Roto Pharmaceutical scientifically verifies “scent” and pursues new value! The world’s first “olfactory communication lab” born from sensuous design

Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Roto Pharmaceutical scientifically verifies “scent” and pursues new value! The world’s first “olfactory communication lab” born from sensuous design The first is Tomos Co., Ltd. to create stores that further enhance customer satisfaction ………………………………………………………………………………………… Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Head office: Osaka City, Chairman and President and CEO: Kunio Yamada) will open an open innovation lab, “BELAIR LAB (Bereah Lab)”. The first project, Tomos Inc. (Head office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President: President and CEO: Hideyuki Tokushima), which operates drugstore Tomoz and others, is more satisfied with customers through the creation of a store that incorporates the scent of Tomos original We will work to create stores with high
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■ History of launch Our company not only develops medicines and skin care cosmetics centering on the challenge of healthy life expectancy, but also in recent years challenges food and regenerative medicine, and also actively manages health management aimed at promoting employees’ own health Working on Recent research has shown that scent has physiological and psychological effects, and has focused attention so far. Through BELAIR LAB, scientifically examining the physiological phenomena and odor changes caused by aroma to the human body, creating products and spaces that have a positive impact on society and contributing to the creation of a healthier society I want to go there.
■ What is the world’s first olfactory communication lab “BELAIR LAB (Berea lab)” born from sensuous design? BELAIR LAB is an open innovation laboratory that scientifically verifies “scent” that has been told as mere sense so far from the viewpoint of human sensitivity, and utilizes the mechanism that creates the experience of the scent for product development and productivity improvement is. We offer one-stop services for developing scents, offering solutions based on scents, scientific evaluations to visualize scent sensitivity evaluations and experiences, and services and products using scents.
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This laboratory is not only our company that has been aiming at creating a healthy and happy society as a pharmaceutical company, but also CHRISTOPHE LAUDAMIEL, which is world-renowned as the “most outstanding inventor of modern times” as a chief perfumer. (Christoph Rodamiel), a four-sense research institute “KANSEI Projects Committee” integrated with the verification partner of the experience of scent, and the service design partner “KANSEI Design & Co., Ltd.” By exploring the possibilities of business communication that the scent brings.
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■ Chief perfumer CHRISTOPHE LAUDAMIEL (Christoph Rodamiel)
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A perfumer who creates scents of global brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Beyonce, Abercrombie & Fitch. Incense scent of Tokyo Tower in 2018. Performs scents in a new hands-on tour “Top Deck Tour” that feels “past, present, future” in Tokyo. The presentation of the scent of Christophe, founder of the innovative laboratory “DreamAir”, is known in a wide range of fields, and the scent of the Guffenheim Museum’s scent opera directing and bestseller books hit the world of “The Perfume A Story of Killing Me” Also in charge. He works on incense in a wide range of fields such as cosmetics, space directing, and academic research institutes, and spreads his name in a novel style that combines the finest fragrances with cutting-edge technology and art.
■ About the first project collaboration with Tomos Co., Ltd. We and Tomoz have been working on medicines and skin care cosmetics in the past. This time, as a sympathy for our new efforts, and from the perspective of not only products but also from the perspective of creating a store based on aroma, we agreed to want to propose a sales section more satisfying customers, so this is our first step It was decided to start the initiative. This time, by creating “Modern Trust No. 10” specially as “Tomozu scent” and utilizing it in the store, changes in customer satisfaction and communication between customers and store clerks are more than ever before We plan to verify about. The project will be expanded gradually starting on July 1 (Mon), starting with the Ikejiri Ohashi store.
■ About future development of “BELAIR LAB” Starting from the first project, we aim to pursue the new value of “scent” that has been told as a mere sense and communicate it to enrich our daily life. In order to create a healthier society, we also accept requests for collaboration with companies, research institutes and projects in various fields. Please feel free to contact us.
■ BELAIR LAB 1-7 105-0014 Shiba 1-7-5 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 5th floor URL: ※ We do not accept visit of general one.

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