“Dreaming travel book-present hotel voucher” “Welcome adult trip” WEB magazine “COMFORTS” to carry out a present campaign in the WEB magazine

Tokyu Hotels Inc. “Dreaming travel book-present hotel voucher” “Welcome adult trip” WEB magazine “COMFORTS” to carry out a present campaign in the WEB magazine ………………………………………………………………………………………… Tokyu Hotels Co., Ltd. (Shibuya Ward Dougensaka, President: Akito Kobayashi) is a WEB magazine “COMFORTS” operated by the company from June 3 (Mon) to June 30 (Sun), 2019. We will carry out a campaign entitled “Dreaming travel book-present hotel voucher”.
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“Dreaming travel book-get a hotel ticket” from here www.comforts.jp/travel/1435/ In this campaign, following the feature articles of Kyoto currently posted in the WEB magazine “COMFORTS”, a spot for entering the spots you want to visit in Kyoto-presents for which a pair hotel ticket for a hotel in Kyoto wins by lottery It is a plan. The title is “Dreamy travel book-Hotel accommodation voucher present” in the sense that “make your dream come true from a wonderful trip you come up with”.
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Kyoto Tokyu Hotel WEB Magazine “COMFORTS” is an owned media that presents information on the area where the hotel is located, how to enjoy the hotel, and information useful for business. In addition to interviews with celebrities, columns by influencers on topics, articles linked to curation sites, etc., this campaign is a new opportunity to bring interest to those who did not know Tokyu Hotels so far. We planned as a trial. Through these efforts, Tokyu Hotels will improve its ability to disseminate information, and will work to improve customer satisfaction and awareness of the Tokyu brand.
■ Dreaming travel book-present voucher for hotel Overview Contents: Published in the web magazine “COMFORTS”. If you apply for a spot you want to visit in Kyoto on the WEB, you will receive a hotel accommodation ticket by lottery. Period: June 3 2019 (Mon) 12:00 to June 30 20 19 (Sun) 23: 59 Contents of present: Premium twin room of Kyoto Tokyu Hotel presents a pair of accommodation tickets for 2 people Accommodation period: August 1, 2019-February 29, 2020 (Saturday) * Exclusion date Application method: From the application form of the web magazine “COMFORTS” concerned page “Dreamy travel book-present hotel voucher” www.comforts.jp/travel/1435/
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Kyoto Tokyu Hotel Premium Twin
■ WEB Magazine “COMFORTS” Overview Content: A variety of travel information is introduced in seven categories such as TRAVEL, GOURMET, PERSON, SHIBUYA. There are also articles linked with bloggers and influencers columns and curated sites. Update: Every Friday ※ We may update on other days depending on the content Web Magazine “COMFORTS” is here → www.comforts.jp
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WEB magazine “COMFPRTS” Company Name: Tokyu Hotels, Inc. Location: Sakai 150-0043 Dogensaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1-10-7 Goto Ikueikai Building 3F Representative: President Akitoshi Kobayashi Established: January 9, 2001 For Tokyu Hotels, click here → www.tokyuhotels.co.jp

■ WEB Magazine “COMFORTS” Content (partly excerpted) ・ Special Interview: Toward 2020 Tokyo Olympics Yasuhiro Yamashita ・ Close to the innovative city “Fukuoka”! Why is the world now suitable for Fukuoka Soichiro Takashima and others ・ Shibuya future map transformed into a central area of ​​Japan
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Innovative City “Fukuoka”
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Shibuya future map

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