【ACE COCO CO., LTD.] Ace cook “Rokabodelli” report of new product release

【ACE COCO CO., LTD.] Ace cook “Rokabodelli” report of new product release
Ace cook Co., Ltd. Ace cook report “Rokabodeli” new product release ………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/304/1207/resize/d304-1207-376961-1.jpg] A new brand “Rocabodelli” for middle generations that carbohydrates are concerned has appeared! ~ Ace cooper cooperates with popular eating chains, full-scale deployment to low sugar market ~ Ace cook Co., Ltd. (Head office: Suita City, Osaka prefecture President: Hiroshi Muraoka) started on February 19, 2019, with the concept “delicious low sugar quality” Rosa body ” We will launch a low-sugar cup noodle that collaborated with “Rice hut” at “curry house CoCo Ichibanya” and Nagasaki Champa specialty store. As we launch it, I will report on the press release of the product press release. 1. We co-developed with “CoCo Ichibanya” and “Ringer hut” of a popular eating-out chain store Conducted product launch party and tasting party of low-sugar cup noodle “Rokabodeli” 2. General Association Food, Easy & Health Association Representative Director / Director, Kitasato Institute Hospital Diabetes Center Seminar on Rochabo conducted by Prof. Satoshi Yamada 3. Implementation of a simple blood sugar level measurement experience session for media that you requested in advance On the day, Mr. Morioka Muraoka, President and CEO, Acecook Co., Ltd. Mr. Masao Kuzuhara Executive Vice President Ichibanya Corporation (scheduled to become president as of March 1, 2019), Ringer Co., Ltd. Mr. Sasano Noboru, Director of Hat Director Production Division (scheduled to become President and Representative Director as of March 1, 2019), President, General Association of Food, Easy & Health Association / Kitasato Institute Hospital Diabetes Center Director Mr. Satoshi Yamada and Mass Market Participants explained the development history and outline of the product from the staff in charge and gave tasting sessions of products and experienced blood glucose measurement using new products. This product features that you can enjoy the real flavorful taste unique to the newly developed low-sugar nectin, a specialty shop specializing in the popular eating chain soup, with saccharide off. From the desire to encourage many people to experience the taste of low sugar cane, we aim to expand the scope of the market by expanding the base of the market with initiatives beyond business and industry boundaries. Continue to agree with the purpose of the General Association of Food, Easy and Health Association advocating “deliciously fun and proper sugar = Lokabo”, and as a partner of Rocabo who will be a member company of the Association, further promoting the promotion activities of low sugar content cups I will come by. [Product information]
■ Product Name: Rokabodeli CoCo Ichinoya Supervision Curry Ramen Carbohydrate Off Roka Bodder Ringer Hut’s Nagasaki Champagne Carbohydrate Off
■ Release date: Tuesday, February 19, 2019
■ Sales District: Nationwide (supermarket, convenience store, etc.)
■ Suggested retail price: 230 yen (excluding tax) [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/304/1207/resize/d304-1207-412076-0.jpg]

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