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“Smooth off” Cleansing brand “Sgooff” and “cleansing water” and “cleansing cream” are now on sale!

Rosette Co., Ltd. “Square off” Cleansing brand “Sgooff” from “cleansing water” and “cleansing cream” are newly released! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Makeup and old horny skin, this one is refreshing! I am satisfied with the wishes of “Suitfully makeup girls”
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Rosette Co., Ltd. is formulated with a cleansable brand “Sgooff” that can be used to combine overlying make-up and old horny skin easily with the combination of keratin clear component (fermented AHA) * 1 and the exclusive “cleansing water” for wipes and “cleansing only for rinse off”. Cream will be released from September 2, 2019.
[Release background]

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Cleansing market, which is expanding from 2016 onwards. The background is that while natural makeup has become a trend, there has been an increase in the number of make-up items that have appealed for “falliness” such as tintrips, and a tendency to use different types of cleansing or combination depending on the items used. Is considered as a factor. The trend is more noticeable in young girls in their teens and twenties, who are trend-sensitive and interested in makeup. Among imadoki girls who are changing makeup as well as fashion on weekdays, holidays, etc., there are many users who use multiple cleansing depending on their mood, skin condition and items used on that day. Based on such circumstances, “Sgooff”, launched in February this year, is a cleansing brand that fulfills the wishes of “properly makeup girls” who want to firmly turn off makeup but also wants moisture. Commodity clear component (fermented AHA) ※ 1 formulation, as well as the makeup that was piled up, as well as pore dirt and old keratin which are troubles of many girls, “sgow off” as a cleansing, popular with many people since it was released It is This time, Rosette has expanded its lineup with the aim of establishing a cleansing brand that can be used properly in line with the makeup style of Imadoki Women, which are diversifying. In addition to “Sgooff Cleansing Oil” (now on sale) that emphasizes cleansing power, we will release a new water type that emphasizes ease and a cream type that emphasizes moisture retention. “Sgooff Cleansing Water” is a type of wipe that does not need to be washed away, as it can cleanse, cleanse, and clean the skin. Care is taken for the dullness * 2 which is anxious by the horny clear effect. It is convenient when you want to make off quickly. “Sgooff Cleansing Cream” is a combination of two types of clear lift ingredients * 3 and is a cleansing solution that can be used to create transparency measures and care * 4. Smooth textures can also be massaged, perfect for those who want a moist and clean wash. “Sgooff” is an attractive feature that allows you to choose “My favorites” depending on the type of scene you use and your choice. Please look forward to a new lineup of hot-cleansing brands that are created from the voices of Rosette users and that both makeup and skin problems are off.
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● To the skin with a sense of transparency by the combination of keratin clear ingredient (fermented AHA) ※ 1 Contains a component derived from natural plants that have a keratin care effect, “lactobacillus / fermented pear juice fermented liquid”. The makeup and the old horny body are floated and dropped, and it leads to the skin with a sense of transparency * 2 which is not dull.

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◆ Product Name: Sgooff Cleansing Water

[Cleansing Water]
200 mL / 780 yen (excluding tax) Because “3 in 1” of cleansing, face washing and horny care, it wipes quickly and cleansing is completed. By the function of natural plant derived keratin clear ingredient (fermented AHA) ※ 1, not only the makeup but also dirt and pores in the back of the pores are collectively turned off.
● No need to wash away! Refreshing and refreshing with “3 in 1” Skin-friendly cleansing ingredients, also used in skin care products, keep makeup moist and clean with floating makeup stains and stale skin. Because it is not necessary to wash away, quick make-off is easy even on a tired day. You can also use it for morning wash.
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● Matsu Ek OK! It is an oil-free formulation and can be used by those using the eyelash extension.

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◆ Product Name: Sgooff Cleansing Cream

[Cleansing Cream]
200g / 780 yen (excluding tax) Transparent up and lift care * 4 while massaging with smooth cream. Recommended for people who want to take time to make off carefully and dry skin that emphasizes moist feeling after cleansing. It is a type of cream cleansing that you wash away.
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● 2 types of clear lift ingredients ※ 3 mix The component “Cure Passion ※ 3” focusing on lymphatic care and the clear component “Mandarinqria ※ 3” of plant nature support skin firmness feeling while making off, giving a sense of transparency to the skin.
● Massage effect, lift care while making off ※ 4 By gently rolling the “starch grains” taken from the corn on the skin, the feeling of friction is reduced and the massage effect is improved. We offer lift care * 4 while removing makeup, dirt from the back of pores and old keratin. ※ 1: Cleansing ingredients ※ 2: Old horny ※ 3: Moisturizing ingredients ※ 4: By massaging effect
【Brand lineup】

◆ Firmly off & feel moist Sgooff Cleansing Oil 200mL / 780 yen (excluding tax)
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Sgo-off Cleansing oil refill 180mL / 650 yen (excluding tax)
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◆ We make off quickly quickly NEW! Sugo Off Cleansing Water 200mL / 780 yen (excluding tax)
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◆ Make off carefully and carefully NEW! Sgooff Cleansing Cream 200g / 780 yen (excluding tax)
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■ Release date: September 2, 2019 Drug stores nationwide, GMS, supermarkets, variety shops, etc.
■ Price: Each 780 yen (excluding tax)
■ Contents: 200 ml (cleansing water) 200g (cleansing cream) ・ Rosette EC site rosette.jp/ News Release rosette.jp/u/company/release.php ・ Rosette corporate site corporate.rosette.jp/ ・ Instagram Rosette official account www.instagram.com/rosette.official/ ・ Twitter Rosette official account https://twitter.com/ROSETTE_jp ・ Facebook Rosette official page www.facebook.com/rosette.corporate/ ── ── ──
◆ About “Rosette” Representative: President and CEO Keiji Fujii Location: 2-8, Minami-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 8th floor, Minami-Shinagawa N Building Founded: September 1934 Established: May 1954 Business description: Production and sales of cosmetics and quasi-drugs, mail-order sales of cosmetics and quasi-drugs, and others Contact information: TEL 03-3471-7459 press@rosette.co.jp (Public relations person: Izumi)

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