【Felissimo Inc.】
Do not let you get stuck anymore. Adult’s ultimate classic glossy black dress appeared ~ From the adult generation brand Felissimo LX
aiming to transmit shining adult culture ~

【Felissimo Inc.】
Do not let you get stuck anymore. Adult’s ultimate classic glossy black dress appeared ~ From the adult generation brand Felissimo LX
aiming to transmit shining adult culture ~
Felissimo Inc. I will not let you get strayed anymore. The adult’s classic ultimate glossy black one-piece appeared ~ From the adult generation brand Felissimo LX
aiming to transmit shining adult culture ~ The ultimate one-piece that the Lux generation required was completed at last! ………………………………………………………………………………… Felissimo’s adult generation brand felissimo LX
announced four fashion items such as one piece and accessories on January 22, and started selling on the website. One Piece is a dress and blouse with a dazzling look that is “safe if only this” in various scenes, including a dinner party at the hotel, a conference, a girls’ party, a trip and so on. She was active as an international hairdresser and had a plan with Ms. Ms. Ms. Nagashima Frankie who has a reputation for adult coordination.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/12759/1201/resize/d12759-1201-874919-0.jpg]
Adult’s classic Ultimate gloss black black one-piece detail is here
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/12759/1201/resize/d12759-1201-926490-1.jpg]

LX Shake line is beautiful black one piece 1 sheet ¥ 19,500 (+ 8% ¥ 21,060) · Materials / 100% polyester size · S · M · L · LL ※ Hand wash possible ※No sleeve ※ lined (Made in Japan) The product page is here
LX swaying supple black Yanagi blouse tops 1 sheet ¥ 9,500 (+ 8% ¥ 10,260) · Materials / 100% polyester size · S · M · L · LL ※ Hand wash possible ※ Three-quarter sleeve (made in Japan) The product page is here Click here for the comprehensive size table
◆ Product introduction
LX Shake line is beautiful black one piece 1 sheet ¥ 19,500 (+ 8% ¥ 21,060) Black dress that is popular as a necessity in any age, every generation. It is finished in one piece that can draw out the charm of an adult woman to the maximum. Party scenes as well as formalities, ceremonies and business scenes vary in impression depending on accessories and it is versatile. It is a one piece that will be active throughout the year.
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/12759/1201/resize/d12759-1201-656792-11.jpg]

[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/12759/1201/resize/d12759-1201-945447-10.jpg]

[Photo Left: Front Style]
We have created a beautiful A line style with high drape. With a line of neckline along the clavicle, a moderate clearance and drape feeling, the line of the body shakes in the clothes, the line that makes it look thinner can be worn with confidence for those who are anxious about the body shape . In order to satisfy those of any age, I devised ingenuity everywhere, such as the width to the shoulder of the sleeveless, the arm that devised so that the inner can not be seen from the side, the design of the armpit. I stuck to the length under the knee, aimed at an elegant style of adults. ※ Model Height 167cm
[Photo right: back style]
There is no stuff in the back style, too, by taking a tuck that flows to the hem, a cute adult of a little was also included.
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/12759/1201/resize/d12759-1201-330645-4.jpg]

[Photo left]
I stick to the material with a skin feeling like velvet, which makes light look beautiful drape. High drapeability and powdery mat texture give a sophisticated impression.
[Center left of the photo]
It is designed to be easily detachable with a large snap button.
[Photo Center Right]
LX staff is carefully selected materials and unique gemstone made in Japan unique gem. Soft texture material with a sense of bulging has a moderate thickness with medium thickness and double weave, making it less wrinkleable.
【Photo right】
The most noticeable side specification. Bra and inner were difficult to see, and I sticked to make it look refreshing.
LX supple shake Black Yanagi black tops 1 sheet ¥ 9,500 (+ 8% ¥ 10,260) As an adult woman, I’d like to have one piece as a coat on a sleeveless dress or tank top with black color. With carefully selected moderate sheer feeling, I made it with Ya Yanagi fabric with a surface feeling. It is a gem finished by sophisticated sewing thin materials. I would like to wear sleeveless but if you are not good at exposing a bit, I would like you to have it. It is thin and light so it is also recommended to keep it in your bag for commuting or traveling.
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/12759/1201/resize/d12759-1201-164005-5.jpg]

[Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/12759/1201/resize/d12759-1201-962763-3.jpg]

[Left: Front Style]
Black like black that settles when it overlaps black one piece. I just wear it, so it softens. There is sense of sheer, so it will be active widely from ordinary meals to formal places.
【Photo right: back style】
Although the Length is on the waist, it is not too long, not too short, it looks like a waist height and makes up the overall beauty balance.
[Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/12759/1201/resize/d12759-1201-281244-6.jpg]

[Photo left]
The drape integrated with the front collar is still beautiful as it is, and you can tie it and change its expression.
【Photo right】
Ya Yan material of supple impression is perfect for indoor woolen fabric. The sense of sheer texture is not transparent enough, it is sunk black, so it gets tastefully.
[Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/i/12759/1201/resize/d12759-1201-215444-8.jpg]
Planned with international beautician / stylist Nagashima Frankie Meiko (Nagashima Frankie Miko)! After marriage, I moved the base of my life to the UK from 2000, I will do the work that made use of that international sense by going back and forth between Japan and Europe. In addition to styling activities of fashion magazines, TV programs and shows, he has worked in various fields such as producer, lecture, talk show, essay writing. Costume jewelry VIP (Very Important Pretty Accessories) jewelry that also announces a further upside-up Jewelry – Click here for details
[Image 10: https://prtimes.jp/i/12759/1201/resize/d12759-1201-760150-7.jpg]

◆ Felissimo LX
Felissimo LX proposes an opportunity for adult women who do not lose stylishness, curiosity, adventurous spirit, etc., to communicate from the planners of the same generation, to Koto and other things, to make the best possible living. I am aiming to create both a splendid adult culture and those who are wonderfully living. “Things that raise tension” and “Enhance brilliance” And not only to make things, but also to deliver the story and opportunity appropriate for it, carefully consider the perspective of what you can do for adults Brand I am operating. Through Koto (experience) and mono (goods) provided by LX, I would like to coordinate a society that everyone can enjoy enjoying themselves. · Website · Felissimo LX Club is here
◆ Ordering Products · Inquiries 0120-055-820 (toll free) 0570-005 – 820 (Toll charges Customer burden) (Reception time: Monday – Friday / 9: 00 am – 5 pm) ※ If you can not use “0120” such as mobile phone, please use the number starting with “0570”. ※ We will record phone calls from customers to confirm / record the contents of your order. ※ “0570” call fee costs 10 yen (20% tax) per 20 seconds. ※ PHS · Some IP phones may not be available. ~ Happy happy together “FELISSIMO
~ – Company Profile – Company name: Felissimo Inc. Head Office Address: 59 Namihachocho, Chuu-ku, Kobe 650-0035 Representative: Kazuhiko Yazaki, President and Representative Director Founding: May 1965 Business description: Direct marketing business that sells own-developed products to consumers nationwide on catalogs and websites
◆ Website
◆ Company Information (PDF)
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