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JAL’s new special coating machine “ARASHI HAWAII JET” enters service on the Hawaii route

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. JAL new special coating machine “ARASHI HAWAII JET” enters service on Hawaii route ~ A special design with the members of Arashi to make Hawaii a special trip ~ ………………………………………………………………………………………… May 22, 2019 In February 2019, JAL celebrated its 65th anniversary of the service on the Hawaii route and introduced new services and products related to Hawaii. (* 1) In order to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the service on the Hawaii route and to further enhance the sense of excitement and expectations for customers traveling in Hawaii, we will launch a new special coating machine “ARASHI HAWAII JET”. It will be the first time Arashi JET has entered an international flight. In this special painting machine, the members of the storm and motifs symbolizing Hawaii are vividly decorated on the left and right sides of the fuselage, and it is designed to feel the refreshing atmosphere of Hawaii. On the left side of the aircraft, the feeling of expectation and exhilaration to Hawaii are expressed with the smile of the members of the storm, and the right side of the aircraft is designed exhilaratingly by the members of the storm who enjoy Hawaii. “Arashi HAWAII JET” will further boost the skies of Hawaii where Arashi-no-Made has made their debut. (* 1) September 13, 2018 Press Release No. 18072 “The New JAL Hawaii Begins” press.jal.co.jp/ja/release/201809/004874.html March 29, 2019 Press Release No. 18164 “Proposing a New Travel Style and Service in Hawaii” press.jal.co.jp/en/release/201903/005128.html Reference Outline of “ARASHI HAWAII JET”
◆ Machine material: Boeing 787-9 machine (machine number: JA 873 J) Total length: 62.8 m / height: 17.0 m / total width: 60.1 m, number of seats: 239 seats (Business class / JAL SKY SUITE III: 28 seats, premium economy class / JAL SKY PREMIUM: 21 seats, Economy class / SKY WIDER: 190 seats)
◆ Service Route: Tokyo (Narita) = Honolulu Line / Nagoya (Chubu) = Honolulu Line / Osaka (Kansai) = Honolulu Line * In addition, there are some flights to Boeing 787-9 operated routes
◆ First flight: Wednesday, May 22, 2019 JAL 782 From Tokyo (Narita) to 22:00 Honolulu 10: 05 (planned) ※ Both departure and arrival times are local time
◆ Service period: Wednesday, May 22, 2019-Scheduled to operate from the end of December 2020 Details and design of decals are available on the JAL website. URL www.jal.co.jp/inter/arashi-jet/ Boarding campaign We will carry out the following boarding campaign for customers using the JAL Hawaii route during the summer vacation. Please see the JAL website for details. URL www.jal.co.jp/inter/arashi-jet/ Name: Arashi JET Flight Commemoration Boarding Campaign Boarding period: July 1-October 31 Registration period: June 1-October 31 Object: During the period JAL Hawaii Line (Tokyo (Narita) = Honolulu Line / Kona Line, Nagoya (Chubu) = Honolulu Line, Customers who have been to Osaka (Kansai) = Honolulu Line) more than once Prizes (lottery): 25 pairs of JAL domestic round trip airline tickets 50 people, e-JAL points 65,000 points 65 people, 100 free JAL Honolulu Marathon entry tickets, JAL Original Aloha Shirt 285 people, JAL Original Clear File 1500 people that’s all

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