Altair Chronicle Collaboration Held! “Nana Seiro ☆ Revolution” released! In addition, a sale commemorative campaign is held!

Core Edge Corporation Altair Chronicle Collaboration Held! “Nana Seiro ☆ Revolution” released! In addition, a sale commemorative campaign is held! A limited-time new event “Nanaseiro ☆ Ball” will also be held! ………………………………………………………………………………………… “Altair NEO” held the “Nanashiro ☆ Revolutionary Release Commemorative Campaign” to commemorate the collaboration with the Altair Chronicle. In addition, we held a new event “Nanaseiro ☆ Ball” for a limited time. Core Edge Co., Ltd., which develops and operates online games, has held the “Nanashiro ☆ Revolutionary Release Commemorative Campaign” in commemoration of collaboration with the Altair Chronicle in the smartphone app “Altale NEO” currently in service. . In addition, we will announce that we have held a limited-time new event “Nanaseiro ☆ Ball”.
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Altair Chronicle Collaboration Held! “Nana Seiro ☆ Revolution” released! “Altair NEO” has held a collaboration with the popular smartphone app game “Altail Chronicle” after maintenance on Friday, May 31 and released the card pack “Nanashiro ☆ Revolution”. “Nana Seiro ☆ Revolution” is the emergence of the popular Altair Chronicle character. In addition, since a collaboration limited story with the Altair Chronicle has been added, please enjoy.
■ Overview “Altair NEO” has collaborated with the Altair Chronicle, and it has been decided that a collaboration pack and a collaboration story will be added.
■ Period After maintenance on Friday, May 31 …
■ Sales price 1 pack: 150 beryl 10 pack: 1500 beryl ※ It is available for purchase regardless of charge, no charge beryl Altair Chronicle collaboration special page:
■ Attention card
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Maiden of light “Yuna” Illust Coreedge Inc. CV Yui Horie
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The Maiden of Darkness “Thistle” Illust Coreedge Inc. CV Yamagi Yuri Yuri
[Image 4:]
Three deity gods “Shiva” Illust rioka CV Nozomi Chikamura
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Shinsei star cause song “Nanase” Illust Poporucha CV Miyazaki Mizuki
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“Nanashiro ☆ Revolutionary Release Commemoration Campaign” held! “Altair NEO” will hold the “Nanasiro ☆ Revolutionary Release Commemoration Campaign” to commemorate the release of “Nanasero ☆ Revolution”. There are two types of “Nanashiro ☆ Revolutionary Release Commemorative Campaign”: “Limited login bonus” and “Limited mission”. You can get a card pack ticket for “Nanaseiro ☆ Revolution” by logging in for a limited period. You can get limited items, titles, and card pack tickets for “Nanashiro ☆ Revolution” by clearing certain conditions. It’s a very valuable campaign, so let’s have a chance to play “Altale NEO” on this occasion.
■ Overview If you log in during the period to commemorate the launch of “Nanasei ☆ Revolution”, you will receive a card pack ticket for “Nanasei ☆ Revolution”.
■ Period June 1 (Sat) 0:00 to June 10 (Mon) 23: 59
■ Contents of login bonus 1 card pack ticket for “Nanashiro ☆ Revolution” ※ Available up to 5 sheets
■ Overview We will hold a limited-time mission to commemorate the launch of the “Nanashiro ☆ Revolution”. By clearing the mission for a limited time, you can get a limited item or title, and a card pack ticket for “Nanashiro ☆ Revolution”.
■ Period After maintenance on Friday, May 31-Monday, June 10 23:59
■ Remuneration contents
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New event “Nanaseiro ☆ Ball” held! “Altair NEO” will hold a new event “Nanasero ☆ Ball”. “Nanaseiro ☆ Ball” is an event that collects “sticks of Nanase” that can be obtained from the treasure box during the period. Depending on the number of “Nanase’s Cane” collected, you can get luxury rewards such as “Nanaseiro ☆ Revolution” pack tickets and limited plates. Don’t miss this event-limited reward.
■ Overview We will hold a new event “Nanashiro ☆ Ball”. Depending on the number of cards collected from the treasure chest that can be acquired during the event, you can earn a reward according to the number of cards collected. ※ The occurrence probability of the treasure becomes 100% during the period. ※ The treasure box will be special specifications for a limited time.
■ Period May 31 (Fri) end of maintenance to June 28 (Fri) 23:59
■ Remuneration contents
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■ What is the Altair Chronicle?
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The Altair Chronicle is a smartphone application that boldly arranges the core edge online TCG know-how for smartphones, with the concept of “instant brain battle”. Pursuing the ultimate fun of deck construction, no player skills required It is equipped with an auto battle “Revolver Battle System”, and you can enjoy glowing brain battle in as little as 10 seconds at any time anywhere. Altair Chronicle Official Site: Altair Chronicle Twitter: A great opportunity for a start dash! If you started now, you will receive 100 packs and 444 cards!
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With Altair NEO, we will present 100 card pack tickets to newly downloaded customers as a beginner’s login bonus by 23:59 on Sunday, June 30, 2019. In addition, you will receive a total of 444 pieces of 148 cards, 3 for each. Please enjoy “Altale NEO” at this very valuable opportunity.
■ Period Until June 30 (Sun) 23:59
■ Contents of present ・ For a total of 15 days, 30 pieces of “Battled Arrow” pack tickets, 30 pieces of “Sacred Area Battle” pack tickets, You will receive a total of 100 pieces of 40 pack tickets for “叡”. The following 3 points will be presented as Pre-Registration Remuneration & Tutorial Advance Remuneration. -40 “BASIC pack tickets” -444 cards of “BASIC pack” (148 kinds, 3 sheets each) ・ The highest rarity card “Beautiful beauty” Annarose “” and SR card “Ghost Knightmaster” Aegina ” ※ The contents of the campaign may change without notice.
■ Download from Google Play!
■ Download from the App Store!
■ Official Site URL:
■ Official SNS Twitter: Facebook: Facebook (USA): The official SNS will provide the latest information and deals on Altair NEO, so please register on this occasion. ※ This information includes game images and those under development. ※ The contents described are as of the announcement date. It is subject to change without notice.
● “About Altair NEO” Genre Real Match Card Game Official site Supported devices iOS, Android ※ There is some deprecation terminal. Charge Free ※ There is a partial charge. Notation c Coreedge Inc / c So-net Game Studio Limited ※ iOS is a trademark of Cisco registered in the US and other countries. ※ Android is a trademark of Google LLC. ※ All other trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
● About Core Edge Inc. (Core Edge Inc. Website The core edge utilizes the online card game management know-how that spans over 15 years, and from the consulting of the game business to the overseas development of domestic smartphone applications, in addition to the industry’s most advanced online game management and development across device boundaries. We do a wide range of tasks. We will provide attractive content both at home and abroad, and create the best smile with the best “planning”.

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