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【Quantum Operation Co., Ltd.】
Quantum Operation Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Kazuma Kato

Quantum Operation Co., Ltd. About the operation of Quantum Operation Co., Ltd. President Kazuma Kato ~ May 28 NextRoundPitch # 04 and June 4 Agenda at AKIBA IoT PITCH Plug and Play Japan ~ ………………………………………………………………………………………… To the press May 24, 2019 Quantum Operation Co., Ltd. About the operation of Quantum Operation Co., Ltd. President Kazuma Kato Quantum Operation Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Kazuma Kato) will be held on May 28 “HondonRoundPitch # 04” sponsored by hackjpn (nextroundpitch4.peatix.com/) And Will be held on June 4th DMM.make AKIBA, co-sponsored by Plug and Play Japan “AKIBA IoT PITCH Plug and Play Japan DMM.make AKIBA” (akiba-iot-pitch20190604.peatix.com/) We will report on the in-house program.
■ May 28 “NextRoundPitch # 04” Overview
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【Date and time】
: 2019/5/28 (Sat) 19: 30-22: 00 ·time schedule 19:00 Opening 19:30 Event start 19: 45-20: 30 Oyu-sama “The secret of team building” 20:30-21:00 Start-up pitch (3-5 companies) 21: 00-21: 15 Sponsor LT End at 22:00
GAUSS Co., Ltd. Shibuya Ward Dogensaka 2-chome 10-7 Building No. 3 3F
【Entry fee】
Startup 0 yen Investor 1,500 yen Business company 1,500 yen
【How to apply】
nextroundpitch4.peatix.com/ Please apply.
Investors / VC who want to invest in Series AB Business companies with synergy and business alliance in mind Startups considering funding
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: hackjpn
■ June 4 Outline of “AKIBA IoT PITCH Plug and Play Japan DMM.make AKIBA”
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[Date and time]
2019/6/4 (Tuesday) 12: 00-14: 30 ※ Opening hours is from 11:30 ·time schedule 10:45 tour acceptance start 11:15 DMM.make tour 11:30 general receptionist start 12:00 Greetings from Plug and Play (Distributed for lunch) 12:05 Introduction of DMM.make 12:10 IoT Startup Pitch (1 minute, 5 minutes) ※ Quantum Operation Co., Ltd. is also on the stage 13:00 Presentation by VC, Q Venture Partners in Hong Kong (Activities on product co-development and commercialization of large companies and start-ups, Hardware, Deeptech trends in the US) 13:25 Networking (Drinks) 14:30 finished
DMM.make AKIBA Base (12F) 3F Fuji Soft Akihabara Building 12F Kanda Nericho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
【How to apply】
akiba-iot-pitch20190604.peatix.com/ Please apply.
[Joint event]
Plug and Play Japan About us Company Name: Quantum Operation Co., Ltd. Capital: 134.4 million yen (including capital reserve) URL: quantum-op.co.jp Business summary: -As an IT vendor specializing in the development of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) sensor, it manufactures and sells IoT sensors for the medical and nursing care industry. ・ The company’s main product is “Vital band”, which combines an optical sensor and an electrode to measure an electrocardiogram and blood oxygen saturation. “High accuracy” measurement is possible compared with other companies’ products. ・ Currently, we are developing a next-generation vital band that can measure blood sugar levels etc. (it is possible to measure blood sugar levels and glucose with only an optical sensor).
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Characteristics / Strength 1 .: Engineer-centered management ・ Many venture medical systems, manufacturing venture companies offer products and services by combining existing products that are not in-house developed at the substrate level, but our company has “engineer (※ embedded engineer)” as the center of management. Products are developed in-house up to the board level. -Of course, there are situations where combinations of existing products and platforms are effective (in terms of efficiency, cost, etc.), but when working on the world’s first product development like non-invasive blood sugar level acquisition sensors, engineers themselves are management members We believe that it is effective to show the initiative as Feature / Strength 2 .: Development and supply system to realize “high quality and low price” -We also supply OEMs such as sensors and infrastructures, and by bundling a number of overseas companies such as Shenzhen in China, controlling the supply chain, and performing production control and quality control, develop high quality and low price. It is realized. About the Speaker (Quantum Operation, Inc. Representative Director) Profile Representative director: Kazuma Kato
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Born in Yubari, Hokkaido. After graduating from the Department of Business Administration, Tokyo Keizai University, joined Intec Co., Ltd. In addition to being responsible for the core system of the distribution industry at the Tokyo metropolitan area headquarters, the service was launched on a project using high-speed distributed processing technology and reported as a press release. Then, after having experience as co-representative in human resources development group, CIO in information service industry, entrepreneurship in local Yubari city, we start up Quantum Operation Co., Ltd. in 2017. ※ As a social contribution activity, Yubari Youth Conference Hall 2020 President in Yubari, Hokkaido, Japan Acts as a director of Yubari Tourism Association and the secretariat of Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. ※ From 2015 onward in the Japan Securities Newspaper from 2018 to 2018, serialized articles with the title “From Nagata-cho to Sakai-cho” every Tuesday.
【Contact from customer】
Quantum Operation Co., Ltd. TEL: 03-5859-0748 e-mail: quantum-op-all@freeml.com
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Quantum Operation Corporation Kato TEL: 03-5859-0748 e-mail: quantum-op-all@freeml.com

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