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Travelzoo Japan Ltd. Travel Zoo Cruise Awareness Survey Many cruisers recognize it as “a trip that can efficiently meet their aspirations” ………………………………………………………………………………………… Travelzoo Japan Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, head of the company), which operates an online media “Travelzoo (Travelzoo)” (URL; www.travelzoo.com/jp/) that provides selected travel, food and play information President and CEO: Shinichiro Oe (hereinafter referred to as Travel Zoo) conducted an awareness survey on cruises for registered readers who mainly travel enthusiasts who travel an average of 5.4 times a year. Point of investigation result Experienced people recognize cruises as “an efficient and rewarding journey in a week” “There is little time and effort during travel such as moving and packing” Many were cited as reasons to choose cruise 78% of the inexperienced people answered that “I want to experience a cruise” [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/45034/3/resize/d45034-3-361309-0.jpg] Provided by Costa Cruise In recent years, arrivals and departures from Japan and calls to foreign ships have increased, and the cruise population has also increased. When I asked the experienced person about the good point of the cruise, the efficiency of movement and packing, the unique experience of the ship, and freedom were mentioned. It can be seen that the number of nights staying on the cruise is 50.4%, or 50.4%, from 7 nights to 4 nights, and that the cruise is regarded as a “free and enjoyable trip in a week”. On the other hand, the image that the inexperienced person has in the cruise is “I think the fee is high,” “needs days,” “we love”, the cruise that I want to experience is “the city where I want to go is combined” “I can go in a few days,” “moves to the port, etc.” are included, and I can say that there is hope for a short-time, stress-free cruise. In Travelzoo, the editorial team, who is familiar with the information in the travel industry, gathers knowledge and experiences, and conveys them from a professional perspective to Travelzoo Story, an inspirational magazine. Based on the results of these surveys, we deliver articles that meet the insights of travel lovers. Therefore, based on the results of this cruise awareness survey, we released “The World of Natsuko’s” Kosta Cruise Edition “as a hint to realize the desire to experience” cruise “by cruise inexperienced persons. Cruise is a trip I want to experience in the future In response to the question, “Do you ever experience a cruise?”, “No” reached 71.2%. When I asked the cruise inexperienced person who answered “No”, “Do you want to experience the cruise?”, “I strongly think” (36.6%), “somewhat I think” (41.3%) is 77.9% in total, I was able to confirm once again that the motivation for the cruise trip was high. The reason for choosing a cruise is efficiency and longing [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/45034/3/resize/d45034- 3-679914-1.jpg] Provided by Costa Cruise When asked “Why did you choose to go on a cruise trip?” To cruise experience people, “Because you can go around multiple cities” (29.7%), “Because you go around the city you wanted to go” (29.7% ), “I was drowning” (28.0%) “because I like boat trip” (27.1%). When asked the number of days actually stayed on board, it was found that more than half of those who were on board were on board for 4 to 7 nights, with 25.6% for “6 to 7 nights” and 24.8% for “4 to 5 nights.”
▼ Q. Why did you choose a cruise trip [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/45034/3/resize/d45034-3-907159-2.png] A week-long cruise is selected to meet the efficiency of traveling to multiple cities in a single trip What’s good about cruises is the attraction unique to cruises: Reduced travel time and how to spend on board The answer to the question to experienced cruisers, “What’s good about cruises?”, “It’s easy to move in the city while sleeping” (55.5%), “packing every movement in the city “There is no need to do it” (52.9%), “The entertainment such as show and live music is substantial” (37.8%), “I could see the sea from the guest room” (31.1%), “It is possible to go out for sightseeing, “The freedom to spend time in the world” (30.3%) was mentioned mainly. Being able to move while sleeping, and having no need for packing at every move, is superior in time and physical advantage in comparison with overland travel using ordinary buses and railways I understand. There was also a point where you could enjoy entertainment and sea views on board, which is also unique to cruise trips. [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/45034/3/resize/d45034-3-891521-3.png] The benefits unique to cruises such as “moving while sleeping” and “packing with urban movement” are selected The image of the cruise “is expensive” “needs days” “Adoration”, the deciding factor of the cruise you want to experience, in addition to the desired port of call “Japanese” “short term” “movement to the port” When asked the inexperienced image that they have for cruise, it is understood that “the charge seems high” (65.4%) and “the number of days is required” (62.4%) and these two points outperform and it is a high image Yes. On the other hand, “Adoration” is also up to 32.5%, and there are a certain number of feelings of admiration that accompany the image that the number of days is long and expensive. In addition, as cruise which we want to actually experience, “we want to go to a city is combined” (71.5%), followed by “Japanese staff and Japanese menu are complete” (38.6%), “in a few days We can go “(36.9%),” movement to the harbor is included “(36.9%) were listed. You can see that you want to get rid of language and movement anxiety because of the cruise you have never experienced.
