EAGLYS victory! Global tech event “ICT SPRING EUROPE 2019”

EAGLYS Corporation EAGLYS victory! Global tech event “ICT SPRING EUROPE 2019” 20,000 Euro acquisition in the cyber security section ………………………………………………………………………………………… EAGLYS (Egris) Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroki Imabayashi, hereinafter “EAGLYS”), which conducts research and development and social implementation of AI and secret calculation, is May 21 and 22 in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Participated in “ICT SPRING EUROPE 2019” held in We won the pitch contest “PITCH YOUR STARTUP” cyber security section held on May 21 local time. We have introduced a secret calculation platform “DataArmor (TM) (Data Armor)” that can perform data analysis and AI processing while encrypted, and won approximately 20,000 euros and approximately 2,450,000 yen * (* 20,000 euros = About ¥ 2,450,000 Bank of Japan Financial Market Bureau May 21, 2019 Foreign exchange market conditions as of 17:00
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EAGLYS member Kiezik Mike EAGLYS President and CEO Hiroki Imabayashi “PITCH YOUR STARTUP” is a pitch contest for startup companies selected from around the world with a total prize money of 100,000 euros. In 2019, EAGLYS won the “Cyber ​​Security” section and others, as well as “Fintech & Legtech”, “AI, Machine Learning & Big Data” and “Smart Living”.
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■ “EAGLYS Co., Ltd.” promoting the use of corporate data assets Cyber ​​security section = victory = Pitch title: “Data Security in the Era of AI & Data Portability” (Data Security and Data Portability in the AI ​​Era) EAGLYS provides DataArmor (TM) (Data Armor), a secret calculation platform that processes data as it is encrypted, with the aim of promoting the use of data assets between companies and organizations. Until now, mainstream encryption technology requires decryption (decryption) during data processing, so there is a risk of information leakage, and there is a risk of data migration across corporate data assets and data linkage and sharing across enterprises and organizations. There was a difficult situation. DataArmor (TM) uses confidential computing technology that analyzes and processes data without decrypting (decrypting) the data, so companies can use confidential information to advance the processing process without accessing raw data. This makes it possible to facilitate the use of sensitive data in the cloud, such as management and operation. EAGLYS released a demo of SecureDB out of “Data base (Secure DB)”, “SQL (Secure SQL)” and “AI (Secure AI)” that DataArmor (TM) has as a module at this pitch, for high-speed processing of secret calculation It attracted great attention. About Luxembourg’s ICT SPRING EUROPE The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is adjacent to Belgium, France, and Germany, and is one of the EU’s founding countries, the European Investment Bank, and several EU institutions such as the European Court. It is an important business and financial hub in Europe, and actively supports startups from abroad. ICT SPRING EUROPE is a leading tech event held in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg since 2010.
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Hiroki Imabayashi President and Representative Director EAGLYS Hiroki Imabayashi (Imabayashi Hiroki) Graduated from Waseda University Science and Technology Academy (Master’s degree). While at the same graduate school, he worked as a data scientist at the US Silicon Valley startup. There is a sense that there is a problem in that data utilization is limited due to data handling circumstances on the company side, and it is intuitive that data security will become the social problem of the next era. After returning to Japan, he made several dissertation writings and international presentations in the combined field of data mining and secret computing technology at the same graduate school, and received this major award. At the same time, she jumps to a doctoral course and goes on to study (while taking a break). Founded EAGLYS Co., Ltd. in 2016 to solve data security issues in the AI ​​era. In 2017, it will be introduced as an “AI monster” on the morning newspaper of a major economic newspaper.
■ EAGLYS Awards February 2019 “TechSirius (Tech Sirius)” highest award February 2019 “Future 2019” Robot, AI, IoT Category Grand Prize (Japan’s largest acceleration program / business plan contest) May 2019 “ICT SPRING EUROPE 21019” Cyber ​​Security Section Winner
■ EAGLYS Company Profile Company name: EAGLYS Inc. Established: December 28, 2016 Capital: 117.25 million yen Description of business: ・ Design and development of encryption technology, privacy protection technology, and introduction support ・ Design, development and introduction support of AI technology Location: 1-55-114 Utsumi Building, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: President and CEO Hiroki Imabayashi URL: eaglys.co.jp/

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