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  • [Canon IT Solutions Co., Ltd.] Published a communication magazine “STIC x DREAM (Stick by Dream) 2019 Spring Issue” connecting customers and us

[Canon IT Solutions Co., Ltd.]
Published a communication magazine “STIC x DREAM (Stick by Dream) 2019 Spring Issue” connecting customers and us

Canon IT Solutions Inc. Published the communication magazine “STIC x DREAM (Stick by Dream) 2019 Spring Issue” which connects customers and us ………………………………………………………………………………………… Canon IT Solutions, Inc. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Akira Kanazawa, hereinafter referred to as Canon ITS) is the communication magazine “STIC x DREAM (Stick by Dream) 2019, connecting the customer and us. Spring issue was issued on May 21. We have also released the “STIC x DREAM (Stick by Dream) website” that also supports mobile.
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STIC x DREAM (Stick by Dream) 2019 Spring issue issued Canon ITS continues to stay close to customers, and as a “true IT partner” relied on by customers, through “STIC x DREAM”, in addition to IT trend information, our business, initiatives, cases, etc. I will introduce it. Please look forward to it in the future.
◆ About “STIC x DREAM (Stick by Dream) 2019 Spring Issue”
◆ In this issue, an interview with Amazon Web Services Japan Co., Ltd. President and CEO Tadao Nagasaki and our director Yukihiro Isobe talks on the theme of using the cloud in the age of digital transformation. Also, as a special project, Professor Ichiro Sato, Deputy Director General of the National Institute of Informatics, spoke about data strategies using big data. In addition, the special feature approaches the value of our West Tokyo data center, and introduces the operation quality and facilities that are our strengths.
[The Special Event]
Offensive data strategy Rethinking the Big Data Business Model
Cloud is a platform for innovation The evolution of the cloud and the diversification of services accelerate the company’s DX Amazon Web Services Japan President & CEO Tadao Nagasaki × Yukihiro Isobe Director and Managing Executive Officer Canon IT Solutions
Complete view of the next generation data center Close to the True Value of the West Tokyo Data Center at the Core of the IT Service Business
Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan Ltd. -Full outsource from SI to operation of precious metal trading risk management system- Pickup Solution Raw code development platform Web Performer
[Tech & Quality Report]
Rank learning Aiming to further improve the accuracy of similar search
[Department introduction]
Embedded System Division AUTOSAR Support Team ~ We will increase the presence of in-vehicle software with the goodness of airiness as a weapon ~
[New discovery of Japanese history]
The latest circumstances of that event Shock to the Black Ship! Young Ryoma and Hamakawa Battery
◆ Reader Questionnaire
◆ Please send comments and comments about “STIC x DREAM” from the STIC x DREAM website (www.canon-its.co.jp/stic-dream/). We will present an EOS M100 lens kit to one person from among those who answered the questionnaire. ※ The questionnaire deadline is Wednesday, July 31, 2019.
◆ “STIC x DREAM (Stick by Dream)” Outline

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Communication magazine “STIC x DREAM” connecting customers and us ○ Publication date: Spring, twice a year in autumn ○ Distribution: Acceptance at Canon IT Solutions Offices ○ Editing and publishing: Canon IT Solutions, Inc. Planning Division ○ Specification: A4, this magazine 24P ○ STIC × DREAM Website: www.canon-its.co.jp/stic-dream/

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