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  • The Cingularity University holds a start-up contest in Japan, and the winners receive training in the Holy Land of Innovation

The Cingularity University holds a start-up contest in Japan, and the winners receive training in the Holy Land of Innovation

Exponential Japan The Cingularity University holds a start-up contest in Japan, and the winners receive training in the Holy Land of Innovation The Cingularity University, the world’s top global innovator community in Silicon Valley, will host its third domestic startup contest ………………………………………………………………………………………… Currently accepting applications. Applications are being accepted until July 5th. The final pitch meeting and lecture will be held on the afternoon of July 30.
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Rei is a genius inventor who is famous for predicting that the singularity that the development and evolution of science and technology will not stop accelerating will arrive in 2045 and making the concept of “singularity (technical singularity)” known. -Kurzweil. Peter Diamantis, the CEO and prominent innovator of the X-Prize Foundation, is working on space development and solving world problems in multi-billion yen prize contests. The Singularity University will run the world’s leading technology R & D, the world’s top entrepreneurship education, and the world’s top 60,000 60,000 global innovators in the Silicon Valley in 208. is. (URL: su.org/) The Singularity University has a vision of “challenge large social issues affecting 1 billion people all over the world, such as poverty and environmental problems”, and does not allow anyone who is just on the verge of not acting. The Global Solution Program (commonly known as “GSP”), which was once held in the summertime by the Singularity University, has over 1000-fold magnification and has collected the best brains in the world. Although there were only a few participants from Japan, this program has undergone major changes since 2019, and has evolved into a program that fosters startup companies that solve global problems as a global startup program. Yes. The next program, which will be launched from the end of September this year, will have about 60-80 top-level participants from around the world, with half of the sessions coming directly to Silicon Valley and the other half to countries with challenges. It would be held. From the perspective of ensuring program diversity, the Cingularity University has held contests for cutting-edge technology ideas called Global Impact Challenge (commonly known as “GIC”) worldwide. Winners can receive free entry to the Global Startup Program (GSP). Under the sponsorship of Sony Corporation, En Japan Co., Ltd. and Tokio Marine Holdings Co., Ltd., who are sympathetic to the vision of this singularity university, we will hold the third global impact challenge in Japan. We will seek ideas unique to Japan that use cutting-edge technologies that will actively realize Society 5.0 advocated by the Japanese government in response to humankind’s difficult issues such as poverty and environmental issues. The contest will be closed on July 5th, and a pitch event will be held on July 30 to announce the winners. The winner will be entitled to participate in the Global Startup Program (GSP), which will be held from the end of September, and will join the world’s top innovator community. The award event in Tokyo will be held on July 30 with the staff of the Singularity University, AI, and well-known scholars of life sciences as guests, who will give a speech on the latest AI education and life sciences. You General events are available for this event. Global Impact Challenge Winner Event URL: www.japangic.com/ Date: July 30, 2019 13:00- Place: Toranomon Hills Forum Details will be announced later. This event accepts interviews. Global Impact Challenge Application Briefing June 6 (Thursday) ptix.at/x3Nke1 (Osaki) June 12th (Wed) ptix.at/kFYabj (Virtual) June 19 (Wednesday) ptix.at/FWY3i7 (Hongo) About the singularity university A public-owned company founded by brain scientists and inventor Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamantis, CEO of the X-Prize Foundation, famous for conducting space development with a prize of over ¥ 1 billion (Benefit Corporation). In addition to providing future-oriented education and research programs through Silicon Valley, we also have the ability to incubate program-derived venture companies. URL: su.org/ What is the Global Impact Challenge? A contest sponsored by the Cingularity University. Call for ideas on global social issues such as poverty and environmental issues. The event has been held since 2010, and has been implemented in 38 countries throughout the US, South America, Europe, and Asia. Winners will be given the right to participate in the approximately 10-week short-term intensive entrepreneurship curriculum on Silicon Valley’s solutions for social issues and the honor to be members of the global innovator community. URL: www.japangic.com/ With Exponential Japan Exponential Japan is comprised of a non-profit community and its governing body comprised of volunteering and acclaimed members of the Cingularity University. I am responsible for the activities of the Singularity University in Japan through the Global Impact Challenge of the Singularity University and the management of the Tokyo Chapter. URL: www.exj.co.jp/
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