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“Mnet Presents AICHI IMPACT! 2019 KPOP FESTIVAL” uP !!!

KDDI Corporation ■ "Mnet Presents AICHI IMPACT! 2019 KPOP FESTIVAL" uP !!! Live Pass Precedence (Play Guide Fastest) Overview Special stage "Mnet Presents AICHI IMPACT! 2019 KPOP FESTIVAL" of e Sports and Live Entertainment Festival "AICHI IMPACT! 2019" to be held on August 30 (Fri) and 31 (Saturday) uP !!! Play guide fastest) will start accepting. Delivery date: June 11 (Tuesday) 10:00- Reception conditions: "uP !!! live pass" Free plan registration (free membership registration) URL: www.up-now.jp/articles/id/75720?ref=os
[“Mnet Presents AICHI IMPACT! 2019 KPOP FESTIVAL” Main appearance artist]

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■ With "AICHI IMPACT! 2019"
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The e-Sports and Live Entertainment Festival will be held as the opening event of Aichi Sky Expo for three days from the last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of summer vacation from Friday, August 30, 2019 to Sunday, September 1. We will deliver two major luxury content that will be perfect for entertainment culture! The first is a large-scale "e-Sports" large-scale competition, with top players and celebrity celebrity players from around the world participating. (2 days). The second is "KPOP live stage" where international KPOP artists gather in one hall and deliver the best performance. Two top leaders in the entertainment world will mark the start of AICHI IMPACT! 2019.
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■ About Aichi Sky Expo (Aichi International Exhibition Center) It is Japan's first international exhibition center directly connected to the airport, which Aichi Prefecture is developing, reaching its long-awaited opening on August 30, 2019 (Fri). With an area of ​​60,000 square meters, the largest display area in Japan, and capable of handling various events, it will be attracting attention as an event base in the region. The hotel is conveniently located a fast 28 minutes without transfer from Nagoya Station and a 5-minute walk from Chubu International Airport Centrair. Opening date: August 30, 2019 (Fri)
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■ With uP !!! Live Pass Tickets for selected music live and theater performances, uP !!! Live Pass limited events, invitations to backstage tours to look back on the stage, movie tickets and uP !!! Live Pass limited event goods gifts etc. This is a service that enriches the entertainment life by providing premium, immersive experiences. In addition, we offer discount coupons for leisure facilities that can be used for regular outings, and live music videos. In addition, two types of plans are available: "Free plan" (free) and "Plus plan" (450 yen per month). There is also an advanced reception that only "Plus plan" can apply, an invitation reception, and a nice benefit that the probability of winning the application is increased! ※ "uP !!! Live Pass" Official website: www.up-now.jp/

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