At the keynote speech of Advertising Week Asia 2019, Bertrand Kokarmann of Teads is on the stage and to the seminar, Mr. Yosuke Nogiri of Kirin is on stage!

Teads (Teads) At the keynote speech of Advertising Week Asia 2019, Bertrand Kokarmann of Teads is on the stage and to the seminar, Mr. Yosuke Nogiri of Kirin is on stage! A booth with the theme of clean advertising also appeared! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Teads Japan (Tees Japan) Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Managing Director: Yukihiko Imamura, hereinafter Teads), which provides an advertising platform that excludes Freud from the viewable, has been released from May 27, 20, 2019. We will be giving a keynote speech (Global Keynote Series) and a seminar for Advertising Week Asia 2019, which will be held in Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi) for 4 days on Sunday (Thursday).
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Advertising Week Asia (hereafter AWAsia 2019) is the fourth in the Asia-Pacific region’s fourth largest global event for marketing, advertising, technology and entertainment professionals. “Coca,” a Global Creative Director at Teads, Bertrand Cocallemen will be speaking at the AWAsia 2019 keynote from 10:35 on the 28th (Tue). Coca is in close contact with leading creators and salespeople who lead the global advertising industry. I have decided to come to Japan to share the latest creatives, market trends, and prospects from now on. You’ll also see creative work and case studies that everyone will see. At the Teads seminar, we invite Mr. Yosuke Nogiri of Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. to have a panel discussion. We used our content creation service (research with emotion and facial expression analysis) and adopted it for our campaign creative. The contents and findings of this trial will be discussed at the seminar. In addition, Teads will set up a booth with a theme of Clean Advertising, which is our strength, from May 28th to 30th, and will welcome many visitors to AWAsia 2019. At the booth, Teads Studio Box, the designer will present the creative work on the spot for the visitors.
■ Schedule Teads Coca Keynote / Global Keynote Series 5/28 (Tuesday) 10: 35-11: 15 “Digital Trends at the Crossroads of Media, Creativity, and Technology” Presentation: Bertrand Cocallemen Teds Global Creative Director Place: Hall A Keynote Stage Teads Seminar 5/29 (Wednesday) 13: 00-13: 40 “Japan’s First! Creative diagnosis by emotion analysis-Teads × Kirin beer panel discussion” Stage: Mr. Yosuke Nogaki, Kirin Beer Co., Ltd., Yukihiko Imamura Place: Room 7 Innovation Stage
■ Introductory person introduction (title honors omitted)
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Yosuke Nogai Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. Marketing Department Beer Category Strategy Joined Kirin Beverage Corporation in 2009. In 2013 Kirin Co., Ltd. Digital Marketing Department, Engaging in the launch of LINE account-operation, brand communication, In charge of marketing for low-malt beer brand since 2019.

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Yukihiko Imamura Managing Director, Teads Japan Head of the Japanese business at Teads, a leader in the out-stream video advertising market. Proprietary technology inReadTM format minimizes advertising value loss issues such as brand safety, viewability and advertising fraud. Through Sony Corporation, Dentsu Co., Ltd., Kenshoo Asia-Pacific Region Head, and so on.

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Bertland Kokarmann (Bertrand Cocallemen) Teads Global Creative Director With over 20 years of creative experience, he is currently a team of designers, engineers and creative strategists at Teads and a global creative director for Teads Studio. Also known as Coca (Coca), he will oversee creative strategies and work on lectures around the world to disseminate creative trends and industry prospects and recommendations. About Advertising Week Asia Advertising Week Asia is the premier marketing & communication premier event in the world, linking together a wide range of industries including marketing, advertising, technology and entertainment to explore solutions for the future. Launched in New York in 2004, this year marks its 16th year. In 2013, the activities were expanded to Europe and London, and in 2016 the Asian edition was held in Tokyo. Furthermore, the APAC version will be held in Sydney from last year, the Latin American version in Mexico City, and the African version from 2019 will be held in South Africa as well, and it will continue to be expanded to six events on five continents. At this event, where industry leaders from around the world gather, professionals and students from various industries gather to expand networks inside and outside the industry while learning through keynote speeches, talk sessions and workshops. URL:
■ About Teads Born in Montpellier in South France in 2011, Teads is a leading developer of video ads in articles and content and a leader in the outstream advertising market. A global company that employs more than 800 people in 29 offices worldwide, landed in Japan in 2014. In partnership with over 280 premium media companies in Japan, we have a network of 1 billion impressions per month. The Teads network has a strong track record for user friendliness, brand safety, viewability and unauthorized access. Advertisers, advertising agencies and trading desks can access the inventory of premium publishers around the world across desktop and mobile boundaries through the marketplace provided by Teads. At the end of last year, The Global Media Platform, an advertising platform that made full use of our strengths, was launched. URL: Japanese site

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