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Succession of the business succession No. 1 by Papabuble inherits Villon-Artbaumkuchen-

PAPABUBBLE JAPAN Inc. Passion Vyant-Artbaumkuchen to business succession No. 1 by Papabuble- PAPABUBBLE JAPAN Inc. ………………………………………………………………………………………… The world’s most interesting candy shop, PAPABUBBLE JAPAN (hereinafter referred to as “PAPABUBRE”) is the founder of Vyion, with the successor of the company Confectionery Vyong (hereinafter referred to as “Vyillon”), which is famous in Artbaumkuchen. I agreed. By inheriting the unique baked confectionery technology that is unique to only one in the world, we will build a management system that allows many customers to enjoy the sweets even after 100 years. In addition, after establishing a stable quality production system, we are planning to expand sales channels such as sales outside department stores and limited sales online. In line with the above, PAPABUBBLE JAPAN HD acquires 100% of Villon’s stock, and Papabuble participates in Villon’s management. Mr. Sono will succeed to the technology as a technical adviser of Villon. In the future, the PAPABUBBLE Group will continue to invest in capital to carry out business support for attractive sweets, business expansion, and reconstruction.
■ About Villon Villon studied at Amand and was founded in 1965 by Mr. Dainen, who gained experience at a confectionery store in Yokohama. The sculpted Baumkuchen, the Grand Villon, is a unique sweet by the know-how developed by Mr. Dainen, and is known to have many fans in the political and business world as well as the entertainment industry. The dough carefully baked carefully selected materials is rich in flavor and melts well, moist. It has a reputation for being “waterless baumkuchen” that can be eaten without drinking water. In addition, not only Grandvillon but also cutbaumkuchen, chocolate, cake etc. are offered at an affordable price. It is a candy shop loved for many years in the local Sakura Shinmachi. www.villon.co.jp/
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■ About Papububure Operates the art candy shop “papabubble”. It is an unprecedented art candy shop that incorporates performances that entertain customers as well as using traditional American craftsmanship techniques. Papabuble candy is carefully calculated according to the Japanese, such as texture that melts in the mouth and refined sweetness slightly fragrant. In addition, in order to produce a beautiful luster, it is finished with a delicate sense and careful work, such as giving a subtle change to the composition of ingredients and heating time according to the change of the season and the climate. Since opening its first store in Japan, Nakano, in 2005, it has developed 14 stores nationwide, including the Daimaru Tokyo Store, LUCUA Osaka Store, and GINZASIX Store. JAFCO Co., Ltd. made a capital tie-up with business succession from the founder in 2017, and Satoshi Yokoi became representative director in the following year. Under the new management system, we will continue to be the “most interesting candy store in the world”. www.papabubble.jp/
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May 24, 2019
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PAPABUBBLE JAPAN Co., Ltd. Contact: Hitoshi Oi Hitomi 〒 165-0026 Arai 1-15-13, Nakano Ward, Tokyo TEL: 03-5942-5330 press @ papabubble.jp URL: www.papabubble.jp

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