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  • [Kaijiru Corporation] High school student Patissier Japan and Lawson jointly develop! Original sweet “Sweet Koshien Riken Roll Cake” Official Account Follow & Rewrite to 2,000 Lottery!

[Kaijiru Corporation]
High school student Patissier Japan and Lawson jointly develop! Original sweet “Sweet Koshien Riken Roll Cake” Official Account Follow & Rewrite to 2,000 Lottery!

[Kaijiru Corporation]
High school student Patissier Japan and Lawson jointly develop! Original sweet “Sweet Koshien Riken Roll Cake” Official Account Follow & Rewrite to 2,000 Lottery!
Kai Securities Co., Ltd. High school student Patissier Japan and Lawson jointly develop! Original sweet “Sweet Koshien Riken Roll Cake” Official Account Follow & Rewrite to 2,000 Lottery! Campaign period: February 19 (Tuesday) – February 25 (Monday), 2019 ………………………………………………………………………………… Kaiseki Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Kouji Endo), a general knife manufacturer, will win the “11th Kai Suite Koshien” winning team and Lawson (head office: Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku, President: Tadashi Takeya, hereinafter “Lawson”) has jointly developed the original sweet “Sweets Koshien Rito roll cake”. In accordance with being released at the nationwide Lawson stores (13,641 stores: December 2018, except for “Natural Lawson” and “Lawson Store 100”) from February 19, 2019 (Tuesday) on February 19, 2019, During the period from Tuesday (February) to February 25 (Monday), we will conduct a Twitter campaign in which 2,000 winning redemption coupons can be used at the cashier at Lawson stores. For the campaign, follow the official Twitter account (@ sweets_koushien) of the mascot character of the Kaige Suites Koshien tournament, smartphone etc., follow the cajolchet’s official Twitter account (@ sweets_koushien), RT (retweet) the campaign target post, RT lotion results are displayed immediately on the spot It will be. On the winner’s smartphone, the ticket screen is displayed, present this screen to Lawson’s clerk, and if you read it at the cash register you will receive this item. The target shops are scheduled for LAWSON stores nationwide (except for “NATURAL LAWSON”, “LAWSON STORE 100” and some other stores).
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“Sweets Koshien Rito Roll Cake” Package Design “Kai Suite Koshien” is a contest competing for the skills of the original sweets for high school students. Beginning in 2008, many high school students have participated as one of the entrance examinations to the professional organizer, and a high level of high battle is progressed every year as a professional. This campaign got packed with “thoughtful feeling” after “Sweet Koshien Ritugaku Roll Cake” using Kumamoto’s late-night produced by the “educate” team of Keicho High School (Kumamoto Prefecture) who won this year’s campaign It was held to hold this product from the thought of wanting to give thanks to a lot of people who supported the convention for 11 years ago. Please enjoy the “Sweets Koshien Rito Roll Cake” for a limited time!
■ It was decided to host the 12th convention. Kaiko Suites Koshien Official Website: www.kai-group.com/fun/koushien/top.html We are introducing the winning team and the state of past competitions. Overview Campaign name: “Kaiko Suites Koshien Thank you campaign for March” Campaign period: From February 19 (Tue) 15: 00 ~ February 25 (Mon) 23: 59 Over-the-counter exchange period: February 19 (Tue) – February 26 (Tue) * Depending on the store / area there are cases where the target product is not handled.
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Product information Product Name: Sweets Koshien Riku Roll Cake Release date: Tuesday, February 19, 2019 Lawson Standard Price: 210 yen (tax included) Dealership: Lawson stores nationwide (13,641 stores: as of December 2018, “Natural Lawson” and “Lawson Store 100” are excluded)
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About joint development team The 11th Kai She Suites Koshien wins Keicho High School Team “educate” Mr. Terumoto Teramoto Yukari Kibe Moehana Nishiyama
