A cool Japanese sweet “Goldfish” appeared in the hotter season than Motoya Sokei

Gen Gen Yoshitogi Holdings Inc. A cool Japanese sweet “Goldfish” appeared in the hotter season than Motoya Sokei … In addition to this, seasonal limited products recommended in summer appear ………………………………………………………………………………………… Sokeya Gen Yoshitogi Co., Ltd. (Head office location: 9-8, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Noriaki Okada) will sell Japanese-style zeoli “Goldfish” from the beginning of June. .
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From the seasonal sweets, where the heart and spirit of the seasons of the four seasons are infused into sweets, the so-called cool Japanese sweet “Goldfish” appears. “Goldfish” is characterized by the appearance of a lovely goldfish that swims coolly in a cool style, and is a Japanese-style confectionery with a summer pattern with a lovely goldfish made of sheepskin on a Japanese-style rice bowl with a lavish muscat flavor. I feel a lovely appearance and coolness such as “5 pieces of goldfish” which imagines a fishbowl using clean and elegant swashto embroidery which is said to be the best in the embroidery industry, and “3 pieces of goldfish” which has a cool sense of shedding of organdy. This item is recommended for summer souvenirs and gifts by design. Please enjoy the cool time together with the products that are perfect for the hot season.

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Product Name: “Goldfish” (Kinkyo) Price: One piece 292 yen, three pieces 960 yen, five pieces 1,944 yen (all tax-included) Sales period: early June to mid August It is a Japanese-style confection with summer patterns floating with lovely goldfish on a Japanese-style zelkova with a refreshing muscat flavor.

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Product Name: Ryokansui (Ryokansui) Price: One piece 1,080 yen (tax included) Sales period: early May to mid August A sweet and sour onion with a green maple and a mold-shaped shed on a rattan is superimposed on a refreshing taste of a rattan with a lime and lemon flavor to express the summer scene that feels cool with Japanese sweets.
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