▼ Q. Please tell me the image you have for the cruise [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/45034/3/resize/d45034-3-371082-4.png] From the inexperienced person, “old expense” and “long-term days” are necessary and the old image is strong
▼ Q. What kind of cruise do you really want to travel [Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/45034/3/resize/d45034-3-927974-5.png] Date of survey: March 1-March 2019 Valid responses: 410 Research target: Travelzoo’s Japanese members who love traveling The cruise market is changing rapidly, with arrivals and departures from Japan, short cruises, and plans for around 50,000 yen. From now on Travelsoo will provide new experiences and new travel tips and ideas, starting with cruises that can be experienced casually and affordablely. About Travelzoo [Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/45034/3/resize/d45034-3-258567-6.png] Travelzoo is one of the world’s largest online travel information media, with 13 million registered members worldwide, with 28 million registered members worldwide and 1 million members in Japan. It is distributed in 25 countries and regions around the world including Asia, North America and Europe including Japan. In Travelzoo, Deal Expert, with over 250 people in the world who are knowledgeable about travel, spas, restaurants, etc., uncovers recommendations from among the vast amount of information provided by over 2,000 travel and entertainment related companies each week. You Deal Expert will contact the seller directly for details such as availability and availability of this recommended information, and check from the consumer’s point of view. Furthermore, the information meeting the conditions is submitted to the editorial meeting, evaluated from various angles and carefully selected. Only the most valuable recommendations that have passed through this process will be delivered to registered members as an e-mail magazine “Top 20” or an extra e-mail “Newsflash”. Furthermore, each We sell, distribute and sell entertainment plans such as Lear’s high-quality restaurants and theaters as “Local Deals” and “Redaways” with information on lodgings that offer a good deal of overseas and Japanese hotels. www.travelzoo.com/jp/ About Travelzoo Story [Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/45034/3/resize/d45034-3-378232-7.png] “Travelzoo Story” is an inspirational magazine that delivers Travelzo’s editorial department’s knowledge, experience, and information from the perspective of a travel professional. We will publish an article that summarizes travel product research, news and trends, and actual travel experiences that are featured on the e-mail magazine “Top 20” and on the website, as travel ideas and tips for travel lovers. . www.travelzoo.com/jp/blog/ New Content “Natsuko’s Unknown World” Released In relation to the above survey, Deal Expert has released a new project “Natsuko’s Unknown World” in the content “STORY” that spells the back of news and travel. A tribute to popular TV programs, Travelzoo editor-in-chief who travels richly understands the world that Natsuko doesn’t know, the first series is Costa Cruise’s cruise that offers Italian-style cruises as “Costa Cruise”. This is a special feature. In this new project, Travelzoo, who has traveled to 78 cities in 36 countries, has travel experience with information about genres for travelogue members who have about 1 million travel tips in Japan and information that will help them to plan for the future. I will dig in from the point of view of This time, based on the preliminary survey results, we focus on the Costa Neo Romantica, which is operated by Costa Cruises among cruises departing from Japan that reverse the image of Cruise cruisers on cruises, and outline its features and attractiveness. Based on the answers of Travelzoo members, it is a project that summarizes why “Costa Neo Romantica” is recommended for traveling cruisers who have never traveled a cruise. www.travelzoo.com/jp/blog/natsuko-sekai/costacruise_20190508/ Natsuko Nii, editor-in-chief of Travelzoo, stated the following when launching this new series: “The contents of Travelzoo were created with the editorial department, where Experts who are familiar with travel information, gather, with the first priority on improving the travel quality of about 1 million Travelzoo members. Even in “The World That Natsuko Does Not Know,” I think that it will be a trigger for members to gain new awareness by combining travel information handled by Travelzoo and the knowledge and experience of Travelzoo editorial department.

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