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What is “Kaji Suites Koshien” A high school high school student of the same high school is a team of three people, a contest competing for ideas and skills of sweet making. Kai seal was sponsored by the Kai seal for the purpose of fulfilling dietary habits, promoting understanding of food culture, offering a place of self-realization through sweets, and cultivating future pastry chefs, and celebrated the eleventh in FY 2018. There are a total of 20,000 participants, and high-level battles that can not be thought of as high school students every year are spreading. In fiscal 2018, a total of 24 teams were selected from 266 teams nationwide by screening documents, and a total of 4 teams who won the East-West qualifying competition in early August participated in the final match in September. In line with this year’s contest theme “Our” Superb Suites “, we produced original cakes expressing Japan’s world-class products and crafts in” New Superior Suites “that high school students think, The team “educate” of the high school third grader of the school (Kumamoto prefecture) shone at the top.
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The 11th Kai Suite Koshien Tournament Outline
■ Name: The 11th Kaihaku Suites Koshien
■ Organizer: Kai Securities Co., Ltd.
■ Support: Yomiuri Shimbun
■ Cooperation: Nippon Flour / Nakazawa Group Salted Soy Sugar / Dover Waiety Trade
■ Venue Cooperation: Tokyo Confectionery College / Tokyo Food College Osaka Seikei Junior College
■ Selection flow: 1. Document examination · · · 2 blocks each 2 days, 6 teams selected each block 2. Preliminary contest … 2 blocks each 2 days, each block elected one team 3. Final tournament … representative of each block, all four teams Schedule:
[Recruitment Period]
From April 13 (Fri) to June 7 (Thur) in 2018
[Document presentation result announcement]
Early to mid July 2018
[Qualifying tournament]
· West Japan Block Osaka Seikei Junior College (Osaka Prefecture Osaka City) Tuesday, August 7, 2018/10: 00 ~ 17: 30 Wednesday, August 8, 2018/10: 00 ~ 17: 30 · East Japan Block Tokyo Nutrition Foods College (Setagaya Ward, Tokyo) Friday, August 10, 2018/10: 00 ~ 17: 30 Saturday, August 11, 2018/10: 00 ~ 17: 30
[Final tournament]
September 16, 2018 (Sun)
■ Prizes: Final Competition Winning Team “Paris Training Trip” ※ The entrance team gets kitchen utensils of Kai shelf
■ Eligibility: Students enrolled in high schools nationwide. One pair of three of the same high school (male and female mixed possible). As of April 2018, students are high school students. Those who can participate in the preliminary contest and the finals competition.
■ Theme: Our “best suited” sweets
■ Contents of application: 1. Member, teacher in charge Name 2. Name of the team / Introduction of the team 3. Reasons for participation 4. Theme Works Material · Recipe 5. Explanation of Theme Work 6. Image of the Theme Work · Drawing etc.
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<Judge■ Qualifying judges: Toru Shimada Shingo Ueda Ryosuke Sugamata Yasutomo Mitsuru Hamada Funashi Yusuke Yusuke Hiroyuki Emori Daisuke Mori
■ Final Competition Jury: Toshihiko Armesuka (Toshi Yoroizuka) Nori Nagai (Patisserie Noliette)
■ Tournament Advisor: Yukiko Omori
■ Final Competition Special Jury: Shige Sekine
▼ Official WEB site www.kai-group.com/fun/koushien/top.html
▼ Official Facebook Page www.facebook.com/kai.sweetskoushien
▼ official twitter https://twitter.com/sweets_koushien
【Kai Securities Co., Ltd.】
In 1908, founded in Seki, Gifu Prefecture, famous as a town of knives. Currently, we develop products covering 10,000 items including cutlery, knives, razors, men’s grooming, claws such as claws, beauty care, kitchen knives and other items centered on cutting tools that are closely related to daily life, products A comprehensive cutlery maker that carries out a series from planning development to production, sales and logistics. Head office: 3-9-5 Iwamoto cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Koji Endo www.kai-group.com/

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