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Halo at 4 tatami, new mini-album “from NOVEL LAND” trailer movie “Music Video shooting edition” released!

Nippon Columbia Ltd. Halo at 4 tatami semi, new mini album “from NOVEL LAND” trailer movie “Music Video shooting Hen” released! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Halo at 4 tatami mats released the trailer movie third “Music Video Shooting Hen” of the new mini-album “from NOVEL LAND” to be released on Wednesday, 5 June.
[Video 3: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?t=youtube&url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkQh54HGPzE]
The song “Living Dead Swimmer”, which was shot this time, is an album lead song that welcomes Yoshiaki Dewa as a sound producer. The performance scene in the brightly written is an impressive image. “Living Dead Swimmer” Music Video is scheduled to be released in late May, so please stay tuned.
[Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/19470/380/resize/d19470-380-674842-1.jpg]
The band will hold a one-man live “NOVEL LAND LANDING” at the first Zepp DiverCity TOKYO on July 19 (Fri). We want you to experience the live of the night time synchronization with the new mini-album “from NOVEL LAND” by all means! =======================
■ New mini album “from NOVEL LAND” trailer movie “Music Video shooting”
[Video 4: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?t=youtube&url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkQh54HGPzE]

▼ “Living Dead Swimmer” Music Video: To be released in late May =======================
■ Release Halo at 4 tatami mats 4th mini album “From NOVEL LAND” June 5 (Wednesday) released COCP-40829 ¥ 2,100 + tax 1. Swing by 2. Living Dead Swimmer 3. Sputnik 4. The scoop goat 5. In the dusky hill 6. The end of love 7. Meilight =======================
■ “from NOVEL LAND” Buyer Benefits
▼ Benefits TOWER RECORDS (including online) All stores: A5 Clear File Other support store: Other jacket with self liner notes
▼ Linked benefits with one-man live “NOVEL LAND LANDING” Prize A: Meet and greet invitation after the “NOVEL LAND LANDING” ending … 5 pairs 10 people Prize B: An original photo book with live photos of “NOVEL LAND LANDING” … 100 people ・ We grant application form with serial code at privilege grant store For more information… columbia.jp/artist-info/haloat4johan/info/65302.html =======================
■ “from NOVEL LAND” Store support planning decision decided To commemorate the launch of “from NOVEL LAND” and the one-man live “NOVEL LAND LANDING” at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, we held a store support program. Detail is… columbia.jp/artist-info/haloat4johan/info/65303.html =======================
■ Halo at 4 tatami semi-one-man live “NOVEL LAND LANDING” Venue: Zepp DiverCity TOKYO Date: July 19 (Fri) Opening at 18 o’clock / 19 o’clock Advance sale: ¥ 3,300 (by drinks) =======================
■ Event live 5/25 (Saturday) Amelie Bell Festival 2019 ~ You sound in Koshigaya for you ~ / Koshigaya EASYGOINGS / Koshigaya ABBEY ROAD 5/25 (Sat) Shimokitazawa SOUND CRUISING 2019 5/31 (Fri) Teraguchi Noriaki Play-a-Ki Live / TSUTAYA O-Crest ※ Shogo Watai will be performing at a play. 6/1 (Sat) Alaska Nise Rock Festival 2019 / Kobe Harbor Studio 6/2 (Sun) SAKAE-SPRING 2019 6/9 (Sun) I ROCKS 2019 stand by LACCO TOWER / Gunma Music Center 6/13 (Wed) ircle New Mini Album Release Tour 2019 “Cosmic Tours” / Nagoya APPOLO BASE 6/22 (Sat) Yuanesu Live Tour 2019 “Select” / Kochi TOONICE 6/23 (Sun) Neko Fes 2019 -KUDAKENEKO ROCK FESTIVAL- 7/5 (Fri) Large Nanite vol. 124 / Sendai MACANA 7/7 (Sun) Yours Live Tour 2019 “Select” / Niigata CLUB RIVERST 7/20 (Sat) MURO FESTIVAL 2019 / Makuhari Beach Park G Block Special Venue 8/23 (Fri) GM + / Namba Hatch 8/31 (Sat) Kusanone Fes 2019 / Sakura Sugae’s Hill =======================
▼ Official HP haloat4johan.com/
▼ Twitter https://twitter.com/Haloat4johan
▼ LINE line.naver.jp/ti/p/%40halo4johan
▼ Instagram www.instagram.com/haloat4johan/
▼ YouTube Official Channel www.youtube.com/channel/UCsW3x7t699tCJfEp4JTZGcQ

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