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【Japan New Power Research Institute Co., Ltd.】 Visualize People’s Lifestyle by Power Data Analysis Hosting Smart Life Lab Workshop

【Japan New Power Research Institute Co., Ltd.】 Visualize People’s Lifestyle by Power Data Analysis Hosting Smart Life Lab Workshop
Japan New Power Research Institute Co., Ltd. Visualize people’s lifestyle through power data analysis Held a workshop on establishing smart life laboratory ~ Conduct discussion on utilization for power data business ~ ………………………………………………………………………………… Japan New Power Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director: Hiroaki Aoya) held a workshop on the establishment of a Smart Life Lab at the Tokyo office of Kyoto University on Wednesday, 20th February 2019 It was. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/25085/8/resize/d25085-8-812852-7.png] (Smart Life Lab Official Website: https: //smart-life.ai/) In this workshop, Professor Takanori Yoda, Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University, Assistant Professor Harris School of Public Policy Institute, University of Chicago, Koichi Ito, Hirofumi Aoi Representative Director, Nippon Shinpower Research Institute, Inc., I will explain about the research laboratory “Smart Life Lab” to analyze and discussion with the workshop participants concerning the utilization of power big data for business. Nippon Shinpower Research Institute will provide innovative services for realizing smart life and solving social problems through which people can make better choices through their “smart life laboratory”. = What Smart Life Lab realizes = Professional team consisting of world experts such as Kyoto University, University of Chicago, University of London, etc. analyzes big data in power use by its own algorithm. Utilizing these data, we give each individual awareness by approach such as nudge based on the theory of action science etc. (gently boost), and encourage behavior change that people can make better choices for themselves. By linking with each retail electricity provider, Smart Life Lab will be able to propose the optimum power plan according to the customer’s lifestyle, but of course IoT will be able to analyze usage data of everything by IoT This will enable us to solve social issues and create businesses by utilizing electricity data in new fields such as energy and healthcare. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/25085/8/resize/d25085-8-750156-5.png] = Power data utilization example = · Grasp the home situation and contribute to solving “redelivery problem” Estimate whether or not you are at home by power usage data and reduce the risk of redelivery. · Seeking new insurance commercialization in the healthcare field Because you can grasp what time you are sleeping and what time you are awake, you can create new healthcare products. · Proposal of electricity price saving plan to optimize usage electricity Energy saving and energy saving is realized with the electricity price plan matching the personal lifestyle from the electricity usage situation. = Exhibitor profile = [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/25085/8/resize/d25085-8-805391-4.png] Takanori Yoda Professor of Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University. Meanwhile, he was a visiting researcher at the University of Illinois, Cambridge University, and the University of California. Specialty is applied economics. After studying information communication economics and behavioral economics, we are currently working on fusion of field experiments and big data economics. Major books “Broadband Economics: Lessons from Japan” (Routledge), “Smart Grid Economics” (Yuhakaku), “Broadband Economics” (Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing Co., Ltd.), “Behavior Economics” (Chukyo Publish), ” Kokoro “Economics” (Chikuma Shinko) and others. [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/25085/8/resize/d25085-8-845100-2.png] Ito Koichiro Assistant professor at Harris School of the Public Policy University of Chicago. At the University of Chicago, he conducts research and education on environmental economics, energy economics, industrial organization theory, applied econometrics economics. After studying at Stanford University Economic Policy Institute (SIEPR), Associate Professor at Boston University Business School, he is currently Assistant Professor at Harris School of the Public Policy Institute at the University of Chicago. In addition, we are also a researcher at the National Economic Research Institute (NBER), the Graduate School of Economics Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University Graduate School of Economics Graduate Project Center, Economic and Industrial Research Institute (RIETI), E2e Project, Abdul Latif Jamee Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) International Growth Center (IGC) Concurrently hold a position. [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/25085/8/resize/d25085-8-246401-0.png] Aoi Aoi I graduated from Osaka Prefecture University. Joined Funai Research Institute Co., Ltd. in 2010 and after establishing a new power business team leader, established the New Japan Electric Power Research Institute (JEPCO) Co., Ltd. in April 2015. Representative Director of Nippon Shinpower Research Institute Co., Ltd., which mainly engages in energy (power and gas) business support, energy supply and demand adjustment, energy (electricity and gas) wholesale business, etc. As of September 2018, 74 companies are supporting new power companies. = About Japan New Power Research Institute = ENERGY × Through the platform business “Brightly shines the future of Japan” Japan New Power Research Institute supports the establishment of a power company. New power supply and demand adjustment, business support necessary for new power will be provided on a one-stop basis. As ENERGY platformer of achievement No. 1, and as a bridge between energy business operators and users, we will lighten Japan’s energy costs through each business and lighten ‘the future of Japan’. = Company profile = Company name: Japan New Power Research Institute, Ltd. (JEPCO) Representative: Hirofumi Aoi, Representative Director Establishment: April 15, 2015 Capital: 496 million yen (including capital reserve) Business description: Energy management business / Agency for new power service (introduction agency, operation agency, monitoring agency) Business / Electric wholesale business / Solar premium purchase business / New power development business / Power supply development business Location: 2-11-1 Nagatacho Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo Sanno Park Tower Corporate website: https: //www.j-epco.co.jp/ Smart Life Lab Official Website: https: //smart-life.ai/

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