessary to properly cut the trees that have already been planted. The work is “thinning”.
○ A forest that has not been thinned The forest is dark and crowded, and there are many thin trees on the trunk to inhibit the growth of each other.
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○ Forest just after thinning
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○ Forests several years after thinning The forest is bright and green. !
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○ The thinning mark is given to products using “thinning material” harvested by this thinning.
“Three” effect by using thinning material mark authorization product (1) We promote thinning to bring up forest! Using products made by effectively utilizing thinnings will increase their demand and lead to more thinnings. (2) Support sustainable Japanese forestry! In forestry, the cycle “planting → growing → using → planting …” is important. By purchasing domestic timber products including thinning mark certified products, it will be cost to foster the next generation of forests. (3) Provide opportunities for forest conservation! Consciously using thinning mark products will lead to an opportunity to grow the mind of forest conservation to more people.
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