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10 years from graduation 1st graduation | 10th anniversary party of graduation “The same association 2019” is held

Digital Hollywood University
10 years from graduation 1st graduation | 10th anniversary party of graduation “The same association 2019” is held
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10 years from graduation 1st graduation | 10th anniversary party of graduation “The same association 2019” is held Saturday, March 9, 2019 (Sat) 16: 00-19: 00 | Akihabara Convention Hall (Akihabara Daibiru 2F) ………………………………………………………………………………… · Alumni Association for digital graduates of the Digital Hollywood Graduate School and graduates, students and students and faculty members of the Digital Hollywood University Organized by Digital Hollywood’s OB / OG organization “Digital Hollywood Alumni Association” “We invite you to the 10th anniversary party” Gifts 2019 ” Holding · The hall will be the “Akihabara Convention Hall” where the first grader at Digital Hollywood University graduated. · The Alumni Association can attend not only graduates and graduates of the Digital Hollywood University graduate school but also students, faculty and staff (active and OB / OG) Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd., which manages IT-related and digital content human resources training schools, universities and graduate schools, announced the 10th anniversary of my graduation from “Digital Hollywood University (common name: DHU)” graduation which opened in April 2005 As an OB / OG organization of Digital Hollywood “Digital Hollywood Alumni Association” organized by alumni alumni and college graduates gathered together, “OB / OG 10th Anniversary Party
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” in 2019 3 We will be holding on Saturday, Sunday, 9th.
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Let’s talk with my colleagues. It is ten years since DHU 1 graduate graduated. It is about time no sooner or later to join? What were you doing when she was a nostalgic student? As each traveled on the way, what are you doing now? What are you going to do in the future ahead? At the same time I gathered with my colleagues who made various things, I will speak to you as much as you want.
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State of DHU 1st Grade Gratitude Society (March 25, 2009)

Digital Hollywood University Digital Hollywood University Graduate School OB / OG 10th anniversary party for graduation
【same club 2019】
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Date and time: Saturday, March 9, 2019 Opening: 15: 00 ~ Opening: 16: 00 ~ Shuttle will be scheduled at 19:00 Venue: Akihabara Convention Hall ___ ___ ___ 0 ◎ “Akihabara Convention Hall” is the venue where the graduation ceremony of the first grader was held Target audience: undergraduate and undergraduate students at Digital Hollywood University, graduate students and graduate students of the same university, graduate students, faculty staff ◎ Not only incumbent teachers and staff but also faculty and staff members who were enrolled in the past Participation Fee: Free Organizer: Digital Hollywood Alumni Association How to participate: Please register whether you can participate from the following application form.
【Digital Hollywood Alumni Association】
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Digital Hollywood established in October 1994, as of 2019, has more than 90,000 graduates and is active in various industries. In April 2010, we established the OBOG organization “Digital Hollywood Alumni Association” as a place for members of the digital hall community to develop advanced exchange and create new value, such as such graduates and students. In April 2020, this organization will celebrate its 10th anniversary (the eleventh year).
【Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd.】
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In 1994, Japan established the first practical industrial-academic collaborator creators training school. Currently, we develop a specialized school in Tokyo and Osaka, a learning studio “Digital Hollywood STUDIO” that learns about the Web and video in each city across the country, and a communication course “e-learning” digital life online school. In 2004, we opened a business by ICT × creative advanced human resource development institution “Digital Hollywood Graduate School (Professional Officer)” by the first company in Japan, and “Digital Hollywood University” in April the following year. Since its establishment, it has produced more than 90,000 graduates. Furthermore, in April 2015, we opened an engineer training school “GEASE ACADEMY TOKYO” for applicants who wanted to start-up. In November the same year, starting with Japan’s first drone business, we launched ” Digital Hollywood Robotics Academy “. We focus on developing human resources in the digital content industry and industrial incubation. It marks its 25th anniversary in October 2019.

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